Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

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Starring: Jim Carrey, Ian McNeice, Tommy Davidson, Bob Gunton, Simon Callow, Chet Zar, Arsenio Trinidad, Leif Tilden, Patti Tippo, Sam Motoana Phillips, Sophie Okonedo

Director: Steve Oedekerk
Release Date: November 10th, 1995
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Morgan Creek International
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Synopsis: Summoned from an ashram in Tibet, where he's retreated to seek spiritual guidance--after failing to save the life of a stranded raccoon--antic animal sleuth Ace Ventura finds himself thrust into the most challenging case of his career. At the request of Vincent Cadby, the English Consul General of the Bonai Province, Ace embarks on a perilous journey into the jungles of Africa with his constant companion, Spike the monkey, joined by the consul's portly emissary, the unflappable Fulton Greenwall. Ace's mission: to find Shikaka, the missing sacred animal of the friendly Wachati tribe, before the wedding of the Chief's daughter to the first son of the warrior Wachootoo tribe. If Ace fails, the result will be tribal war. Relying on his wits and uncanny powers of detection--as well as on the aid of some newfound friends--the ingenious Ace outmaneuvers a host of dangerous adversaries as he races against time to recover Shikaka, with the fate of the Bonai Province hanging in the balance.