American Pimp

Starring: Bishop Don Magic Juan, Bradley, C-Note, Charm, Mel Taylor, Fillmore Slim, Kenny Red, Ken Ivy, Dennos Hof, Danny Brown

Director: Albert Hughes
Release Date: June 9th, 2000
Studio: Myriad Pictures

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Synopsis: An in-depth look at pimps and prostitution around the country. Various pimps are interviewed about their lifestyles, work, and relationships with "their" prostitutes. A world in which men with names like Payroll, Charm, Fillmore Slim and Don Magic Juan exude charisma on the level of faith healers or rock stars--and effortlessly "make," manage and exploit their "hos" and "bitches." Candidly, cordially, using the blank-verse vernacular of their trade, these men confide their war stories. They flash thick bankrolls, expensive clothes and cars and parade their provocatively dressed stables of women in front of the camera.