Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Richard Roundtree, Tim Robbins, Claire Forlani, Rachael Leigh Cook, Rick Worthy, Simon Wong, Helena Yea, Jonathon Young, Norma Wick

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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Box Office Total: $60,019

Synopsis: Milo is an idealistic young computer genius with an artist girlfriend and a golden future. He's about to launch a start-up company with his friend Teddy, when he's recruited by NURV, a multi-billion dollar corporation, run by his professional hero, Gary Winston. When Winston takes a personal interest in Milo, he soon caught up in the exciting challenge of realizing Winston's vision. Winston is an inspired mentor and no problem remains unsolved for long, but new developments are brought to Milo with such speed and frequency, he begins to doubt their source. Tragedy strikes and Milo's doubts become suspicions. It looks as if the company will stop at nothing to win. He investigates and the consequences become more and more unnerving, until there is no one left to trust and this twenty-first century David stands alone against Goliath.

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