Christian Bale Talks 'Batman 3'

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Christian Bale, star of next month's Terminator Salvation, discussed Heath Ledger's Oscar win and the future of the Batman franchise with the editors of Total Film magazine.

"Will we do a third movie?" said Bale. "It's got to be the right story. You can't make something like The Dark Knight and then come out with something disappointing.

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Thomas Sunderla
I believe this is good news. However, why use characters that have been already used in the Tim Burton films?
I think using the Scarecrow in Batman Begins was a great move on a part of the writer.
The Mad Hatter might be a good choice as Wolfman571 said.
the Riddler would be good for a Tim Burton film. I think the concept of these new batman movies is to make it more of a realistic type events. i mean Mr. Freeze would be off. they probably want to stay away from the super powers
What about Hush and Riddler. Riddler could definatly be Chris Nolanized and made realistically. And I have read up on Hush and he sounds pretty badass. And he has never appeared in a Batman movie before. Definatly would fit in.
Killer Croc would be sick
Riddler is perfect for the third installment, he should be very manipulating and sound well educated and I personally think that non burtonized version of Depp would be perfect for the riddler....most people I hear only complain about Depp when he has to do with Burton....But I see the Riddler as the only realistic serious character left....
Hugo Strange, Scarecrow, and Bane.

It would be a mix of "Prey," "Terror," and "Knightfall."

Hugo is a lesser-known villain ripe for Nolanization. Similar origins to Bruce Wayne, and jealous of Batman because he is physically unable to do that same. A genius geneticist and psychologist, he is appointed as a consultant to aid the Task Force to hunt Batman(Good for following Dark Knight.) Meanwhile, Hugo teams with Bane, and intelligent(usually forgotten) and strong escaped prisoner with a hatred of Batman, and give him his Venom. While the task force is after Batman and a fake Batman is turning the public against him, Bane releases Arkham's worst(maybe just limit it to Scarecrow for time's sake.) Whiel Batman endures trials to reveal the false Batman and regain public favor, lets say Scarecrow and Hugo work up a new, evil drug (Mix of Venom and Scarecrow's fear juice,) and Scarecrow turns on Hugo and lures Batman to Hugo's mansion, which is a trap. Tough battle, Batman wounded, Scarecrow caught(again!) and Hugo missing. Returning home, badly wounded and worn out, Batman finds Bane waiting for him(In comics, both Bane and Hugo are able to find out this identity on their own, together it's easy.) The battle is one-sided and cruel, Bane beating Batman to a pulp before breaking his back over his knee. Bane takes Batman to Gotham square and tosses him from a rooftop, demonstating his superiority for all to see. Fin.
do the penguin hes bloody sic
dont forget they did Raz Al Ghul as well and in Dark Knight they made references too Catwoman and Batgirl. I think if they did something like with Harley Guinn being pissed off at Batman for capturing Joker in Dark Knight would be cool I dont know if anyone could top Danny Devito as Penquin in Batman Returns i always thought David Bowie wouldve been a cool Scarecrow
Harley Quinn*
I think Riddler should be played by Jim Carrey. That would be awesome. Think of him saying "Riddle me this, riddle me that" that would be sweet!
Anonymous 2
You're a douche anonymous. The Riddler needs to be played by an uprising star no one would expect. Jim Carrey sucked as the Riddler, granted the writing in Batman Forever was horrible, why would he play him again? I vote someone like Taylor Kitsch who played Gambit on Wolverine.
Luka Magnotta should play clayface. Now THAT would be amazing. Im phonning Warner.
I am looking forward to the rumor of harley quinn. we all know that catwoman plays both sides. We need a real crazy girl in this third installment. Harley Quinn make it happen.
Cory Morr
I think in the next Batman film it should be Clayface A.K.A Ethan Bennette from,"The Batman" cartoon and Soloman Grundy.
Cory Morr
I think in the next Batman film it should be Clayface A.K.A Ethan Bennette from,"The Batman" cartoon and Soloman Grundy.
It's not like I have any inside information on the subject but just from doing a little research on the topic I am quite sure that there is going to be a third batman movie and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the main villains is the Riddler and I also wouldn't be surprised if the actor casted to play the role is non other than Guy Pearce and I can alreadly tell his performance will be just as amazing as Ledger's portraying the Joker. Just remember you heard it from me first ladies and gentlemen of the enquiring public and your welcome we all have another great movie to look forward to.
To me the Riddler talk is unsettling. I'm afraid he would end up too much like the Joker. Saying funnies, always one step ahead of Batman, etc. I think it would just feel too similar.

With green instead of purple, if you will.
id definately go with harley quinn. she already has ties to the Joker anyways so they could easily incorperate that into the film.
Harley Quinn should be in it, Joker was never killed, only captured, and in the real comic books Harley came from Arkham Asylum once Joker was captured, so it would be a great nod to original storyline...second, Riddler should be in it but dear god DO NOT cast Jim Carrey, he was insanely horrible, the Riddler and Joker are two VERY VERY different characters, the only reason people think of Riddler as a knock off Joker is because Jim Carrey made him a goofey jokey kind of character, the Riddler is a calm collected super-genious, not a goofey, laughy, off the wall character, read the novel "Joker" that has the best character representation in my oppinion, especially for a redesign of Riddler

PS: Please dont make Johnny Depp the Riddler either, let him and Tim Burton continue thier little pow-wows away from us pleeaassee
The Joker! Heth Ledger was an actor, and The Joker is a character.
Find a new actor. Why is this so hard? Don't make me suffer for some ther guys drug problem. BRING BACK THE JOKER!!!!!!!
The Joker! Heth Ledger was an actor, and The Joker is a character.
Find a new actor. Why is this so hard? Don't make me suffer for some ther guys drug problem. BRING BACK THE JOKER!!!!!!!
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter or Firefly with Bane
Talek you are an idiot. Depp is one of the greatest actors of our time. You are a pretentious moron if you do not see that. And Dustin...aside from Depp, its hard to say if anyone could pull of the Joker as well as Ledger did. It could easily be as bad as Arnold as Mr. that was bad.
Harley Quinn would be a great addition to the franchise, she hasnt been touched on in the older films, and a play on her name was flashed in Dark Knight for those unaware.
ok well i think tht harley Quinn and blackout will play the main villan roles. catwomen isnt much of anything and is to much like batman. the riddler would make a nice instalement in the 4th movie because they have sined a movie contract promiseing 3 more movies after darknight. I wouldnt be suprised in the next batman if they continued the joker in the 3rd one because the fact it doesnt show wht happens to him after he gets chought and he will pobly get sent to arkhem and that will change his apperence and mentelness drasticly leading to another actore just as good as leger
to pogus, when was her name shown?
I like the Riddler idea, but it needs to be done right and as some have said, the Jim Carrey Riddler sucked. I think the Riddler should be played by Jeremy Irons. He has the voice to pull it off, sounding sophisticated and reserved at the same time, not to mention the fact that when he talks his voice SCREAMS intelligence.
why don't you guys think of a nother super heroe lendind a hand....say some one like the Green Arrow chasing a villian into a slight tagteam...watcha say about that!!!!
i think batman should be the villain of the next film. they hinted at the seduction of power in the last (with the spy network made from cell-phones) and it wouldn't be a far jump to see the caesar-like transformation. put some ambiguous villains in it, like cat-woman or what-have-you, and a few horrors like the serial killer who marks his body after every kill. (i don't remember his name) the to justify it, and i think it would be an interesting story. a comment on the nature of vigilante
Lead bad guy or his side kick
Jason Statham
Keanu Reeves
Kiefer Sutherland
Vin Diesel
Russell Crowe
Sean Bean
Laurence Fishburne
Patrick Stewart
Nicholas Cage
Dwayne Johnson
Hugh Laurie
Sean Penn
christopher walkin

For posion Ivy
Kate Winslet
Emma Thompson
Personnaly, I believeed Heth's role as Joker was a complete shock. when a guy goes from "10 things i hate about you" to "Brokeback Mountain" than the joker in "Batman" it was amazing. My opinion is to bring back the actor who played the original Batman, <Micheal Keaton> and have him play a villain. Introduce him as a villain, knowing he played beatle juice and batman tells you he can do it. The only thing missing is what villain should he play.
First and foremost folks, stay away from the supernatural characters they don't fit in nor belong in Chris Nolans Batman universe. No Clayface no Killer Croc no Mr. Freeze and for the love of God no Bane. Secondly as far as the Joker is concerned it sux that Heath is gone and can't play him. Part of me says bring back the Joker and part of me says whoever plays him is gonna screw it up. And finally when looking up Batman villians look for REALISTIC ones that are sadistic. Or if you just HAVE to look for supernatural ones look for ones who can actually be made REALISTICALLY.
ok well besides wht u think , blackout is the head mob boss so im prettysure that he will be in the next one. killercroc isnt strectching it much but they could pull it off pretty good if their careful same thing goes for the new joker. harley and the riddler once agian would be a great install ment to the movie.
Riddler yes, Harley not so sure. I mean if it could work than yes. but honestly if u were going to bring in Harley Quinn you'd have to have the Joker. It would be like having Robin (which i hope they don't do) without Batman. Never read up on Blackout so i can't comment.
Some think the Penguin should be in the next one but like some1 else here said i dont think you can top Danny Devito's performance. I can only see the Penguin as like a Falcone/Marone role and just be called Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot. Other than that leave Penguin out.
Definatly think Hush should make his screen debut though
Russell Crowe as Hugo Strange. Nuff said
Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies. BAAAM! I'm awsome. Can't you see it? " you want to play a game?"
EEmma Watson from harry Potter would make a decent Poison Ivy in my opinion if she didnt decide to go to college after the last potter film. All in all I think they need to stop reinventing old characters and bring in something fresh I think Harley Quinn would be a great idea like most have said already, I think it would tie in perfect with Dark Knight. As to who would play Harley Quinn thats a tough one to think of I dont know much about Harley so cant really say who be perfect to play her all I know is she worked with Joker on many occasion.
Emma Watson* excuse the spelling
joker meets and plays with dr. harley quinzells head while she case studies him at arkham and scarecrow and joker meet and talk crazy, philosiphizing and planning to take over gotham.
batman chases a "cat"-burglar....( gotta have that new love intrest). they'll probably make her cool to, ya know, not exactly dressed like a cat and talking like one "purr-fect"...thats not gonna fly in these new bat films. oh yeah and lets not forget he's gonna be chased down by the cops again so it'll be intresting to see how gordon and batman keep in contact and yet have to stay very far away from each other. this is what id like to see happen in the next film.
oh yeah, for you guys who dont know who or how harley quinn came about, here it is. she was a doctor at arkham who got drawn in and brain washed by the joker while she psycho analyzed him or whatever :-P
yeah i think if there is a penguin it will be the bank manager who got shot by the joke in the beginning. and for you NUTS out there wondering how... this series and trying to be realistic as possible right? well this dude was shot so maybe he'll have some nerve damage and he'll walk funny and have a cleft hand or something. plus he's already got the pointy nose. just an idea. i mean come on, who actually saw scars comeing from the joker. genius idea dont ya think.
lee brandin det
i think that mister hugh laurie will make a good mad hatter villan in
batman 3 riddler's revenge,.. this will be good,.. cool,... yess,...
says,... brandin lee detroy,.. from desoto, texas.. but, with crispin glover joker in the movie,... and with sarah michelle gellar harley quinn, in the movie,..yess,... and with aaron eckhart as two face in the
movie too,...
They said in November that there will be an official announcement for Batman 3 in January 2010. Well here it is February 1st. Still no announcement. What the hell is going on???
UPDATE: Disregard my above comment it looks like it'll be moving forward. Chris Nolan is playing mentor for the superman reboot as well as directing a third batman. plus green lantern is moving forward with ryan reynolds. also there is a possibility of a flash and wonder woman movie. i believe the site is but google it first. While on the subject out of all these DC heroes i think wonder woman will be the most challenging one. because think about it, and im not trying to sound shallow but you need a smoking hot actress to play wonder woman. having a But-Her-Face is unacceptable. but not only does she have to be smoking hot but she needs to be able to act too. thats gonna be a hard role to cast. any thoughts?
lee brandin det
so, this will be christian bale's last 2011 movie of batman 3
knightfall but how about with the movie with sarah michelle
gellar as big breasted harley quinn in the whole costume,
with crispin glover as the joker, and with aaron eckhart as two face , and with morgan freeman lucious fox, and with the
arkham inmates,
Im not gonna say much about this movie other than if they are gonna make this, then cast realistic and believable roles as the characters and villains otherwise bale is right, this movie will then suck. I personally think they should introduce a new character- Robin, think about the storyline, Batman teaching Robin, plus Robin is Batmans loyal sidekick. Batman as a mentor theme will make this movie a success, kind of how The Mask of Zorro was.
they should cast me as the new joker+i heard Anne Hathaway will be in the next film
The joker will do it, Chris.
If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon tropedo.
Grazi for mankig it nice and EZ.

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