Starring: Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos, Milhem Cortaz, Milton Gonçalves, Ailton Graça, Ivan de Almeida, Aida Leiner, Maria Luisa Mendonça, Gero Camilo, Rodrigo Santoro, Ricardo Blat, Caio Blat, Walter Breda, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Leona Cavalli

Director: Hector Babenco
Release Date: May 7th, 2004
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

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Box Office Total: $213,954
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Synopsis: The film recounts the experience of a doctor working at the House of Detention (where 7,800 men serve time in a location originally intended to house a maximum of 3,000). The doctor first came to the prison in the late 1980s, to implement an AIDS prevention project. Upon observing the prisoners’ deplorable state of health, he was moved to volunteer his services on a weekly basis. As his efforts began to bear results, he gradually earned the respect of the prison community. Respect led to the sharing of confidences. Visits with ailing prisoners became the context for sharing of lively and touching personal stories.

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