Wes Craven Is 'Cursed' By Werewolfs

The "Scream" duo of director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson have reteamed at Dimension Films for "Cursed," a film the studio hopes will do for the werewolf what "Scream" did for the slasher film genre, reports Variety.

"We'd talked about genres like ghost movies, serial killer films, and when I said I always loved werewolf movies, Kevin said, 'We'll have something for you soon,"' said Bob Weinstein. "He pitched me the story at lunch, and I was hooked almost from when he told me the title. Like 'Scream,' this is a movie that will be scary first, and then a lot of fun. The new twist element here is special effects, because we're determined to show audiences something they've not seen before."

Movie is set for an Aug. 8 release date for what he hopes will hatch a fright franchise. Casting will begin immediately for the twentysomething ensemble.

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