Die Hard 2: Die Harder Reviews

Die Hard 2: Die Harder Review
by Mark R. Leeper
Capsule review: McClane is back, picking his wife up at the airport and foiling a plot by mercenaries to free a Noriega-like dictator. Much in the mold of a James Bond film, DIE HARD 2 has some good suspense, good action, nice...more

Die Hard 2: Die Harder Review
by Jeff Wallace
Summary: Terrorists take over an airport at Christmas time. John McClane (Bruce Willis) is waiting for his wife's flight to arrive. Much havoc ensues. The result is the most spectacular and entertaining...more

Die Hard 2: Die Harder Review
by Chris J Hillery
Finally, a movie which restores my faith in sequels. After the disjointed disappointment of ROBOCOP 2 and the utter idiocy of GREMLINS 2, I must say I went into DIE HARDER with a few reservations. Happily, they were mostly proved unfounded. more