Flyboys Reviews

Flyboys Review
by Homer Yen
I can always appreciate the level of ambition that it takes to bring a film like “Flyboys" to the big screen. It is about a group of World War I fighter pilots, some brave and some foolish, who were the pioneers of a new type of warfare. It has as...more

Flyboys Review
by Mark R. Leeper
CAPSULE: This story of the men in the Lafayette Escadrille does a lot that is historically accurate and should be interesting. But the script seems little more than a rehash of films that have been done before. The...more

Flyboys Review
by Steve Rhodes
Like too many "actors" of his generation, James Franco doesn't appear to possess many noticeable acting skills. What he does have and what probably gets him consistent work from the studios are his dashing good looks. Casting him as the star of...more