The Five Senses

Starring: Mary-Louise Parker, Molly Parker, Tracy Wright, Clinton Walker, Philippe Volter, Janet Van de Graaff, Astrid Van Wieben, Daniel Taylor, Ola Sturik, Elize Frances Stolk

Release Date: July 14th, 2000
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: TiMe

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Synopsis: Five urbanites examine the ways in which seemingly unconnected lives run parallel to each other and eventually intersect. Each key character has lost touch with one of their primary senses: teenage Rachel searches for her identity after losing the small child that was under her care; Rachel's mother is a massage therapist who curiously loses her healing sense of touch with her frosty daughter; an opthalmologist is losing his hearing; a professional house cleaner can't sniff out a decent lover; and a cake decorator creates visually sumptuous but bland tasting pastries. Each, in their own way, must find out how to connect meaningfully with themselves and those that are close to them in order to make sense of their world in very personal ways.

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