Eating Disorders

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Have any of you guys ever suffered from an eating disorder? One of my best mates has suffered from anorexia for about three years now, and I used to be bulimic (a fasting bulimic, not a vomiting bulimic)

how about you?

Ps, I am broaching this unusual subject, as I want to find out if there are any underlying similarities in these disorders because my aforementioned best mate has to do her psychology coursework on eating disorders.

I have never knowingly talked to anyone with an eating disorder. What qualifies?

Well I have suffered from a eating disorder because of the disease that I have. In 1999 that is when I found out about my disease. Durning my disease I would not eat anything at all. I was wasting away down to 90 pounds. But now that my disease is better, I don't have the eating disorder anymorebig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

I've come across a few people through my work. They've been mostly anorexics and I've always found it rather sad because they can be so difficult to help. sad

I was bulimic at the beginning of high school, until I realised how unhealthy it was to be starving myself. So, now I've only cut down on what I eat and exercise daily. smile

good for you lily big grin

havn't eaten anything today.. oops..

my girl friend and good friend are bulimic, along with self harm dont know how to help them it drives me crazy, but you wadered about the simularities all i know is that they both went down the same path after they were raped and thats what started it all i guess, i never known any other people with eating disorders though

A lot of times people with eating disorders feel their lives are out of control in some way and the only thing they can control is how much they do or don't eat. Other times people develop eating disorders in an attempt to fit some ideal of the perfect body. That's what happened with my sister she started taking laxatives and throwing up a lot because she was trying to look like Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer and she had always taken crap for being overweight by society's standards. Fortunately, our mom caught her doing it before it became life threatening. Still, it totally messed up her digestive system for a really long time.

mine came about because i'd get stressed and depressed with school work (GCSEs) and so would binge eat as a source of comfort. I would then feel so awful about this that I would barely eat anything at all for several days afterwards, but then be so starving that would binge eat once more and it would all begin again. At my lowest point, I once ate about 2000 calories worth of chocolate in about 20 minutes then spent 2 weeks eating nothing but crackers.

don't have any eating disorders. I am a lil skinnier than normal...but..what ya gonna do..

i ate a bag of doritos in one sitting that has to be about 2000 calorites i mean if 14 chips is 200 calories

eating disorders are funny !

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No they are not erm

I dont really have an eating disorder, but i do have to watch my weight very closely to look ok!

laughing out loud laughing out loud I like ur sig lil big grin

i eat when i want

i have a eating disorder... i can't stop... but that's okay... at least i ain't morbidly obese...

lil bitchiness
Thanks, i was amused by it too!!laughing out loud Crash says it totally me!!

Take that Tex!! raver

clap does being addicted to strawberries and cream count embarrasment if so I'm guilty sad

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