Terminator Classifications

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What terminater number is arnie supposed to be in each of the 3 terminator films? T-101, T-800 what?

If you watched T2 you wouldnt even think about to ask that question... OK i will tell you: Originaly, no matter who tells you deferent he is T-101 (in conversation between John & Arnie in T2 he told him)...but Jonathan (director of T3) come up with stupid name like T-800, and whole world think is T-800.

POINT: Arnold is T-101, but in T3 is upgradable to T-800 understand?

yup i just read different things in different magazines

is he a T-101 in T1 or a T-100 cant remeber havent seen the movie in a cople of week (i have a very bad memory) smile

He is T-101 all the time...except in T3, but in T3 Arnie said he is too old machine to kill Tx, that mean he must be steel T-101. I think Jonathan Mostow didnt watch T2.

no, cocoon is wrong, no matter who sways diffrent, in t1 kyle sadi it and in t2 arnie said it cyberdyne systems model 101 which is csm-101. But he is a model in the 800 series, sucessors to the rubber skinned 600 series.

ok so in t1 was he a full 800 series? In t1 arnolds skin starts to Stink and degrade (the Seen where Arnold is staying in that hotel and the guy says it smiles like **** in there then Arnold goes throw the possible responses in his head and said F you. That was a great seen) as the movie goes on it looks more and more fake but he never had that problem in T2

Yeah that was a great scene too, arnie was stinking because the body was bleeding and he didnt take care of it. In T2 the remove the bullets etc and cover up the blood, remeber Sarah says something like will this heal up or something, so that it doesnt become obvious he aint human,

he didn't have an eye socket missing in t2. That's comparing apples to oranges. C'mon, he had a shot gun blast to the chest and a rifle shotgun blast to the face and then suffred a head injury as well as a shot to the arm. the eye socket which there was notthung he could do, the eye impeded his vison, so he removed it. If he sewwd it shut, it would have done the same blocked his vision. Besides he could only fix what he could reach, he was all alone.. I mean sarah wasn't about to remove bullets from his back so any wound on his back went unaided.It's likely his face began to suffer from like tissue damage or gangrene. Looks like JAmes cameron laid it all out in detail in t1. I guess any human would look clammy and sick walking around with a rotting open wound in his eye that must stay open. Notice arnie grabs the shades on order to draw less attention to himself cause he can't readlily walk around with an eye hanging out.. thus he has a reason to wear the shades. In t2, they had to write the shades in because he looked so cool in t1. But there was no reason to grab the shades, his outfit was sufficiently convincing. Again t1 detail triumphs again. Yes, he is a csm-101

I havent seen T2 in a while but isnt there a scene where sarah removes all the shot gun pellets from arnies back and john holds up the t shirt and you can see all the bullet holes through it?? And yes i agree the shades thing, arnie didnt have to use them specially in T3, he found one in the pocket..the girly one then another in the car dash. and had the i will try them on look, no point for that. If arnie was supposed to blend in who the hell wears shades at night!??!!?! It was night time, again just to look cool etc , t1 had the more realistic approach the more i think about it.

I was looking at a toy box of Todd MacFarlene;s movie maniacs and for a toy from T2, Arnie is know as a T-800. But i just watched T2 again and Arnie explained that he is a t-101

about the shades. arnie doesnt need no shades to be cool he would still be cool as hell if he wore those ****in girly glasses all threw the movie but u know what would have been great to make the movie cooler is extend the naked scene with kristnnaa loken or how ever u spell her name she is ****n hot as hell lol

Leave my woman alone man....

Heh yes she is as hot as hell, smokin hot....

metroplex, is that from the transformers..cool. In t2 arnold explains that he is a CSM 101, not a t-101.. there is a difference.. this is what causes so much confusion about what model or terminator..basically the is:
purpose....infiltration unit (assassin)
type terminator
series 800 (t800) as opposed to 600 series or 1000 series
model 101 (CSM-101) cyberdine systems model 101

metroplex is a transformerm, gosh its been so many years but if i remeber correctly metroplex was the one that transforms into a small city.

dulobast, in terminator 3 when john says "dont u remeber me, hastalvista baby etc etc" arnie says negative that was a diffrent T-101. I think what is correct is arnold is a cyberdyne systems model 101. In T3 i think mostow blindly put in T101 not paying attention to details. This is what is causing the confusion i think.

yeah, that's what i said...t3 just does it's own shit...but i thought that that confusion existied befroe t3 but all true fans should know LIKE I SAID that even on the video cover he is a CSM-101

Rhubarb Man
Sorry to bump this up, but I know the answer.
Arnie is a T-800. This is the number of the endoskeleton that he is. The T-850 is an upgrade.
He is a cyberdyne systems model 101, that is the number of his organic covering. The other terminator seen in the first film played by Franco Columbu was a model 108.

And if u dont believe me, theres proof.
If you have the edition of T2 with all the deleted scenes reinserted, go to the scene where they remove his CPU to set it to read and write. When he gets turned back on, look to the left of his vision. It says there "SERIES 800
MODEL 101" along with a load of binary crap.

well thats seems to sort that out.

bad banana
I don't understand why people or even Jonathan Mostow made Arnold refer to himself as a T-101. For the record, Arnold's model is a T-800 endoskeleton, and 101 is just his model (I guess skin) number. If you watch any of the old teaser trailers or the first two movies you'll find various references to him as "Cyberdyne Systems Model 101." NOT T101.

T-800 is: the line of machines following the 600 series, which were slightly more primitive and had rubber skin. Humans could spot them easily, so the T-800s had real flesh, hair, eyes, blood and skin grown for them. It is a cybernetic organism: living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Its framework is a hyper alloy titanium combat chasis; "very tough" as quoted by Kyle Reese. To mankind of the 20th century it is virtually unstoppable. The endoskeleton is powered by hydraulic levers, and equipped with infrared vision. Its CPU is a neural net processor, which means it learns to adapt to its environment the more it interacts. It also has the ability to mimic voices.

T-1000 is: an advanced prototype made in a faster, sleeker model. It is a mimetic poly-alloy. Upon physical contact the T-1000 is able to accept the form of its copy given it is roughly equal size. While it cannot form complex objects such as bombs, guns, or things that require chemicals and moving parts, its liquid metal body can morph into knives, and stabbing weapons. Even a terminator in the T-800 series would be hard-pressed to stand a chance against one of these, though I'm unsure if the T-1000 in T2 was the only one built or they had more in stock.

T-X: is a weak market scheme. J/K. I'm not nearly as familiar with T3 as the first two, so I guess the true T3 fans would be better with this area. However, from what I remember, it can likewise morph into subjects as the T-1000 could, but instead of liquid metal it uses a heavily plated solid frame. It is also equipped with various weapons that its arm can morph into, including power guns and flamethrowers. The T-X also has the ability to control other machines, but in my opinion the T-1000 would've smoked it in a fight. How can you shoot something without a defined body? One more thing, the T-X is female.

i agree mostow isnt a true fan to concerntrate on details. Surprisingly i wonder why arnie didnt object to that dialogue in t3 "that was a diffrent t101". Which is why i feel it was a pisspoor job on slapping togther a movie and presenting it to the public. For the terminator story details are very important. And yes t1000 would have obliviorated the TX easily. Unless the TX inject its nano bots in the t1000, the nanobot concept was interesting but i felt it was poorly executed in T3. And in response to your last line, the TX is female but a damn smokin hot lookin one...yummmmm smile

ya, smoken lokenz so hot. but if u want t-1000 and t-x in the same field fighting each other. hmmmmmm........ lemme c, u know that if u shoot the t-1000 it stops for a while, u no backs up a bit. and if tx shoots with her rocket thing t-1000 will go like 25 feet away. it will give t-x time. and the t-x has also got that fire thing so it can burn the t-1000. most likely i think it will just stop the t-1000 for a while but not destroy it. i think while t-1000 will b recovering the t-x will put her lazer finger( or whatever u call it) and it will disfunction the t-1000 or whatever it is. plz dont bash out on me. just makin predictions

A T-1000 versus a T-X would be interesting to watch.
I think a T-1000 would win pretty much because it can`t be damaged/destroyed by anything short of melting it in a steel furnace. Whether the T-X`s nanite things could effect it is questioble, seeing as it`s not really a machine in the conventional sense, more a sort of biomechanical creature.

oh i was always confused when i saw everywhere people were saying he was a different model.i get it now,thanks guys!

simple: first 2 movies csm101 t-800, third movie: csm101 t-850( slightly more advanced, main difference: 2 hydrogen cells)

Everyone here is asking what number is the Terminator.
The Terminator is (model T-800 Series CRS 101) The Terminator, if you listen carefully in previous movies, has always been a T-800 until Terminator 3 came out. The model number is now an upgrade to T-850. The book explains a few enhancements from the T-800 But the endoskeleton,hydraulics, servo motors remains the same. CSR stands for Cyberdine Researh Systems.

Top Running Speed:46 mph for 20 minutes
Height:6' 0"
Wight: 700lbs
Powered by 2 rechargable hitrogen power cells( 120 year life span)
Joints: Frictionless bearings
Metal: Combination of both Titanium, Colbolt, and other unknown alloys
Vision:night, infared, day, heat, Range: 3 miles
Can survive at 960 degree heat for 7 hours. of course by then all you would see of it is it's endoskeleton.

Hi everyone!! I'm new.

Just one question... Where in T1000's "body" was its chip???

we cant assume the t1000 was built created on current day mechanics ie cpu, controling motors and movements as well as programs executing its tasks, the t1000 even though injured did not expose its internal mechanics, perhaps its not just "a chip" perhaps its entire body was made to process information. We never see wires and motors when the 1000 was damaged till the end its regressed to its liquid form and begining breaking down. Of course i would to know the theortical version on how the 1000 functions

u have 2 remember 1 thing. tx is also ligquid metal covering over endoskeleton. this is where tx gets the advantage

bad banana
Alic88, if you read the thread about T-X vs. T-1000 carefully you will see various reasons posted why that would be a DISadvantage. What sort of advantage is that, to have a defined metal body that can be injured with impact? The T-1000 is virtually indestructible.

i guess

There`s an Arthur C Clarke quote that fits the T-1000 quite well

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indestinguishable from magic"

It`s so advanced we don`t have the first clue how you would go about making one. The T-X and other T-800s are pretty simple next to it.

heh pretty simple?? i think its still pretty out there to begin with but it can be viewed more as the advancement of current day robotics i guess, the t 1000...is just out there. Its one cool mofo.

t1000 ROCKS

thanks bad bannana for repeating the fact that i have expresssed over and over. That arnold is a csm-101 which is a model of the t-800 series of which ther are different series such as the 600 series with rubber skin. Did you notice that the robot in t3 in the skynet was called a t1? it wasn't a terminator, the purpose for the terminators were as infiltrators.. it's should have been called csm-1 or hk-1 since cyberdyne was now defunct. Finally someone else is on my wavelengh. And terminator is based on detail, no just slapping shit together. Anybody notice that in t2 arnold called himself cyberdyne systems model 1O1. He isn't..shame james cameron he is a 101.. a"one-zero-one" not "one-o-one" and he didn't have enough time to pick up slng or dialect yet. Details they separate the die hard fans from the fans

yOU MUST HAVE WENT TO THAT WEBSITE SHOWING THE T-70 (IT LOOKED LIKE A JOKE THW one that syas you can tell the -70 due to the lack of neck anh shoulder piston,supports.

Anyways i already explained all that it is clear on the cover and posters on t1 that he is a csm101. model is 101 series is 800. top running speed must take a while casue he ran normal speed chasing kyle reese. evn t-1000 seemed like he could not run 46 mph. must have to develop speed over a very long distance an if it his 700 lbs, how the hell did that guy sleeping in sarah apartment mangae to even move him, how do shot gun blast provide enough chemical or kinetic energy to force arnol;d back? Hmm anyways this is old news and i think franco coulmbo was a csm 102 or 103, you must have been at that one term website regarding the 108. he might be a crs 101 now and a t 850 but i think it was cyber-reserch systems or somethin like that.. no cyberdyne it is now defunct

Why do some people say Arnie was a T101, and other people say he was a T-800? What's the difference? He says he is a 101 in the movie, so where does this T800 come from?

wen ppl refer to the t101 they really mean to say csm101 ( cyberdyne systems model 101) but its just sayin wut the t800 really is it aint a t101 or csm800 its t800 or csm101 thats all.

So they both mean the same thing?

yup basically

Okay then.

T101 is a mistake made by the writer's of T3. Arnold is officially a T800 series model 101. "Cyberdyne systems model one zero one" as quoted by Reese. Why the T3 writer's didn't just say "That was a different Terminator" is besides me.

I'm glad somebody was listening to my input on this messageboard!

yes duloblast i listen and learned a thing or 2 since arrivin on these boards

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Hey all,

My 600th post, btw, thanks in no small part to this forum big grin

Just a brief question for you to puzzle over. In numerous posts, the "Arnold" model from T3 is referred to as a T-850. Where did this term come from? Isn't he a T-800 model T-101 in the same way as the terminators from T1 and T2?


Orlando Bloom03

The T-850s are somewhat more advanced than the T-800s. They can slough off their flesh more easily and are able to extract their own power cells. Though they cannot self terminate, they can switch themselves off.

Orlando Bloom03
OK Still Confused!!!

Shaber - Where did you hear this?

Orlando - Why confused? What's the confusion?


Ty for the info - but where did you find all this stuff?

I'm afraid the moserators won't allow us to post any urls or links. I got it from the rebellion headquarters website. Allegedly the flesh of a T-800/T-850 rots away unless the cyborg is recalled to one of SkyNET's cryogenic facilities. The one which time travelled would have soon become bare skeletons.


when arnold explains his hydrogen fuel cell in t3, thats where he is different from t800, teh t800, like in t2, doesnt have two hydrogen fuel cells. basically thats the difference. t850 maybe can run a bit faster. shaber has explained very well

Bumping for discussion.

I thought in T1 he was a T-101 and in T2 he was a T-800?

T-101 in all three. In T1 and T2 he is a T-800 in T3 he is a T-850

i think they just made a t850 so that he could say that shitty thing that he can be conrtolled by OTHER MACHINES and that he has those 2 hydrogen cells, which is how the t850 eventually destroyed the tx.. pathetic

It was more that stupid chopper that did the TX

Red Superfly
Another reason as to why T-1000 was superioir. TX sucks. Upgrade my ass.

Can't see T-1000 getting taken out by a measly helicopter landing on it.

Another reason why T3 and everything about it was one big pointless money grab.

Then why on the Terminator 1 box does it have T-101 written on his eye, and no mention of T-800

T-101 is merely an indication for his appearance. T-101s look lke schwartznegger and eg T-106s look like more effeminate dark haired caucasian men. The First two cyborgs were from the less advanced infantry.

You never know what Arnie watned, th actors can't always convince the director to change something

This wasn't one of those standard Arnie flicks where dumb one-liners are allowed to go. He is a killing machine for christs sake.


Hey guys,

I joined here 'cause of this thread. I'm very surprised about the shaber's knowledge of the Terminators.

I hope u can help me w/ that:

How many GHz and GB RAM and how many TiB hard drive space does an Terminator 800 or 850 Series have?

Today we're about 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 0,2 or 0,3 TiB hard drive space in an standard computer. Well, of course there are overclocked 6 GHz Pentium 4 and we also have people w/ 2 and 4 GB RAM and 1 TB space on their drives, but the Modell 800 is a standard massproduction computer like the 3 GHz computer above today.

It would be interesting how far we're in the future. Well, nobody thought about 3000 - 4000 MHz computer in 25 years seen from 1990 w/ 1 MHz 486 afaik the rigth date wink

Well, 2029 is also 25 years in the future smile

Does my post on page three include that info?

When in hive mode the cyborg's thinking is impaired. the T2 EE timeline had a SkyNET which had learned from the mistakes of its own creators and did not allow its mechanical innfantry to think too deeply. That's another error with T3, the TX brand is supposed to be very intelligent, so logically they might be able to think for itself and turn against SkyNET.

Well, u didn't mention the tech. specs of the T-800/T-850 w/ harddrive space or CPU frequency or amount of Memory (RAM).

IMO they SkyNET saw the failure of the bloody death machines like the two T-800 Arnies wink and they decided 2 change their strategie in T3 2 a higher developed machine w/ real brain (TX) and not only killing like the infantry bots 4 killing and nothing else. They are cheap and easy 2 produce. Not more, not less.

IMO there isn't that break in T3.

Since we are on the subject of Terminator classifications I decided to post this article from zap2it.com here http://www.zap2it.com/movies/features/scenes/story/0,1259,-5--17498,00.html

In Case You've Forgotten: A 'Terminator' Primer

# Important Dates (and Twisted Chronology):
1984: The Terminator is sent to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor before she can give birth to resistance leader John Connor. Interestingly, this has the opposite effect, as Kyle Reese is sent back to the same time to protect Sarah and they have a productive one-night stand, ultimately yielding John. Perhaps if the machines never sent back the Terminator, Kyle never would have come back and John never would have been born? Or is it only his name that matters, genetics secondary.
Roughly 10 Years Later: The Terminator returns, this time to protect Sarah and John against the T-1000, and liquid metal bad guy. While John should, in theory, be 10 years old, James Cameron casts newcomer Edward Furlong, who's roughly 14 when the film is released. This hiccup in the chronology still annoys some fans, who have written essays explaining why "T2" could take place in any of a half-dozen years.
Aug. 29, 1997: The artificial intelligence computer defense system Skynet becomes self-aware and launches its nuclear arsenal on U.S. enemies abroad (really savvy fans know this advanced sentience kicked in at 2:14 a.m. ET). The subsequent system and retaliations and counter-attacks wipes out much of the human population and opens the door for the machines to take over the world. Known as Judgment Day, Sarah and John Connor in theory prevented this Armageddon in the second movie.
Several Years Later: "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" begins with John Connor at the age of 22, which either means that the year is 2006 or maybe 2000 if you accept that John was 13 in the second movie and that it took place in 1991.
2029: Humanity, led by John Connor (now sporting really unfortunate scars all over his face) is on the verge of destroying Skynet forever. Skynet sends back the first Terminator to kill Sarah. Subsequent Terminators are sent as their predecessors fail. Humanity keeps sending back plucky, but overmatched heroes, despite the fact that the job is in a constant loop.

# Important Robots:
T-1: The first Terminator makes its first appearance in "Terminator 3." An ungainly and boxy robot, it seems capable of causing an awful lot of destruction, but it more closely resembles a tank than a person, rendering it largely ineffectively in more details-orient reconnaissance missions.
T-800:Known by the futuristic-inclined as "The Ah-nold Model." A fairly impressive improvement over the initial T-1, the T-800s are cybernetic organisms, human flesh over metallic structure. These new models resemble beefy weightlifters and professional wrestlers. They're also programmed to speak with mysterious, thick Eastern European accents, making them both difficult to understand and frustrating to trace. Unfortunately, they're designed with limited emotional range, but they can be programmed to use progressive modern slang like "I'll be back." Can be taught limited verbiage in at least one language in addition to English (i.e. "Hasta la vista, baby"wink. The massive advance over the T-1, raises questions of a, say, T-435, which has many of the same advantages of the T-800, but unfortunately resembles Squiggy from "Laverne and Shirley."
T-1000: Yet another massive improvement over the previous model. Made out of liquid metal, the T-1000 can absorb any amount of gunfire and can turn itself into any being it comes in contact with. The major upgrade is that the new model is slimmer and more streamlined and can now speak in an American accent. Dramatic range still remains limited, though, and the T-1000 is hampered by his inability to transform himself into multi-part weapons like guns. This model is adept at becoming pointy, shiny, metal weapons, though, like murderous toothpicks. Unfortunately susceptible to extremes in heat and cold. Prone to hesitation in several crucial moments.
T-X:A far more attractive model than any previous makes. The T-X has many of the advantages of the T-1000, but the added dimension of a malleable pansexuality. The T-X has many new skills that shouldn't be spoiled for people intending to view "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

# Some Important Humanoids to Remember:
Sarah Connor: Makes the plausible transition from vapid waitress to Earth Mother of the Free World to butt-kicking warrior queen within two movies. Becomes increasingly buff and increasingly insane and is gone by the third movie, having done her job by producing and repeatedly saving the future leader of the world.
John Connor: The savior of humanity (note, in true subtle Cameron style, his telling initials). Goes from proto-zygote in the first film to petulant teenager in the second to slightly-deranged junkie in the third. Also morphs from Edward Furlong to Nick Stahl. If they didn't keep reminding us that eventually John's going to save humanity, it would be tough to believe.
Kyle Reese: In the future, he's one of John Connor's top aides. In the present, he's a gun-toting sperm donor. He saves Sarah's life and teaches her what it takes to be a soldier. Most importantly, though, in the few hours they spent together, they loved a lifetime's worth.
Dr. Peter Silberman: Earl Boen's officious police psychologist is the only character besides the T-800 to appear in all three movies. It's difficult to know why.

The SkyNET production line began with the rubbish T-400 model. They were non intelligent, rusty and weren't really even humanoid. In the early days of the war it would have been possible to see a platoon of them being led by a T-500 to a demolished human lair.

I have some comments about a potential T1000 versus T-X fight.

The simple fact is that the T-X has a plasma cannon. Plasma is hotter than molten steel. Obviously the plasma is a bit subdued in T3 as it doesn't instantly destroy the T850, but the plasma cannon would definitely damage the T1000 and the T-X is capable of firing it many times. The only limitation of the plasma cannon is that it takes time to form the weapon itself and it appears that it needs to be "charged up" before it can be fired giving it a slow rate of fire.

Also, the T-X seems to be extremely resistant to attack. Pistol and shotgun rounds knocked the T1000 and T850 back but the T-X doesn't even blink when being shot. The only lasting damage sustained by the T-X was the result of an RPG-7 anti-tank weapon, a heavy military helicopter pinning her (sort of like Arnold getting his arm stuck in the gear in T2) and the Terminator's hydrogen reactor detonating inside her skull.

The conclusion is that T1000 is suceptible to heat and corrosion, and the T-X has built in thermal weapons. The advantage is hers. That isn't to say the T1000 couldn't win depending on circumstances, but T-X has the advantage in this fight.

Basically if the T1000 can destroy the T-Xs plasma cannon (like Arnie did) then it would be an even fight that could go either way.

Arnie's model number is definitly in dispute.

This is more then likely the result of Cameron retconning in Terminator 2.

In the first Terminator film, Reese explains that the Terminator is a "Cyberdyne Systems Model One-Zero-One." He mentions that the 600-series has rubber skin, but if you listen carefully there is no mention at all of an 800-series. Nowhere in the dialouge or in any text in the film at all.

Flash forward to 1992. Terminator 2 is released. Arnold claims he is a "Cyberdyne Systems Model One-Oh-One." Throughout the theatrical cut of the film there is no dialouge of any sort that mentions 600-series or 800-series, but "Officer Austin" is called a T1000.

In the extended/special edition of the film, a cut scene was added where the Terminator's CPU is removed and set so that he can learn from human interaction. (Though this does not have to be done in T1, where he learns the line "**** you ***hole" from one of the punks he kills in the opening sequence). When he restarts in his vision is a line of text that reads "Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, Series 800, Version 2.4"

In Terminator 3, Arnold calls himself a "Tee-One-Oh-One." There is no mention in the film itself of an 800 or 850 series, but it is all over the official movie website that he is an 850.

What is the official explanation as of now? Officially Arnold's skin is "101" and his skeleton is "800" or "850." "Version 2.4" is probably the software package he was running in T2 (which is evidently different then in T1 and T3).

That is no what it originally was though. Logic dictates that skeleton was originally supposed to be the CSM-101. This is because Reese knew it was a CSM-101, but he didn't know what the Terminator looked like. If he knew it was a CSM-101 and that was based on what skin model he had, then Reese should have been able identify him immediately. Kyle mentions that he couldn't identify the Terminator until it attacked Sarah.

Further example of Cameron retconning includes changing the "No Fate" poem between the first and second Terminator, and somehow endowing Sarah Connor with the exact date of Judgment Day despite the fact that Reese never told her.

It's important to recognize this distinction, because as pointed out, Cameron (and Mostow) have altered the Terminator story by making sequals. Everyone likes to point the finger at Mostow for altering these things and causing confusion, but Cameron did the same thing. He just happened to make a better movie in the process. smile

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