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Rogue Jedi
what is the biggest amount of cash you have ever held or seen at one time?

used to count down the safe at work and that had $18,000+ in it

i ususally started out my shift as a cashier with over a $1,000 in the drawer

Rogue Jedi
when my grandpa was making out his will, he made me and my cousins count a large amount of cash. over $20,000.00

ppl...don't just give info like that away.

Rogue Jedi
its ok. he passed away a couple of years ago and my dad blew got the money. power of attorney and all. i feel sorry for the person who tries to jack him. he carries a .45 on his hip.

i don't work at that job anymore so it doesn't matter

plus the safe is set up differently now

anyway my sister worked at another store that belonged to the same company and when they got robbed the idiot manager told the police how much was taken and it became front page news

my sister asked to be transfered or she would quit

they transfered her

umm wow i dont think i have seen alot i saw like 1000 i brought to abercrombie and fitch when i went shopping thats all

if i had all the money Had held before I sent it off for bills and junk it would be a real mint!

a dad had heaps to give to sum1....i dunno how much it was...mayb $1200??

i have 5$ laughing out loud

woah, i have $ so proud smile im saving up for my sis' b/day pressie!

my dads freinds was part of a errr......"frowned upon" business, so he couldnt put cash into the bank..... so ive seen a fair amount of cash around sick

he bought a holiday to barbados with pure cash in a plastic grocery bag lol

eek! coolies!!!!!
and your's a bad boy!

Crash Overload
I ounce held half a milllion dollars... don't ask me how, or underwhat circumstances... all I can tell you is that i was 4 and my ftaher was buying some kind of machine for his workshop...

dont know...........
but have you ever tried carrying 389.75 dollers worth of spare change?
it's heavy like a biatch!!!

i once had 50 bucks worth of quarters and dollars blink

i don't carry cash on me in large's just ignorant.

I have 2 pieces of plastic. My checking account has about $1400.00, my savings has about $2,000.

oh and i just got a platinum card with an $8000 limit.

wow...i never even had that much money big grin

$400 on my birthday

physically held.. prolly not too huge i generally dont withdraw all my money and hold it.. i have direct deposit from my job to my bank.. put everything on a rewards credit card pay it in full every month to build credit.. but i do transfer thousands of dollars on any given day.. i trade in the stock market.. so at any given time i could make or loose houndreds or more likely thousands of dollars

oh but to answer i guess about 10k of my own money is the most ive held



I've seen 1 milion dollars,
but it was at the US mint in D.C. (either DC or New York) soo I dunno if it counts or not.



$1000 last Friday.

Well I gave my Mother $30,000 for Her birthday 2 years ago. Handed it to Her in cash so that's about the most i've physically held in my hand at any point.

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