Favorite clothes....

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Rogue Jedi
for the guys: do you own a particle piece of clothing that is your fave and is SO comftorable that your wife or girlfriend hates?

for the girls: does your boyfriend or husband have an article of clothing that you hate and he refuses to part with?

I got an old shirt that I always wear. It was orginally a white shirt that had the name of the construction co my father worked at. But now there is no trace of the name

Rogue Jedi
i got a pair of camoflauge pants i wear when i play paintball. my wife hates them.

is it weird that i have shirts that belonged to my sister's ex

see there you go again with the cool threads..( pun intended)

Rogue Jedi
i have a red university of houston jersey she also hates for me to wear....you know what? she wears it to bed!!!!!

i have an old adidas hoody, its my favorite peice of clothing ive had it for about 6 years now and when i first had it i was fat and now im about 2 sizes to small for it but i always wear it

Rogue Jedi
i have a trench coat that was in style during the early 90's. i cant bring myself to throw it away.

You know, I really don't. I spend too much money on clothes.

I have an old adidas t-shirt and adidas shorts that I've had for about 10 years. The shorts are way too short (and even a lil' revealing!) and the t-shirt has holes in it and its all mis-shapen.

I wear them round the house on days off, Mrs.Mech isn't a big fan of them but she knows it'll break me heart to throw them away. embarrasment

Shorts and my old Red Sox tee-shirt

Tired Hiker
I have this green American Eagle Outfitters shirt with a mermaid on it that says dive shop. I love that shirt but I need to get more new clothes. They seem to be seperating at the seams.

Adidas and Nike

I don't have a wife or gf, but I have a muscle-T that is black but intentionally looks like it was washed bad and faded. I love the shirt, but EVERYBODY has told me they hate it. Not one person has ever said they like the shirt.

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