Cyriptic updateds

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On the breaking news section of the matrix site the august 21st and 19th updates dont seem to make any sense. The august 21st update says "A black cat has just passed our front page." And the august 19th update says"RLRT htpd tscdrb gntst <3EC243A3>."
What do you think it means, mabey its code,something important in Revolutions, or mabey they were drunk and did it for a laugh.
Arrg to many questions can't wait.

The black cat - Deja Vu? Have they changed something smile

Go to the welcome/splash page and look at the bottom right under the random picture. If you figure it out you can get a Tunnel game to play. It's a 2D game where you fly either the Neb. or the Logos through the Tunnels of the Real World and have to collect Power Cells with Squiddies chasing you (much like Pac Man).

I may as well tell you what the update on the 19th is.

RLRT htpd tscdrb gntst <3EC243A3>

Everything is backwards and the four "words" are missing their vowels smile

It says:

Testing Broadcast Depth TRAILER

The Hex Code is to access the trailer: 3A342CE3 (you need to find where to input the Hex Code first though wink)

Ah that explains it thanks. Black cat should of know.

going around the matrix site i saw the current update and followed it.

"November 7th, 2003----------------------------

Know the path."

followed by a series of images.

these images lead you to a binary access prompt in the navigation bar. from there you come to a 32 bit hex key.

"Path/ViaRevolutions/ThirdSlot/top/EmbeddedDVD/0x(31)+0-F/ZionArchives" gives you the code which brings you to a larger still 128 bit hex lock.

i cant seem to find enough keys to get in. i'm thinking they're buried throughout the site.

what i've found so far:

i cant quite figure out what "0x(31)+0-F" means

together we can crack this baby

they arent doing tunnel recon through hex anymore sifer... but its on the rev soundtrack big grin ...which i dont own sad (the cd shifty )

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