Will Return of The King beat Spider-Man?

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spider man as in spider man the movie....hmm let me see... i think return of the king will be much better...

no fight, lord the the rings in a knock out first round

WTF??? HAS EVERYONE FOROGETTEN THAT SPIDERMAN HAS BROKEN BOX OFFICE RECORDS HERE AND THERE. I mean the first movie made over a billion freakin dollars internationally. And like over 400 million domestically. THat's unbeatable. SPIDERMAN IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE KING OF THEM ALL. Return of the King will make it's money but won't be as big as Spidey or Spidey 2

Nope, wont beat spiderman $$ wise.

i think it has a good chance... it would help if ROTK opened on a friday instead of a wednesday

so everybody that sees ROTK on wed or thurs has to go see it on the weekend too!!!!!! lol

Definitely Return of the King will beat Spider-Man2!!!!!! yes

willing to put money on that? I'd bet my life that Spidey 2 will beat Return of the King

I'd bet that Return of the King will beat Spider Man!!

For one, Spider Man is one of the dumb sequals but Return of the King is the final movie of a VERY popular trilogy

not that I wont see Spider Man

Spiderman 2 is not going to be a dumb sequel! I resent that statement! stick out tongue

Am I the only one who absolutely HATED spiderman?!? Good Lord! Tobey Maguire is a little biotch...and the movie is for children.

i hated spiderman also it just seemed so corney hoping ROTK will beat it

johnnys#1 fan
Return if The King all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROTK wont make as much money. No way. most people are only gonna see ROTK because "orlando bloom" is in it. that pansy with a bow. cut that blonde hair and be a man.

Sparrows Angel
I totally agree with you!I mean the ending sucked shite!!

OF COURSE IT WAS CORNY. COMIC BOOKS ARE CORNY! That's the point. Sam Raimi(the director) likes to be as true to the comics as possible, it's not supposed to be realisitc. Goddamnit, no one gets that. And the ending didn't suck ass, it also followed the comics and left room for a sequel.

Orlando Bloom is not the only reason people watch Lord of the Rings!
Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie and I like it for other reasons other than Orlando Bloom although Im a BIG fan of Orlando Bloom
He was really good in the movie and he is NOT a pansy!

and I think that ROTK will beat Spider man

No it didn't make more than a billion internationally. Only film to do that is Titanic. Internationally, Spiderman made 806 million, which placed it third that year below LOTR and Harry Potter.

Return of the King will almost CERTAINLY beat Spiderman- only in the US will Spiderman have done better.

Agreed, everybody will want to see the final film of the LOTR series, Spiderman 2 will not do as well, not that it will not be a good movie, but if you are taking bets 113...I will ask you to put your money where your mouth is and bet me!

Keep in mind DVD and video sales. Spiderman has made more than a billion. I just looked it up and it says Spiderman has made 806.7 million internationally as of 9/22/02, so it's bound to have made a lot more dough since that time in dvd and video sales.

And it said Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers has made 918.7 million as of 7/24/03.

And yes i do bet that Spiderman 2 will have a bigger opening weekend(as in friday, saturday, and sunday $ only) than Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will(also only including friday, saturday, and sunday $ only)

AND it will also make more overall money domestically and internationally.

AND that when the Spiderman trilogy is finished(not to imply that they won't make anymore) it will beat the Lord of the Rings trilogy also.

Lord of the rings will have the fans of the first two eagerly wanting to see the ending. Not just people who saw it at th cinema but people who watched the film on a film channel and enjoyed the film. So the last one will get more people. Also it has an oscar buzz.
Spiderman only advantage is it might have a lower age certificate, its a film just for enjoyment, but people dont care as much wot happens to the guy as much people care about Frodo, strider etc.

Oh i like Legalass, not coz his orlando but coz his legolas, i think viggo does a better acting job and his charcter has more dpth and intreats.

you see spiderman had the GIGANTIC hype before the movie................everyone knows bout spidey so a LOT of people went to see it . Spiderman movie wasn't that great and it made up to this week $403,706,375

Now ROTK may get a LARGE veiwing since everyone WILL want to see the ending. TTT receipts so far is $339,734,454

Also we have to remember the christmas box office is gonna be swamped but using this momentum i am hoping ( as a fanatical lotr fan) that ROTK beats spiderman in the box office and that it gets PJ that lil gold man in Aprili

That's ridiculous. We are talking movie money only here, not movie plus DVD sales. And the LOTR DVDs and videos have been selling like crazy as well. Those figures you quoted are movie receipts ONLY- that was Spiderman's and TTT's box office takings- the TTT DVD was not even out then. The FOTR and Spiderman DVDs were equally popular even in just the US, and FOTR was more popular internationally, so DVD sales will only make your case worse.

Face it- both LOTR movies made more money than Spiderman, both in box office and DVD/video sales. FACT.

What on Earth makes you think it will make more money internationally when the figures so clearly show the reverse is more likely? It is just not as internationally popular as Potter and LOTR.

People are waiting too unpatiently for ROTK. I think it'll win

Well if you're talking about domestically no both Lotrs didn;t make as much as Spiderman, I just checked. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in fact came in below Jurassic park. And the Fellowship is about 5 down from TTT in domestic earnings.

And ok, if you want to count out dvd sales then internationally yes LOTR's did better, and so did the Potters. But in all four of those movies (in the two series combined) more than half their box office came from the international community. In the States Spiderman still owns those two.

And i have the feeling that this second one will be an even greater movie, and their will be those fans who will come back to see it again and again(much like the lotr series). SO i still place my money on Spiderman2.

All I know is that I'm going to watch both big grin
But LOtR cames out this year right? And Spider comes out when?

I'M ABOUT TO PEE MY PANTS WAITING FOR ROTK... although i do like spiderman a lot too but if i was going to be stranded on an island and could pick only one series to have with me.. it'd be LOTR

Agreed, LTOR will kick spidy's [email protected]@

I am not talking 'domestically'. We are not very interested in the total 'domestic' take on an international board- only one part of a much larger whole. You were, btw, the one who quoted the international figure first, so it is doubly relevant I pointed out you were wrong to make out Spiderman was more popular there, but more to the point I made it VERY VERY clear I was talking internationally in any case, which is the only relevant concern here.


JULY 2, 2004!!! WOOHOO! eek!

spidy 2 is gonna suck tacks

Ahem....**** Spider-Man. LoTR will so own it, EVERYONE will see this movie, even if they haven't seen the first 2.

LOTR is trash compared to Spiderman..woohoo!. But that doesn't mean i won't see the third movie. Spidey 2 is supposed to have a lot more action and better action scenes than the first so it won't "suck tacks" it gonna be great

both of these movies will make ass loads of money and one of them are bound to set some new money making records, but you cant count on the fan base to gaurentee how much money a movie will make,look at star wars, return of the jedi made the least money out of the three . no one can say which will win untill they finally come out. Even though in reality ROTK will most likely make more money. Both have gained more fans and even lost some so with all the different factors to incoorperate you just cant tell, untill it happens. Looking at the facts and fan base of the movies ROTK will prolly make more more money though unless it turns out to be another return of the jedi or matrix reloaded

You think Spiderman will have more action then LOTR?
I havent read the books so I dont know whats going to happen in LOTR3 but the fights from 1 and 2 where awsome! And big!

Spider cames out in July 2, 2004?!blink Didnt they just started filming?
I hope they dont press the special effects guys like in Mummy2. That came out really bad messed

Wow people are being too smart on this page.
We need to dumb it down, girls give us the johnny pics lol

Girls im kidding plzzzzzzz dont!!!!!
i beg u

Lotr will most definately beat spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, spiderman was good and all, but rotk will beat it easily :-D

you have better get on you knees!!! i have a picture ready to post....laughing out loud j/k.
in my opinion, ROTK will do much better. i haven't heard anyone talk about spiderman on the streets, therefore, they don't care that much. and i am around way too many movie freaks who see everything that comes out in theaters. they are fans of every great movie that comes out, and they aren't one of spiderman. they are looking forward to movies that are coming out in 2007, they know about s. 2 and don't give a crap. ROTK is gunna kick a**!

I'll laugh my head off if they both flop at the box office laughing out loud
I know basiclly impossible!

man, ROTK will be so much better. Heck the first two LOTR movies were better.

ROTK is going to be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait1!!!!!!!!!

Sparrows Angel
definately rotk will beat spiderman

hey spiderman will hold its own, Raimi understands the fine line between comics and movies, and he knows how to do sequals. So spidey2 will be a good sequal but i doubt itll beat ROTK especially seeing how ROTK is gonna be released around X-mas time. spiderman2 will make more off of merchandising though


Considering that internationally combined FOTR, and TTT combined for about 800 million give or take, i extremely doubt ROTK beating spiderman with its 1 billion internationally. Infact it wont happen.

well than we know how much taste the general american public has

laughing out loud


oops wrong pic argh

yea with boromir on it that's quite normal smile

I think that RotK will beat Spiderman, I mean because of the reason stated above and also because of the time in which both moives will come out in theaters. RotK will come out in Dec. 17th, 2003; a Wed. and Spiderman will come out July 2nd, 2004; a Thurs. Now, just two days later on July 4th, 2004; a Sat. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is due to come out in the theaters and to me.... that isn't good for Spiderman!

Incorrect. Fellowship of the Ring took 860 million internationally. The Two Towers took 917. Spiderman took 806.

Each film individually comfortably beat Spiderman which did NOT make a billion- as I said already, only Titanic has ever done that.

Please check facts before posting, folks...


Spiderman is better! Woohoo!! And in reply to the person who said that they haven't heard a lot of people tlaking about it, that's becuase you're probably around people who don't appreciate(sp?) or like comics books. Because any comic book fan(mild like me, or a fanatic) will be hyped for this second movie, it's supposed to be bigger, better, and more action-packed than the first which packed a punch on it's own. If Spidey 2 doesn't beat the first one, it'll come damn close. Spiderman is the greatest, the Lotr series is just ok. I'll see it in theatres but probabaly only after it being out for like 3 weeks.

on the other hand Spiderman 2 i will be reserving tickets for woohooo!!, I saw the first one on the Second day it came out, may 4th, 2002!(couldn't get tickets the first day)


i really like spiderman, but lord of the rings is better. i say return of the king

BOPRecruit 16
since rotk will come out before spider-man 2, i think it would do better than the first spidey movie. i'll wait to see after the sequel to have a real say.

I wish RETURN OF THE KING could beat all in the boxoffice. But you have to understand Spiderman is built for children, an Return of the King is for a more mature. But here is some info, I know alot of people on SPIDERMAN 2 and it is being toned down due to the the violence. I have been told the Doc Octavious has some pretty graphic and violent ways of dispatching people. But then again I know alot of people on the Rings trilogy, one of which had a major part in the opening of the first one and the other a early designer of Gollum. I was told some of the stuff is going to blow our minds. And also remember as Spiderman is a comic book, Lord of the Rings is a novel. I wasn't a big fan of the book, but I am kind off saddened that it's all coming to an end. Maybe they should do THE HOBBIT after KING KONG. That would be the coolest.

I am as disappointed as the rest


Yeah RoTK rulez :P
Im not sure which one wins box office

But i AM sure that RoTK will imho be the better film and thus beat sm.

Spider-man might win in the U.S. but not outside.

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