Ron And Hermy FanFic

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this takes place after hermione gets knocked out and harry and neville r running away with the *kinda fake* prophecy in the ministry:

"HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!" ron bellowed as harry dashed out of the room. He ran over to her in a rather stumbly way. As ron examined her body in terror he screwd his face up with a frown.

He embraced her as she suddenly came to life, "Ron?"


"Oh Ron! I knew it!" she gracefully stroked his hair as he looked at her in confusion.

"You knew what?" he looked suddenly alarmed.

"I knew you liked me! I've been meaning to tell you how i feel too but it's just so hard," she said in a very triumphant matter.

His face was warm and inviting again, he hurled his hands around her and looked into the face of his secret passion. As they both approched eachother they kissed.

"OH MY GOD! HERMIONE! I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THAT!" they're kiss was interupted bt the bickering of Ginny Weasley...

Carry on!

lolz, maybee i got my facts wrong, but pretend that harry and neville ran out w/ luna, ginny & hermy were unconsious but ron didnt take the hit lol, sry bout that

nobody wants to ad anything? mad o plz! its a rather good start...



Thats a good beginning but, I can't think of anything to add.:/


oh, i reely wanna c wut happens but i cant think either sad

thats because i sabotaged this thread


*snores* huh? wut happened?

"get lost ginny!" shouted ron
:"fine!" screamed Ginny and with that she ran out of the room, probably to join harry.
"Now where we?" asked ron
hermione kissed him on the lips again, while taking off her jumper.
her breasts had developed over the years.
rons hand slid down over hermione's bra...

hermione groaned with pleasure and started to take off ron's shirt
then ron stood up as hermione went down on her knees
she started to unbuckle his belt....

stick to th pg13 thing guys...........

anybod writin here?

AHAHAHAHA yeah PG-13 would be nice. .I cant believe yall write stuff like that! Honestly. .its gross, please dont!

almost all hp fanfics now contain sex in them

it is original cuz jkr would never write about that but it is kinda gross
pg 13 is good

I agree with CrazyKim.

Originally posted by crazykim
anybod writin here? dont think so

What do you think about the whole sex thing then.

its a bit to dirty.put it in a diffrent way thumbdown .like JKR does.writing the *details*bout the b****t and b**

The Ones
ron slid his hand down hermionies skirt. and grasped her pussie. hermionie let out an eek of pleasure they started kissing when the door burst open suddenly. it was harry. "her..her..mionie?????...ron?????" a tear slid down harrys cheek. he was heart broken to see a girl he's loved ever since he saw her about to have sex with his best friend. "harry, wait" hermionie yelled. harry turned and ran out of the room crying. "well we've got rid of him" ron said as he started cuddling hermionie. "get off" she said as she flung him down to the ground and raced after harry

well at least the gross part is gone
neva thought ron could be so selfish and hermy does care for harry auh

omg is anyone riting in here anymore?

nobodys gonna write here ever

AHAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious! But I think you guys have defied the meaning of two people liking eachother and defined the meaning of **** buddies.

Am I right?

damn is this place abandoned! of course, i might be able to understand why.......i mean, why the hell would they do that when they're in the middle of fighting?! i mean really......

ok look its just gross ok you can say they have sex but not a lot of details god ok they can make out and stuff and you can add many details as you can but for god sack not to have so many details of ron and herminy have sex

I agree with you Red fox and this thread is really dead

What the f**k?

It was until you bumped it.

I Know and I am Pround of it big grin

(Too Much Information)

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