I'm joining a New Army

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I'm joining a new army soon that will fight against any country that seems corrupt to us. I will miss you all and I'll post a pic of the troup I'll be joining.

P.S. Black bars provided by me big grin

Tired Hiker
Sign me up.

Rogue Jedi
hey!!!!thats my platoon!!!!!!!

Somehow I just dont think that picture was nescessary

Tired Hiker
Why? At least there's black bars?

You can see all of their ribs, they really do look like they are living in the jungle

nah....hair has obviously been styled so they couldn't be roughing it that much

there's probably a five star hotel just out of the picture

dude where the hell can i find that army! woohoo! Take the blackbars out, those things are kinda gay

this is a G rated board!
i foresee a bad turn of events for the otf in this field....this is the only place were these things are starting to get posted ..increasingly erm

SIGN ME UP! eek! *runs naked through the forums*

they may not know how to use real guns but they can sure make em shootsmile

Neo_Version 7
Who the **** do they intend to kill with those fire-arms. Still, they look like worthy soldiers if they were to join my coup.

Sign me up, we can wipe out this punk coup!

Makes me wish i was 18!!! DIE FOR MY COUNTRY BABY!!!!

shake zula
i'd definitely squeeze those bazookas!

roll eyes (sarcastic) men

the opposing forces would be so horny and stupefied that the women could shoot them all without worrying about being killed!!

yo sighn me up tank

me 2!

i wanna go to iraq and kick some ass. al quida say hello to my little friend rifle

sign me up with the Marines..ima go and yell: left, left, right, left...spin my rifel and say: this is my rifel,*than garb the jewels* and this is for fun!!!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.