Persephone kisses Niobe (Interesting info)

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Hey guys, for every Matrix fan that hasn't played Enter the Matrix yet there is a real video in which Persephone kisses Niobe. Is almost like in the movie, Niobe enters a room where Persephone is watching everything, Persephone grabs Niobe's boob but Niobe gets her hand off of her. Persephone tells her that Niobe she has to kiss her so that she can tell her where Ghost is. Persephone says kiss me like your loved one and she gives her a really small kiss, and Persephone hates it. Niobe then gives her this big kiss (sexy one) and Persephone ask: "What's the name of your loved one ?" And Niobe answers: "Jason." Persephone then replies: "That is not true, and Jason knows it."

Hint for a Morpheus/Niobe relationship anyone ?

Alias Neo
Persephone: what, are you afaid of kissing an other woman?
Niobe: Your not a woman, your not even human.


she is a ****!

Alias Neo
Persephone,Niobe or both?


She is talking about Morpheus. She still loves him wink.

"Some things change, and some things don't change"

Captain REX
Once again, the slutty sex-related material ruining the feel of the Matrix...

well...what ya gonna had to have some in it....

The Omega
Rex> But why?

I know some fans complained about Reloaded on the grounds of WHAT Zion turned out to be. Such a contrast to the sleek, gritty looks and feel of M1.
I, on the other hand, enjoyed the Zion scenes. I enjoyed the expansion of the Matrix world beyond a mere repetition of the first movie, and the emphasis on what makes humans different from machines.

i thought the Zion scenes were pretty kewl too

Zion scenes were indeed very good. They showed the contrast of how they live but at the same time, how they are still under control smile

The one thing I never quite understood about the Zion scenes was. A shit load of sentinels are coming, It's quite probable that we are all gonna be killed so what do we do now? I know lets have a giant sweat-fest of a rave because that'll solve all our problems.

hey its a good way to go better than hidding in a corner pissing yourself.


Captain REX
laughing out loud

I still think the rave sucked @$$. When I get the DVD, that is the scene I will be skipping. Not because my little brother is around, but because it wasn't at all needed.

The rave scene was necessary, and it wasn't like oh the machines are coming to kill us, so lets just party the night away. No, it was one last get together, a pre-victory party! In armageddon, everyone goes and has a good time before going into space, before a giant rock destroys the earth!


aaaaaaaa .. qiiero tacoss!! alguien alimenteme!!
aaambre ambreeeeee!!!!!!!!! roll eyes (sarcastic)

General Kaliero
To get back on topic...

"Oh, God, that was awful. I wish you had shot my kneecaps instead."

Possibly one of my favorite lines in the game...

blink ????

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