Batman and Spiderman:Goblin in Gotham

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Asian Hulk
When the Bat help Spidey to find his arch-nemesis.because Green Goblin help the Joker to escape from Arkham Mary Jane Watson fell in love with Gotham City multi millionaire Bruce Wayne when Peter Parker get jealous to Bruce because MJ fell in love.Peter and MJ are doing vacation to Gotham City then MJ was kidnapped by insane villains Green Goblin and the Peter wear a Spiderman suit then Bruce went to batcave and wearing his batsuit.Bruce become as Batman.when Spiderman and Batman saves MJ.Green Goblin and the Joker tried to destroy Gotham City.

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk

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Asian Hulk
MARY JANE"MJ"WATSON Spiderman's girlfriend

Asian Hulk
ALFRED PENNYWORTH Bruce Wayne's butler

Asian Hulk
J JONAH JAMESON Peter Parker's boss in Daily Bugle

Asian Hulk
JAMES GORDON Gotham City Police Commisioner

BOPRecruit 16
i thot this was a carry on story, oh well.

Asian Hulk
JOKER : How do you think you help me to escape Gobly?

GREEN GOBLIN : Because the Green Goblin so smart!!!

JOKER : and then what next?

GREEN GOBLIN : well!!!!I came here to Gotham City.because of Spider-

JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! you are right!!!! so what's your plan Gobly?

GREEN GOBLIN : we attack Gotham City and kill Bruce Wayne and
Batman.but we can kidnapped MJ Watson before
we attack Gotham.

JOKER : Sure!!!!Greeny!!!!you are right!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : It must be sure to ask.that why,Joker.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Asian Hulk
MARY JANE WATSON : you so handsome!!!ohhhh!!!!!

BRUCE WAYNE : thanks miss,and you are?

MARY JANE WATSON : Mary Jane,Mary Jane I know you are Bruce Wayne.

BRUCE WAYNE : yeah,Thanks Miss Watson.



PETER PARKER : Oh come on MJ, Let's go!!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : why Peter?are you jealous to Bruce?

PETER PARKER : So are you have friend with that Bruce Wayne?

MARY JAN WATSON : Peter will you!!!

BRUCE WAYNE : So I have something to go now MJ.I'll see you on
Wayne Manor

MARY JANE WATSON : me too Bruce, have to go,bye


PETER PARKER: come on MJ!!!!!

Asian Hulk
JOKER : well,suppose you have the deal Gob?infact you will win about
Batman and Spider-Man.

GREEN GOBLIN : what do you mean?

JOKER : so Batman is mine and yours is Spider-Man.

GREEN GOBLIN : Oh come on you naughty clown!!!stop emabarrasing
me!!!I'm here to Gotham City to destroy and kill the
JOKER : Oh!!!!it's that so?

GREEN GOBLIN : when you attack Batman.I steal the Wayne diamond
from New York City museum.but Spidey doesn't cap-
ture me because if this Wayne diamond.

JOKER : really?

GREEN GOBLIN : why are you asking about Joker?

JOKER : and suppose Batman and Spider-Man to get Spidey's girlfriend
Mary Jane Watson and kidnapped her.

GREEN GOBLIN : You are right Joker!!!it means Gotham City is
conquering Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

JOKER : well?

GREEN GOBLIN : well what?

JOKER : I think you help me to escape from Akrham Asylum.because of
that Batman.

GREEN GOBLIN : you are right Joker!!!Bingo!!!!

JOKER : it means attack Gotham and destroy HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
HA HA!!!!


Please stop the pain....

Asian Hulk
SPIDER-MAN : Stop you vigilant bat!!!(Spidey spin his web to Batman)

BATMAN : You cannot do what you are spider eaten by bat!!!
(Batman throw his batarang)

SPIDER-MAN : No way scalm!!!!you shouldn't fight like Spiderman
(Spider-Man spin his web and kick Batman's face)

BATMAN : I will(Batman kick Spidey)let's have fight!!!

SPIDER-MAN : No way!!!bats are not vigilantes(Spiderman jumps and
spin Batman)

BATMAN : OK Spiderchum!!!! you cannot do with the bat!!!(Batman
punch and kick Spiderman)

BARTENDER : what the!!!batman fight with a spiderguy!!!!

SPIDER-MAN : Bruce Wayne!!!!(Spiderman knows Batman's alter ego)

BATMAN : Oh no!!!!

SPIDER-MAN : No more angry bat!!!

BATMAN : will see you again you tarantula!!!!I'm Batman

SPIDER-MAN :I'm not Tarantula!!! I'm Spider-Man!!!!

BARTENDER : Spider-Man!!!what is he doing in Gotham?

BATMAN : I don't know.he jumps like a Spider.maybe he can do it.let's
see what is his alternative ego is!!!.

Asian Hulk
PETER PARKER : yeah MJ. I can do this here in Gotham

MARY JANE WATSON : for what Peter?

PETER PARKER : for Bruce Wayne

MARY JANE WATSON : Oh come on Peter!!!are you jealous!!!for
Bruce.Bruce is just my friend


MARY JANE WATSON : what do you mean Oh no Peter?

PETER PARKER : just nothing MJ.I gotta sleep good night hon!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : night too hon!!!!

PETER PARKER : the batcamera.who did this?(Peter looks at the
window that Batman knows as Peter Parker is

remo williams
someone put me out of my misery----for the love of God, please. This is worse than death

Asian Hulk
ALFRED PENNYWORTH : is it happen again in Gotham Master Bruce?

BATMAN : maybe the Green Goblin still here in Gotham Alfred.

ALFRED PENNYWORTH : so what did the Green Goblin doing here in

BATMAN : he tries to help the Joker to escape from Arkham Asylum.

ALFRED PENNYWORTH : so maybe the Goblin has stolen the
Wayne diamond in New York museum.

BATMAN : that's right Alfred. I think Green Goblin is Spider-Man's

ALFRED PENNYWORTH : so what is the Goblin's alter-ego sir?

BATMAN : I don't may be I 'll check it out.

ALFRED PENNYWORTH : what is it sir?

BATMAN : I got it.his name is Norman Osborne,a company tycoon from
Osborne Company in New York.


BATMAN : Norman has a son named Harry Osborne,that's the friend of
Mary Jane Watson's boyfriend,Peter Parker.

ALFRED PENNYWORTH : and that means Norman is the Green Goblin

BATMAN : exactly Alfred,but the Green Goblin and the Joker tried to
attack Gotham.maybe Spider-Man need my help.Alfred
prepare the Batmobile.right now!!!

ALFRED PENNYWORTH :yes Master Bruce.

Asian Hulk
J JONAH JAMESON : Damn!!!what kind of this Green Goblin stealing
the Wayne diamond in New York Museum,Parker?

PETER PARKER : but Mr. Jameson,Green Goblin the Wayne diamond but
that's for Bruce Wayne.

J JONAH JAMESON : and why? do you think Spider-Man is going to
Gotham City to see Batman?

PETER PARKER : but I don't know.MJ and I we have to vacation to

J JONAH JAMESON : Oh come on Parker!!!!this is a ridiculous!!!!you are
going to vacation to Gotham City?to see that
insanity Green Goblin?

PETER PARKER : sir,we can vacation there. maybe I.....

J JONAH JAMESON : alright,alright!!!!now you can go vacation
and look Bruce Wayne on personal.
but no Spider-Man in Gotham!!!

PETER PARKER : sir.Spider-Man is still in Gotham to capture the Goblin!!!

J JONAH JAMESON : forget it and shut up Parker!!!!now get back to

Asian Hulk
COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON : the Green Goblin has stolen the
Wayne diamond.that's why the
people of New York report that the
diamond has been steal in New
York museum.

BATMAN : do you think the Green Goblin?

COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON : that's they didn't know has
that Goblin is here in Gotham.

BATMAN : so he calls for the Joker.

COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON : What do you mean about the Joker.

BATMAN : that Green Goblin tries to help the Joker and that's why.

COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON : I don't think so Batman.maybe he
still here in Gotham.

BATMAN : maybe I should go to the Batcave Jim.maybe
The Joker is in jail right now.

COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON : you right can captured
the Goblin.he is dangerous.

BATMAN : maybe I should try this.

Yet I keep coming back to it.

It's like a horrible car wrek that I can't stop looking at.

Asian Hulk
VAL KILMER is Bruce Wayne/Batman

Asian Hulk
sorry no space

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk
TOBEY MAGUIRE is Peter Parker/Spiderman

Asian Hulk
WILHEM DAFOE is the Green Goblin

Asian Hulk
KRISTEN DUNST is Spiderman's girlfriend Mary Jane"MJ"Watson

Asian Hulk
J K SIMMONS is Peter Parker's Daily Bugle boss J Jonah Jameson

Asian Hulk
PAT HINGLE is Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon

Asian Hulk
MICHAEL GOUGH is Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth

Asian Hulk
GREEN GOBLIN : Well you decide to vacation here in Gotham MJ!!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : You two are fools!!!what do you thinking of
that Batman and Spiderman?

JOKER : It's simple my dear!!!Green Goblin and I are partners to
attack Gotham,Miss do you think of it?

MARY JANE WATSON : You can 't do this you maniac clown!!!!

JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!because of Spiderman?you know Spiderman
and Batman will die if the people of Gotham has been des- see Goblin was right you know!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : You mean Spiderman and Batman?you can't do
them you maniacs!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : because of Bruce know why?if Spiderman
and Batman blast to die.Gotham will be damage.the
Wayne diamond will be mine with the Joker.Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha!!!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : if you destroy the can pay for you it!!!

JOKER : so shall we take MJ Watson,Mr.Green Goblin?

GREEN GOBLIN : it's up to you Joker.Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : what do you doing?you can't do this to me!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : Don't you worry MJ,we can protect you now!!!!!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!Ho Ho Ho!!!!Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!!!good luck Spiderman
and Batman!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Asian Hulk
BRUCE WAYNE : let's have a drink MJ.

MARY JANE WATSON : thanks Bruce but I...

GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!(Green Goblin blast the Millenium
Cocktail Restaurant)Welcome to
Gotham City.Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : Green Goblin!!!!

JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!Well Well Well!!! what have we here?

BRUCE WAYNE : Joker,you want to make her anger you
white face!!!!

JOKER : So it's good to see you and who is this woman?

BRUCE WAYNE : leave the woman(The Joker press the yellow
flower and smell the slepping gas to Bruce)ohhhh!!!!!


JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!Bingo!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : you scalawag clown.what you done with him!!!!

JOKER : Don't worry sleeping gas is here(The Joker press again the
sleeping gas toi MJ).Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!Hey Gobly!

GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!I'm coming Joker Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

JOKER : We can take Spiderman's girlfriend to now.

GREEN GOBLIN : How about Bruce Wayne?

JOKER : Never mind about Bruce Wayne.before Batman and Spiderman

GREEN GOBLIN : then I'll carry her Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

the joker and green goblin arent just going to decide to go after bruce wayne with no reason, and joker doesnt team up with the first villian he sees.

this is f***ing painful... and why are the joker and green goblin laughing all the damn time..?

Asian Hulk
POLICE DETECTIVE : Have you seen the Green Goblin stole the Wayne

SECURITY GUARD : Yes Detective! but Green Goblin blast the window
then we heard the alarm.and he throw the pumpkin

POLICE DETECTIVE : then what happened about the Goblin?

SECURITY GUARD : We were watching TV last night.then the Wayne
diamond stolen about that notorius Green Goblin
but the diamond is just for Gotham City multi-
millionaire Bruce Wayne.

SPIDER-MAN : Bruce Wayne!! I heard about Green Goblin stole it.maybe
he can escape to Gotham City.I better captured that

hmm sense not this makes...

Asian Hulk
GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!It's Goblin time Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!(Green Goblin blast the glass window at the rooftop of New York Musuem)

SECURITY GUARD 1 : What the?

SECURITY GUARD 2 : It's the Green Goblin.

GREEN GOBLIN : Well guys!!!!why don't you captured me Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

SECURITY GUARD 2 messedtop or I'll shoot!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : there you go!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!(Green Goblin throw his pumpkin bob)


GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha!!!shame on you guys !!!Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!Wow!!!!!!what have we here?a Wayne Diamond from Gotham City
maybe the diamond of Bruce Wayne you know!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!I'll get it(Goblin kiss the Wayne diamond).well good bye Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Asian Hulk
MARY JANE WATSON : Hi Hon!are you there now?

PETER PARKER : Yeah!!!I'm here now MJ.

MARY JANE WATSON : Did you hear about the Green Goblin stolen
the Wayne Diamond from New York Museum?

PETER PARKER : MJ Hon,What do you talking about?

MARY JANE WATSON : Because Goblin has escape to Gotham City.

PETER PARKER : What?You mean Goblin escape to Gotham?


PETER PARKER : Maybe he wants to help the Joker.

MARY JANE WATSON : Who is the Joker?

PETER PARKER : He is the maniac clown arch-nemesis to Batman.
and Batman captured the Joker.

MARY JANE WATSON : What do you mean about Spiderman help
Batman to find their villains to Gotham?

PETER PARKER : You mean a handsome Gotham City multi-


PETER PARKER : How do you know that?

MARY JANE WATSON : I watched on TV Pete.

Tired Hiker
I'm stealing this idea and pitching it to Hollywood as we speak.

Asian Hulk
BATMAN : what the?

GREEN GOBLIN : Here I am Batsy Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! you cannot capture
me!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

BATMAN : Go ahead Goblin!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : Blast off Batman Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!You cannot get MJ
and Spider-Man.The Joker and I are partners Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha!!!!


GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Asian Hulk
JOKER : Well Mr. Spider,your girlfriend doesn't know that you love her
Ha Ha Ha !!!!
SPIDER-MAN : What's all think about it Joker?

JOKER : You mean you have vacationing about Gotham you know!!!
Green Goblin tells me that I can kill you now even Miss

SPIDER-MAN : You can 't do this to MJ.

JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!You and MJ Watson are dead Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

SPIDER-MAN : You pay for this you abnormally clown!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : Uhmmmmm!!!!!!

JOKER : (Batman his batarang to the Joker) What the?

BATMAN : I'm here to rescue now,Spider-Man!!!

JOKER : Well Men!!!KILL THE BAT Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Asian Hulk
PETER PARKER : Well MJ,I hope we could guest to visit Gotham

MARY JANE WATSON : Why Honey?is that you like to go to Gotham

PETER PARKER : Yes Honey.but how did Green Goblin stole the Wayne

MARY JANE WATSON : I don't know but Bruce Wayne is too handsome
you know.

PETER PARKER : What?are you insane to him?
(When Green Goblin bump the plane in the sky to trip to Gotham City because he stole the diamond of multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne)

PILOT : HEYY!!!! What's that?

GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!Welcome aboard!!!!!


PETER PARKER : Oh no!!!!

MARY JANE WATSON : Peter wait!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : Ladies and Gentlemen.we have to trip to the hell not to
Gotham unless the plane crash.Spiderman is not going
to capture me. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

PETER PARKER : I'll see you in Gotham,Goblin.

Asian Hulk
SPIDER-MAN/PETER PARKER : I don't think that the Joker and Green
Goblin are nemesis

BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE : You are right Spider-Man.if they still attack
Gotham.I don't think that the villains are not
gonna stop.

MARY JANE WATSON : You two just think about on TV.


MARY JANE WATSON : Well you know that? Hi Hi Hi!!!!

BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE : She's pretty.right?

SPIDER-MAN/PETER PARKER : Yeah your parents and my uncle were
murdered by criminals.

BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE : Yeah.I don't think she loves Bruce Wayne,
she loves Peter Parker and she loves Spider-

SPIDER-MAN/PETER PARKER : You are right Bruce.MJ is still beautiful.I
love MJ you know.

Asian Hulk
THE JOKER : You fooled me Gob!!!!WHY DO YOU DO THAT?

we can invade Gotham then.Batman and
Spider-Man see about the Wayne Diamond.

THE JOKER : Well!!!!!It's so easy Goblin!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

GREEN GOBLIN : You are right!!!!then the Bat and Spidey
doesn't saved Gotham!!!

THE JOKER : You can make it about this!!!we'll let's
get it!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

i liked the part when the green goblin threw his pumkin BOB, that was classic right there.


Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk

well asian hulk i applaud u for the stroy line, i think its good to put some backround into a fight instead of ......vs...... But the story is kinda crap lol no offence erm

Goblin would pimp slap Joker if he said "you fooled me Gob"

man, his atrocious grammar just makes me smile. smile

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk

Asian Hulk
PETER PARKER : MJ!!!!! MJ!!!!!!!!

BRUCE WAYNE : Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!

PETER PARKER : Bruce,Where is MJ?Where is She?

BRUCE WAYNE : I don't know.maybe the Joker's kidnapped her.

PETER PARKER : What?Let's find her.

BRUCE WAYNE : How can we wear our suit.

PETER PARKER : No way!!!!You are Batman and I'm Spiderman.

BRUCE WAYNE : What are you talking about?

PETER PARKER : Don't ask about it!!!!Let's go!!!!

Asian Hulk
GOTHAM MAYOR : What the?

GREEN GOBLIN : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!(Green Goblin throw his pumkin bomb)

GOTHAM MAYOR : Who's in the devil is that?

GREEN GOBLIN : The Green Goblin Mayor,Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

THE JOKER : You are right Mayor.The Green Goblin!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!
(the Joker prepare his gun)

SPIDER-MAN : Stop you two!!!!You can do this people from Gotham City.

THE JOKER : You like this diamond,don't you Spider?Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!

SPIDER-MAN : No one can do this my spiderspin.

GREEN GOBLIN : Well kill spidey!!!!!

BATMAN : Never Goblin.Spider-Man and I can stop you two.

GREEN GOBLIN : Ohhhh!!! Joker,Let's kill them

THE JOKER : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

i am sorry Asian Hulk i don't mean to be rude but your English is not very good wink.

But apart form that the story seems ok smile

Dude seriously do you act this dumb on purpose, cos if your THAT illiterate how the hell do you even read comics?

Cant we just throw Carnage into the room and watch him tear all four of them apart, cos that would be so much more fun.

Ironman 66
this thread is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ****ing dumb

Ironman 66: stop doing that!!! if you think (and I mean if you really do) this thread is dumb DON'T POST HERE!!

mmmm i think Asian Hulk may be using a computer Translater to convert Filipino into English thats may be causing some confusion in his English. wink

Anyway give the poor guy a break

You have too much free time.

the Story is corny.

But I had some laughs, and in the end, thats all that counts.

Life and the world lifes with you.

Originally posted by Laruuk
Please stop the pain....


Marvel heros and DC heros do not live in the same universe!

In the movies, every hero lives in their own universe.

Originally posted by Goldenskull777
You have too much free time.


Next Venom_girl
Originally posted by Wic76
Cant we just throw Carnage into the room and watch him tear all four of them apart, cos that would be so much more fun.
LOL, agreed. evil face

Quick Freeze
finish the story!

I like the story. I very good think it is.

ok a nuke lunch by the Joker blow up the world, thus ended the story.

The END.

Dudes stop ripping on Asian Hulk for his grammar and his story, at least he's trying the best he can at writing up a story in English which is obviously not his primary language, how about you guys trying writing a story like this in French or German?

Quick Freeze
the only people who are making fun of his grammar dont visit much anymore, so you're basically talking to no one. this is a really really old thread and i revived it in hopes it will remind asain hulk that he didnt really finish the story and since i actually got really into it i wanna know what happens.

What is this? I've tried to read it but the grammar is so horrible I can't tell what you're saying. I just gave up after the first 5 posts or so.

What are you talking about, the dialogue is great, sure it's a little batman 70's show, but to say you didn't understand the story doesn't take anything away from it, it just shows your low level of comprehension.

Quick Freeze

This thread is great! I love the grammar. This is some funny sh!t!!!

Asian Hulk
This is the story about Batman and Spidey to saved Gotham City against GG and the Joker.

Quick Freeze
but you didnt finish!

holy shit...............................

Quick Freeze
i want an ending asian hulk

Quick Freeze
move this to Comic Books!

Originally posted by Asian Hulk

BATMAN : I will(Batman kick Spidey)let's have fight!!!

SPIDER-MAN : No way!!!bats are not vigilantes(Spiderman jumps and
spin Batman)

BATMAN : OK Spiderchum!!!! you cannot do with the bat!!!(Batman
punch and kick Spiderman)

BARTENDER : what the!!!batman fight with a spiderguy!!!!


Oh man, great stuff. Brings back memories. Thanks for the bump QF....I'll move it.

Quick Freeze

i still wish he had written an ending confused

Asian Hulk

grey fox
Originally posted by Asian Hulk

Your still alive ?

Asian Hulk
Originally posted by grey fox
Your still alive ?
yeah I'm still alive you think I'm dead?

Quick Freeze
Now I really want an ending

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