The Matrix, again?

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Alias Neo
real world, late 21st century- Theres a war between the robots and man. man is losing, the robots create a world to keep the humans in, the matrix. but what if, in the matrix, the same thing happens again- (late 21st century in the matrix) robots attack..... build matrix, again. so there could be a matrix within the matrix.
what are your thoughts?

Captain REX
A computer program inside a computer program? I don't think so.

thechnically it's possible..but his is one of those thoughts you get wheen you first watch M1. been there done that...overdebated. it's not happening

kewl theory

hehe I couldn't think up of any theory...I really need to dig deep into these philosophical ideas just to get a decent one big grin

When Neo makes the choice to save Trinity and allow the matrix to be destroyed, killing all the humans plugged into it and effectively leading to the demise of the human race, what happens is this. The machines and agents in the matrix attack the human race (the residual self image of the people plugged into the matrix). The humans band together under this attack. Most have been killed, but the survivors go deep underground, their only safe refuge. They form Zion. The Architect creates a new matrix, matrix seven, and begins plugging people into it. The people in Zion, who have never been unplugged from matrix six and are unaware that they are currently in a matrix, try to save people from matrix seven. So in matrix six, the 'real' humans, people born in Zion with no plugs on them, are really plugged in, only in matrix five.
Other evidence: Neo's other choice: pick such and such number of people who HAVE NOT been unplugged from the matrix and start a new Zion. The new Zion they form would not be in what we call the real world, but in what we call the matrix. They have not been unplugged so they are unaware that they are currently in a matrix. So they call what we call the matrix the real world, and what they call the matrix is really just matrix number seven.
This line of reasoning also shows how Neo has powers in what we call the real world. It is really just another matrix.
To completely defeat the Machines, people in what we call the real world (matrix number five) would have to be unplugged and brought into matrix four by people from matrix four. They would then have plugs in them. These people would then have to be unplugged by people in the previous matrix and so on until they are unplugged by people in the real world and brought in the actual real world. Pretty complicated, but makes sense.
The only issue is how people are born. But that's a problem even if there is only one matrix in existence at any given time. People can go through all the motions of having sex in virtual reality, but the the egg and sperm aren't actually joining in virtual reality. How does this work?


General Kaliero
Easy. The machines have a genetics program that directly combines DNA from two selected individuals.

Has anybody seen "Thirteenth Floor".

To understand more about Alias Neo's theory, watch it. It's a B-Movie, but pretty good.

thats really a weird theory blink

that would make sense, however, that would require all the people in matrix one to self-substantiate, or at least enough to free the others. Micheal is the only one known to have self-substantiated, so the odds are unlikely. Interesting theory, though.

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