Neo visions

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Okay you smart ass's Can anyone explain to me how come Neo can forsee into the future? like the death of Trinity etc. I do not recall how that is possible from the matrix.

clairvoyance, supersonic speed and telekinetic what next for Neo?= omnipotency?

Hmmm mabye it is just he is able to develop his powers because he is the most powerful of the 6 'Ones' or somthing like that?

Could be but for a person to be able to see in the future I do not think that would be possible in the matrix. now the oracle (Machine) is some sort of Psychiatrist who studies humans and can assess on their behaviours and predict the future choices they will make but I do not undrstand how Neo can do it.

BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE!!!! ... just leave it at that, within the universe of the movie, he can do just about any damn thing! I mean hell, he became powerful enough to stop machines in the real world, but it used up alot of energy and that's why he went into a coma

it was a dream

Well, I've gotta believe "theprophecy123" on this one...maybe it's just a "coincidental" kind of dream, like what some people have sometimes, and actually happens..

The Omega

i know youre not sleeping, well get to that...
you didnt come here to make the choice, your here to try and understand why you made it...
youve seen it, in your dreams, havent you? a door made of light. what happens when you go through the door?

i see trinity. and something happens, something bad, she starts to fall. and then i wake up

do you see her die?


you have the sight now neo. you are looking at the world without time

then why cant i see what happens to her?

we can never see past the choices we dont understand

are you saying i have to choose whether trinity lives or dies?

no - youve already made the choice. now you have to understand it

no, i cant do that. i wont

well youll have to


because youre the one

what if i cant, what happens if i fail?

then zion will fall

The Matrix is built upon mathematics and equations. This should mean that most of it is predictable and therefore, from the equations which have started, they can forsee its result. So when Neo see's the code for a bullet coming towards him, he can forsee its result and dodge it if he wanted to - but he just ****s up the equation instead - because he can big grin

I think that sifer is right, in a way, in that the outsome is already decided up to certain points, and it depends on whether the One chooses a or b whether the integral goes left or right. I also think that, as the oracle said, Neo is looking at the world without time, meaning he can see everything up to where the Oracle can, but i'm not sure if the Oracle can even see past Neo's decision, because it issomonumental. Then there is the idea that Neo was destined to be the one before humans created AI, and that the ultimate outcome is already known to the machines, at least those without time, like the Oracle, but i think this idea is flawed, so we will say that Neo and the Oracle, even the Architect can only see up to Neo's decision, and only after Neo makes the decision, can they see further into the future.

This is the 6th time that the Matrix has been rebuilt and in a sense, replayed. Do you think that "The One" can (being a bit machine) know about the other versions of the Matrix (at least on a subconscious level) and in turn know that it will happen again. So, he sees the things that HAVE happened and therefor knows it will happen to Trinity. He sees the choice that he will have to make.
the answer: Trinity or Zion.
Did him make the same choice the other "One's" made?
Yet another question that we may have to wait for to find out!!

youll remember you dont believe in any of this fate crap. your in control of your own life

btw i love ur signature!!



ta urs too

danke big grin

The Omega

i think that his ability to "see" the future has someting to do with him being an anomaly. cuz in the first mvie, trinity says that deja vu is a glitch in the maix, it happens when they change somthing. maybe neo's seeing actualy changes the outcome of the future. like when he was sure he could save morpheus, and he did. anyway, im just trying to understand this movie cuz i think its the best movie/concept ever made

King Swood
Neo's Character portray's a lot of biblical characters, and the matrix itself, and how it works seems to borrow heavily from the bible.

In the old testament, there are men who were prophets of God. They didn't have any special powers themselves, but they were able to prophecy about things to come because God had revealed it to them. We are also told that prophecy is a gift which some people still have.

Now, because prophecy is an integral part of the matrix, the idea that everything that seems real isn't easily translates to say that if these things aren't real, eg: time, then that means that they can be bent, interacted with, etc. Once you get your mind around time being another dimension to the matrix, it is easier to understand that it can be manipulated. Eg: bullet time.

Therefore, I think that because neo is the one, he has been given the ability to prophecy, and see things that are going to happen, however he can only see the things which have been revealed to him, eg: he can see that trinity will fall, and i think he comes to the conclusion in his mind that she will die, but it isn't revealed to him whether she will or not.

And remember, the oracle can only see what is revealed to her as well.

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