2004 Matrix Convention

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A few days ago i recieved an e-mail telling me about the 2004 convention.....

Many Matrix fans have put together a large team to put on and
run a convention in July 2004 to celebrate the Matrix. There is a chance that
it won't happen because the WB isn't yet willing to allow the convention to
happen. There are many investors lined up at the moment from Best Buy to
Cadillac. Your support is needed! So please, if you haven't already, consider
adding your signature to this petition and post the link on your website and
send it to your friends. It's something that many of us want to see happen!!!


chicago confused
i live in england embarrasment

neither do i but it doesnt matter i still want it to happen!!

yeh me 2 but i cant go! sad

a know but still......

it's odd, we're celebrating our imprisonment geek

Or is it, we are celebrating our knowledge?

heeh smile

I signe in anyway even though i do live in England, so i can hear from those who went to see what it was like.

If my space ship is working I should give it a look.
Come people I thought you guys loved the movie, where is your matrix unplugged spirit?

C'mon lads and lasses. Chicago isn't that hard to reach. You just find a hardline, jack out then have your friendly neighborhood operator jack you in somewhere in the major metropolitan area. Or you could fly...

Llaughing out loudL

but i havent been unplugged yet embarrasment

u havent? awww u poor thing!!

Well, I sure as hell would like to go to it! that would kick ass!

*sigh* yeah love

these conventions always remind me of saturday night live where all these die-hard star trek fans dreseed in star trek costumes come to this star trek convention and the star of the movie comes out, they all cheer and he says...."as the main character in this movie and after working on it for a year, i just havta say one thing......get a life!!!" hahahahaha..tis great....

Alias Neo
i signed the petition ages ago

kewl smile thanx guys

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