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Here, I'm going to post a load of Elvish words and their translation. It will all be Sindarn, as I know very little Queyna (they use Queyna in the films)

Feel free to post any Sindarin you know, and if anyone knows any Queyna, please make a thread, as I have little Queyna at my disposal (although I can easily find it if enough people show interest)



bear with me, its hard to find insults in Elvish, and they sound pretty when you say them anyway!!

Dark one(s) - Morier(ea)

Deceitful one(s) - Wethrinaer(ea)

Disgusting one(s) - Feuyaer(ea)

Dreaded one(s) - Gayaer(ea)

Evil one(s) - 'Ksher(ea)

Excessive one(s) - Beikaer(ea)

Fearful one(s) - Gorgaer(ea)

Foul one(s) - Saurar(ea)

Hollow one(s) - Unguer(ea)

Hostile one(s) - Kotyaer(ea)

Icy one(s) - Helkaer(ea)

Ill one(s) - Engwarer(ea)

Impetous one(s) - Ascarer(ea)

Lofty one(s) - Taraer(ea)

My foe(s) - Goth(rim)amin

Old one(s) - Ianter(ea)

Silent one(s) - Dinaer(ea)

Smelly one(s) - Usquener(ea)

Abominable one(s) - Thaurer(ea)

Angry one(s) - Ruthaer(ea)

Blood-sucker(s) - Agaryulnaer(ea)

Stern one(s) - Telcoer(ea)

Tormented one(s) - Nwalmaer(ea)

Unwilling one(s) - Avarier(ea)

Wild one(s) - Lanner(ea)

Uuma quena en'mani lle ume, ri'mani lle umaya; uma ta ar'lava ta quena ten'irste' - Speak not of what you have done, or what you are going to do; do it, and let it speak for itself

nice..though i doubt i'll use it.
there's a pretty big Queyna dictionary at the end of the silmarillion

I havent got silmarillion.... its on my xmas list tho!

Captain REX
It's a good book. Good idea Phoe, though I doubt it will be of use to me, being a Dwarf and all.

Find some Dwarvish stuff. yes big grin

I'll try

I have found some limited Queyna - mostly just what they used in the film.

Queyna is for the High Elves, and the nobility of the Sindar and Silvar Elves. Other Sindar and Silvar Elves do know Queyna, but they mostly use Sindarin, apart from on very important occasions.

This is what Galadriel says in the prologuey bit to FotR...

I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned 'wilith.

Translation: The world is changed; I can feel it in the water, I can feel it in the earth, I can smell it in the air.

Tangado haid! Leithio i philinn!

Translation: 'Hold positions! Fire the arrows!'


Here ya go Rex - found ya some Khuzdul (EXTREMELY limited!)

anyone else want phrase/language in particular, PM me, and I'll do what I can

Remember the big snowy mountain that the fellowship couldnt make it across? well in dwarfish, it is called Barazinbar - meanng Redhorn



Captain REX
Thanks Phoe! Being the only Dwarf in the game, I feel special!


Captain REX
laughing out loud

These sentences are Sindarin

And the word lists - first stuff is Quenya, but the rest Isdira again, which is not by Tolkien
Only about Tarion (among the days of the week) Im not sure - never heard it before and the elves had only a six-days-week in the times they used this system

I suspected something like that might happen. LOTR languages aren't my thing; I always have to check with my brother.

just found this thread cause of Ush replied in this section as last one... erm.. there are plenty of sites online that teach you this

a great one to start out with is the one mah showed me three years ago:

or take a wild guess and write the following url:
(it does come out on a site that teaches you elvish)

I have two dictionaries (one with grammar) in docfile for those who are interested, but they're at my pc at home, so the soonest I can send them to someone is in the weekend... if people are interested ofcourse messed

Captain REX
Dwarvish might be interesting for me to use. yes

I think I might actually use some of the elvish words........not all the time though............ hee hee.

I like this thread Phoe!

most useful one I ever found is The Grey Company elven dictionairy, I personaly dont care wether or not it is the language out of the movies or not, it looks like it. That book has a ton of vocabulary in it and enough grammar to learn how to speak the language. I have a few role playing friends who really know a lot of it already, they can have quite lil convos in it pretty fun to see ppl go like OMG

Darth Revan
I want to learn elvish... *goes off to find a a good elvish dictionary*

does anyone know any entish - I was wondering what this meant

Captain REX
Nope, dunno.

laughing HAHAHHA big grin ..... ahem..hmm.. are u serious ? confused

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