If the theorys are true

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Ok i personally believe the theory that the robots are acctually the ones enslaved....but what kind of ending would it be if the robots all ended up 'waking up' and destroying the humans....not cool...personally id rather neo and the rest die...maybe im just a cynic

im thinking if thats the ending that comes from revolutions, interesting and plausible as it may be, the film would have to be like 5hours long to try to explain everything. also, i dont think that that ending would be any good for the franchise. it'd annoy/go over the head of simpletons :-p

Hell look what Reloaded did to them. The simpletons were left scratching their heads. That is why they say Reloaded sucked, because they didn't get it.

If the machines were really the slaves, it would make the simpleton's heads explode! big grin

Their brainwashed minds will only let so much into it. stick out tongue

ahahahaha lol

You're right. The worst thing is I have friends who say they understood it and just didn't like it and when asked to explain certain parts, they're like "Oh that was just crap." E.g. The Architects speech.. erm.. crap eh? How bout... definitive moment in the trilogy!? Arggh they annoy me

The Architects speech was very important to the storyline. I think each movie has its definitive moment.

M1 Neo dies then becomes the One or when Agent Smith was giving his history lesson to Morpheus about the Human race being a virus.

In M2 it was Smith becoming flesh, The architects speech, Seraph stating that he protects that which matters most The Oracle(Seraph is short for Seraphim the highest class of angel in the bible), and finally Neo Stopping the Sentinals in the (So called) real world.

In the Animatrix It was I & II Res, or when the kid from "Kid's Story" freed himself from the Matrix without Neo's help (That story should let you know that the real world is still a part of the matrix).

I think thoses were some (Not all) of the defining moments in each of the films.

and i agree.

For those who have seen matrix revolutions this might of intrest but for the unlucky people who havent dont read this it will probably spoil the movie.

Some like me might wonder about the ending of matrix revolution how it didnt resolve anything that the two movies beffor that had been expanding on. Well after the movie i whent come and thought real hard about a connection to make between all of them and i found it was simple. Neo isant and never was the "ONE". This right of the back is explaind to you when he visits the orical for the first time in the first movie. The orical does a check on him as would a doctor to person with a cold. Right there and then she tells him he has the skill but he isant the one and the he is waiting for something elles.Then in the third movie we meet a little girl who is a program smugled into the matrix by the train man. Her perants who are also programs take her right way to the orical , why u ask? well its simple because she is more then meets the eye will get to this later on. Now back to neo the hero of the movie and in every persons eyes the One. Well at the end of the third movie its clear that he is not . Sure he can do lots of amazing stuff in the matrix which is just the skill the orical was talking about in the first movie. Sure he dies to save zion or so we are lead to think. Well neo died of course he saved zion but i dont remmeber him destroying the matrix? becuase according the orical the one will bring the end to the matrix and be able to change it as he sees fit. Neo never changed a damn thing in the matrix he was just able to do things others couldent put there mind to it. So this brings me to the little girl at the end of the movie who gos to the orical and ask her if she would see neo again and the orcal replies they would probably do so. Right then the sun turns into a increadle scene and the orical says did you do that? the little girl replies yes i did. so you guys get it yet? The little girl is the one she was put in the care of the orical for what other reason then to protect the one who will bring and end to the matrix, she also created the sun and no one can creat anything in the matrix but the one. So this brings us back to neo some may say but he must be the one he did all those things the orical told him would happen and he would have to make a choice between one but he could still work both of them out. Well yes he could but that was it neo scarificed him self in what he belifed in and this is what the orical was talking about when she said u arent the one u are waiting for somethig elles kid , this somethign elles was to make peace with the machines and save zion not to destroy the matrix and end the war. So what is neo then? well he is the one choosen to protect the One to atract attentio by the ones who would want to destory the real ONE like agent smith who thought neo was the one but he wasant the one he was just a distraction to protect the girl who is the real ONE. smokin' man this made no sense and i was drunk when i wrote it so basicly neo isant the one he just did what he belived in and the little girl is the ONE and obviously the story will be continued in a later movie.

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