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Ok people as u already know i luv to bodybuild and i am doing a show / competetion for bodybuilding deffintly in may and possibel a up coming high school show september 20th. but ne way this thred is to post my stats and to get some support and possible advice if ne one has ne and also once i go to my shows i will tak phtot graphs of me on the stage an such and will post them on here to show u guys how much i going to develop from this september to this may throughout this year i will have to gain about 25 pounds by bulkin then lose all my fat when i start ripping so i will be like 185 pounds at the peak of my bulking and then like 160 pounds with a body fat of 4 percent when i am done ripping then i will do my show but ne way here is my stats ne one got ne insight on them

weight 175 pounds
body fat 9 percent
arms 16 inches
forarms 13 inches
shoulder 52 inches
chest 42 inches
quads/legs 24 inches
calfs small very samll got to work on them 14 inches

and here r my stats from when i first started a year and a half ago

weight 140 pounds
body fat 16 percent
arms 12 incehs
foramrms 9 inches
shoulders 44 inches'chest 36 inches
quads 18 1/2 inches and
calfs 13

this is my diet in the winter i have to eat 6 meals a day take in at least 4000 to 5000 calaories then i will take massive amounts of creatine/supplments and bulk and have like no defintion at this time

then when i start to rip up i will eat two very samll very healthy meals a day and drink plaenty of water prolly around 3 gallons a day like i drink now then i will not take ne supplments except protien and then do this for like 16 weeks of strict dieting and doing cardio 2's a day and also lift then right befre the show all body hair comes off and got to get a big tan and get every ounce of water out of my system so see more veins and defintion

i know noone will read this intire thing but it felt good to tell u guys what i am trying to accomplish ne way i hope it is som what intresting ok later -DeNiro-

i bet people r going to open this and close it once they see how much i have written sorry bout that everyone but yeah

well i hope this doesnt go un posted but ne way i am going see everyone later

my arms are also 16 inches, but they arent cut. its cool you're passionate about working out.

Thanks BF i appreciate it but yeah i would rather work out then mostly do ne thing its my life if i couldnt work out it would be like if sumone took away ur horror movies so u would know what it would feel like if i had to stop lol

yeah, horrible

hmmmmm wink it all sounds so interesting wink

yep tiring but intresting

well nothing better than a buff guy wink

i show u buff now that is the level i want to get at or pass but that guys my idol i know i have posted bout him before but one more time aint going to hurt

you know it's dangerous to get like that. very bad health...i like to work out too...but i wouldn't go till there

is masturbating a workout eek!

not even going to respond to that kid rock but to dexx yeah it is unheatlhy to get that way after a while but i would do it in a sec if i could but ne way do u know how much effort it would take to get to that size take at least 10 years of training dieting and supplemnets to get almost that size but ne way i am going to try my hardest to get there

Dexx the end you only get a few advantages and a lot of disadvantages. like: you can't move fast, you need a constant program to maintain yourself, and there's a high possibility for blood vessel ceisures.

very true dexx there r also alot more bad effects to it but as i said before if i could i would and im going to try lol but yeah really dont care what happens to me just as long as they bury me in a big ****in box

you can start getting fat then...same effect stick out tongue

hahahaha oo shit i could but i think i would kill myself before i began to become skinny and fat and non muscular but ne way thats funny

DeNiro from just reading your diet you must be ****ing ripped lol

when i first started working out i was on a runners diet because i was so fat and i wanted to lose weight, even though a runners diet has a alot of protien theres deffaintly not enough for the vigerous lifting i was doing and i pretty much destroyed my muscles this was 2 years ago and there still not like they were. so no matter what you all do make sure you do some research before just jumping into lifting, you have to balance lifting with calastetics if you lift and dont excercise your in threat of blood clots.If you lift daily you have to do the right diets aswell or your burn your muscles out like i did but it sounds like you have a good plan deniro

I wanna work out but the doctor said I'm still growing, cuz I was a late bloomer. I was a midget in high school and currently growing, I measure like 1.76 meters right now, don't know how to translate it into feet though. I play soccer to stay fit though.

Rogue Jedi
the last thing i need is to put on more actually on a diet now, the slim fast plan.......when i started i weighed 260, 3 weeks, i weigh 238....22 lbs in 3 weeks aint bad at all....i am 6'1 with my dads build..broad shoulders, long torso and limbs....for that i am thankful, because it sets off what little belly i have.....

this guy that i know very cool guy he is 280 pounds of like pure muscel i bet his bf is like 5 or somthin but he is such a bad ass he has like this blonde mo hock very small and this wicked ass type of dago tee thing on his chin and his entier body is covered in tattoos mostly skelotons with guns he is the guy u would cro the street to aovid very very cool guy thogh


You just don't quit, do you.

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