how many videos have u ever ented

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ok i just got this checked on the comptuer at my blockbuster and since like 1996 i have rented 741 movies now dont think i have no life and watch movies all the time i always rent them in the summer and i always watch them at like 11 pm to like 4 am but ne way who has rented alot also should be intresting

probably about 300 in the past year, since i get them for free.

Tired Hiker
See the stars in the sky? That's how many I've rented.

hah, good metaphor

Tired Hiker
Yeah, only at night when it's clear. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Rogue Jedi
maybe a dozen this year.

I have no real idea.

oh man, a lot

you must be rich to rent from blockbuster that often

how much is it to rent a film at Blockbuster and is there a difference between VHS and DVD?

its 6 dollars to rent a new movie at blockbuster

I rented, count 'em, 30, i repeat 30 scince 1996.

I dunno, no idea why I should rent a movie, I just ask a friend to borrow his movie he bought or his DVD, my dad takes it to work and makes a copy

way better than spending money on renting vids

maybe 50 or so in 3 years

i am well off i am not rich but we r like i would say a lil better then middel class but ne way it is only 4 dollars to rent a new moive and a old one is 3 sumthing and also i get so many free rentals its not funny

50...does that include porno's though?
If that's the case then the number is 500

oo if i knew we were doing porns then umm wonder how long a response can be cause i dont think i can fit that many numbers in this post eek!

$6.00 dollars for a new movie ? Damn ! It's $3.00 here and I find it expensive.

yeah its 5.99 here so i go to the old shante video store where all rentals are 1.50


Stop bumping old threads for no reason.

Not that many, probably. erm

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