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Hello Everyone...

Just wanted to let yall know that I just came from the movies.
I went to see Once apon a time in Mexico but begged the ticket taker to let me in to see the trailers for Matchstick Men and she did.

Sad to say...No New Revolutions Revolutions trailer period sad sad sad

If Curious they showed:
Out of Time (Denzel movie)
Last Samurai (Tom Cruise)
The Missing (Tommy Lee Jones)
and Mystic River (Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon, Lawrence Fishburne, etc..)
Now that one started with the WB and Village Roadshow sign and I got all excited and jumped and yelled....but then noticed it wasn't in the Matrix color (green) so I sat my azz down and was ticked.

BTW: Once apon a time in Mexico was pretty good smile smile smile

smile liars! big grin

glad you had a good time nonetheless.

im furious roll eyes (sarcastic)

well, that certainly sucked...

Once apon a time in Mexico was an ok movie.

Imo it was not better than Desperado.


Did you guys know Danny Trejo was in both films?

He was "Navajas" the knife guy that tried to kill Antonio Banderas on the street in Desperado. Needless to say Antonio killed him.

He also played "Cucuy" the second in command of one of the gangs in Mexico.

{blink I guess the casting agents thought the audience would be stupid and forget that he was in both movies playing different characters.}

Ok enough talk about O.A.T.I.M. Let's get back to the Matrix. wink

Yes, there are minds to free, buts to kick, women to ...Oh, sorry. angel

So was Cheech, and he was killed in the first also....I think it's more of a "Robert Rodriguez" thing and a Casting agent thing. I just think he really likes them. Selma has been in ALL of his movies, that tells you something right there.

um, is this a Matrix forum, or a OUATIM forum?

Matrix Forum

My bad

OUATIM smile MExico mexiico mexiicooooooo rolling on floor laughing

laughing out loud


even though the revolutions preview wasnt there for matchstick men, i greatly encourage you guys to go see is really, really good

Is there any new word on when we will get the chance to see a new trailer?

shadow link
on tv or movies

shadow link
at the movies lately ive only seen trailors for wat look like crap or not so good movies

if ya don't know by now, check out the Behold Revolutions thread!! it rocks!!!

Llaughing out loudL

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