Could this be a clue to where Neo and Trin are?

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Neo and Trinity hook up again in the film. We all believe it happens after neo is rescued from the Mero. Maybe the writing on the wall (if we can figure out what it says) will tell us where this Neo and Trinty meet again.

Any suggestions?

Neo and Trinity meet again...I'm gunna have to examine this photo, see what I can do about it...

Let me know what you find!

It's obvious that it starts: MOBI

Could be an "L" after.


The Omega
Isn't that the "Mobile Avenue" on the wall?
Where's Sifer? He knows... he pointed that out before.

It's Mobil Ave - It's a street or subway in Chicago if I remember correctly. Hence the reason I said in another thread that the shots of Neo in Revolutions are of him in the subway.

There is no 'e' after the Mobil either - madness.

Want to see something even more interesting?

Well check these links out in the order I have put them. These are pictures from the Crew Swag section of the official site. I think you will be.....surprised smile

Then check this:

Go check out the Crew Swag section smile The pictures and the clothes they are showing have more clues than you would think big grin

yeah, i saw the first one, but im not sure if i saw the second one...

Anyone thinking that the Wachowski bros are REALLY controlling what comes out? And that we are trying to solve the mystery of the century, and we have to search everywhere for answers?

Well, gosh darn!!

Thanks Sifer, Omega. Appreciated.

No problemo smile

I wonder what happens at Mobil Ave for it to get trashed smile Looks like there are a few bullet holes and a crater where someone has been launched into it big grin

Maybe an unmentioned(so far)fight between Smith and Neo, or Neo and Mero, or Neo and...

neo on the first bit:

Yep, that looks like the Subway also seen in the trailer. (As I pointed out in another thread big grin)

Yeah, he did...

also, i think your pics are in the wrong order. the one on the left shows pieces of tile behind Neo, but the one on the right shows the tiles are still together. this makes me think that Neo and trinity meet up, but Smith shows up, and Trinity moves away while Neo and Smith fight, but Trinity is taken by another Smith, while we find out that Smith is working with Mero. (*wow, that was making some assumptions*)

yes the order is wrong i think its the order we see it in the trailer

yeah, it is in the order on the trailer

In the trailer, when Neo wakes up, he is on the floor of the subway platform. So......

Neo wakes up looking the Mero.
Neo meets Trin.
Someone shows up (Smith or Mero). Trinity is shocked and takes off her glasses.
A fight occurs. Neo ends out of floor again.

Could be close to the end of the film. After Neo fights Smith in rain, when Morpheus, Trinity and Seraph rescue Neo from Mero!!??

Who does he fight?


Trin takes off her glasses right before she meets Neo. She isn't wearing them when they hug. Fight breaks out after.

trinitys glasses are already off before they kiss so she sees him and takes them off

dam u beat me


Check out the speed!!!


laughing out loud

The Omega

True, trin is always with glasses. Unless she is looking at somebody or something that she dosen't mind looking back at her and seeing her eyes.

Eyes are the window into the soul. She wouldn't just let anybody do that.

Now, to be honest with you Omega, I do not believe that Trin is looking at a "ghost" of Neo at said time in the trailer. Although you do bring up a good explanation of the times that she is glasses-less, and most times are hacking times. BUT, do you wear your glasses will you type on your computer? I only "wear my sunglasses at night".


would you keep your glasses on to kiss your true love?

The Omega

Omega> Sunglasses pooper!! I suppose it could be conceivable. Just thought of it this way: Neo dosen't need to "Jack" himself into the Matrix manually any more. He can float between the "Real World" and the "Matrix" at will. OR, can even be in both at the same time, as you have stated.

hmmmmm.......Deep in thought.

burlyman> Isn't it funny that your Quicktime has an "Apple" logo on it and you are using a PC.

Sorry guys, I'm a die-hard Mac Fanatic. Don't hate me cause in Beautiful.

I don't think Neo "floats" between the two, i think he is stuck in both, like Smith. Although i don't know whether that means that Neo has two consciousnesses, or if he controls both at the same time (?).

The Omega


Can you refresh my memory to let me know how Neo ended out being in both the "real World" and the "Matrix" at the same time. What ideas do we have that lead up to that point?

The Omega

he isnt trapped til he uses powers in both?

Holy Poopers, have I got to play ETM.

I have a friend who owes me a Playstation. Can you believe it?, he owes me a playstation. As you can see, he has not paid his debt yet. Bummer for me.

All this is almost too much for me. My head is going to explode. Gotta sleep, sleep, snooze, snore, out............... "Neo, is that you. I knew you would save me".......................ahhhhhhh

Nightmares Suck

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Burlyman>?? Clarify, please.

Teunis> Sleep?!?!? No. You: get Playstation, Get ETM. It's a blast, with almost an entire hour of extra movie clips. Quite addictive.

We're not really sure. We think that maybe his mind touched the source when he met Archie, and this caused his mind to seperate from his body. This is a possibilty, and can possibly explain how Neo stopped the Sentinels(although i dont believe this, there are those that do). Neo's mind being in the Matrix allows him to stop the Sentinels, then his mind gives up, or something, and he goes into a coma, while his mind is captured in the Matrix (by Mero).

Hey, what if Neo, or at least part of him, was killed when the bomb went off? This is how he is picked up by Mero. However, Neos will did not allow him to die, because he cared so much for Trin, that he could not let her die. So his mind got out, while still being in the Matrix.

There may be more, but i don't think they have been discussed yet, that i know of.

There is so much to these films that the possibilities are endless. I never thought that a movie could be so involved. I'm not on the forums to often, and now I'm stuck here. I need to unplug myself for a bit and think about what I have learned.

Oh, and the nightmare thing was in reference that: Is all I think about lately is Matrix. I'm even trading some crapy action figures to get the Neo Box Set figure. Time to cool down a bit.

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Why? There is less than two months to the opening of Matrix revolutions.
Time to get into a Matrix Frenzy! smile
(Runs around on the walls)

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JediHDM> Hm. I've opened a thread on WHERE exactly Neo is at the end of Reloaded. Let's take your idea over there. The threads here have diverged so much from their original topics I am UTTERLY confused!

Your absolutey right.

I might be trying to take in too much all at once.

Atleast there's somebody that understands. My girlfriend can't figure out why I like Matrix soooo much.

Anyways, that's not for here.

The Omega
(Falls off the wall. Speaks while lying on floor):
Well, ask her why she isn't into the movies. My friends are divided into three groups: Hates it, doesn't really know, loves it.
The first group USUALLY doesn't understand it.

clarify? ok
i said this in thread 'Poll: The Oracle'
when neo is flying out of the explosion morpheus says 'what is that' and link says 'whatever it is its moving faster than anything ive ever seen before'
when he visited the architect he must have 'touched the source' (the architects crib wasnt), unconciously neo has 'seperated his mind from his body'
we first see this when he tightens his grip when flying really really fast
once jacked out he must have more powers in the real world (help me)
not quite sure why hes in some sort of coma

so he doesnt become trapped until he realises and then uses his power in the real world and it overcomes him
maybe mero then has him in the matrix, and he cannot use his powers in the real world if he is not even concious in the matrix
(excuse me im rambling)

Yeah, i have to agree. The Wachowski brothers have really created a phenomenon, and they are the best writers/directors that i have ever had the chance to watch a movie of. It's like i said before, there are layers under layers under layers...

my friends are more like:
'abso-f*****g-lutely amazing!! awesome action films with groundbreaking sfx, and also so deep. i want the whole franchise' <ME
'brilliant action films! great game'
'good action, dont quite get what the rest of it was about'
'dont really know it' / 'keanu reeves is in it'

Trinity is a boot

"Hey, what if Neo, or at least part of him, was killed when the bomb went off? This is how he is picked up by Mero. However, Neos will did not allow him to die, because he cared so much for Trin, that he could not let her die. So his mind got out, while still being in the Matrix. "

yes yes, I would go along with the seperation thing. think back to the first matrix...the pivotal point in the movie, when he dies!! perhaps thats when we first notice he was seperated from both matrix's (real world and reg matrix). And then he mentally ported back in when trinity told him her feelings.

I can see that happenening.

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