Spoiler... Real...hope?

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Probably mentioned in another thread but is the above spoiler real? Coz I mean, I usually wouldn't believe it, but it's pretty convincing... I haven't read it all yet but it mentions a lot of things which seem to be hinted at from m2 and the trailer.

Also, for those of you who have read the comics, the spoiler mentions HOPE... y'know.. the little girl.. but uses the term hope in the non-name sense... (and he keeps capitalizing the H in hope.. even in mid-sentence... a hint at the girl?)

ok, can we stop posting spoilers people? We already know the Wachowskis are very secretive with their information, so, can we just stop reading what other people think, and call spoilers. Most of those people probably post so more people will come to their site, what have you.


Well no.. and that wasnt an answer to my question. This is a forum for discussing the Matrix, including the past, present and future of the film/franchise, so anyone can post anything about the Matrix that they like. stick out tongue

I find spoilers enjoyable to read.

99% of the time they don't tell the truth, and thats ok. I equate it to reading a what "if" comic. You have to open your mind to the possibilities of what could happen to the storyline of a give work of art.

Don't get bent out of shape about them, cuz before you know it Nov will be here in no time flat. wink

alright, in answer to your question: How are we supposed to know if it is real or not? We haven't seen the movie yet. Also, about Hope, it also talks about Faith, have we met Faith yet? No, it is talking about the human emotion.

It seems to me that this spoiler is just somebody trying to tie together everything from all the movies into what seems like a believeable movie. Meaning that it is probably wrong, because the Wachowskis always throw us for a LOOP (hehe, get it, LOOP). Was anybody right about Reloaded? Not that i know of. So, most likely, this is wrong too.

Well, you never know.. plus I'm sure someone out there.. in the world has seen the movie so it coulda filtered down to this level. If you dont know then I don't expect an answer from you really, unless you read the spoiler and have an opinion on it. Theres no need to state that spoilers are 99.999999% trash, we've all heard people gettin' uptight about them in other threads and we all understand the likelihood.. nonetheless its a Matrix forum.. hence i discussed... Matrix.

yeah man kinda like those star wars comics back in the day that had like alternate endings and stuff... stick out tongue

I think everybody should read this...everybody:


Very nice, very nice...
Happy Dance

My God Sifer I am so proud to read that. big grin

Now don't get me wrong I like spoilers, but knowing the truth has been saved, makes me feel a whole hellava lot better about going to see the film in nov.

And that writer "Libertas" is very talented. My hat goes off to him/her.

Sounds exciting.

I can't wait to see the REAL truth of the Matrix, then we will know which spoilers were true. BUT, by then we won't even care, now will we.

Personally, I like keeping everything in the dark. It makes the films more enjoyable when watching them and pieceing them together as the story goes on.

There's the reason why I'm not on this forum as often as I would like to be.

Keep up the insightful info boys and girls. I love to hear, even I don't love to hearit. Knowwhatimean?

i dont read the spoiler scripts cause if there is truth in them i dont want to ruin the film
i find the forums useful for answering questions and opening doors smile

i can only show you the door, your the one that has to walk through it

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Libertas hated Reloaded, but he sure did a lot of research into the possible outcomes of Revolutions. Unfortunately, his research never brought him close enough to the "Truth" before he wrote his "Untruthful" spoiler.

You've got to take it from somebody that writes Spoiler and says that there fake, that there really are fake.

I believe that some of what Libertas is saying could be true, but I also feel that he didn;t research quite enough to come up with a realistic spoiler.

Sorry buddy.

The Omega


Tell 'em, Omega...

Should we try to remember all of the spoilers that we have heard?

That way we can really give it to the people who where misleading us.

lets just move on and forget them.

Word Again

Attention: To all those who think that the user standstill is a liar. you are quite wrong. I am. I lied to her telling her I saw the matrix. I haven't. I have never seen it. Standstill, i'm sorry. I lied. And i'm sorry to all of you, who were innocently misled. My appologies. Hopefully this will solve this matter. Once again, I express my appologies to everyone on this fourm, and especally to the user Standstill.

Word, yet again.


o_O hu?

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