my gift to u all

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check out this website:

there u'll find 6 commercials for revolutions and the videos for the "enter the matrix" game.

spoilers ahead. my tip: watch "future" last. it puts on the best show.

let all the new topics and questions begin.

Nazca> Thx for the tip, but we already have them. smile

its so exciting!

Where are they, i cant find but the one, thats not really there.

going now! big grin

urot> not a prob on the tip. i go through these posts like crazy, and know all the names of the active talkers on here, but i've never seen nothing but pictures of some of those things. figured the actual videos would be better and posted it. if they're already out there, then my bad on reposting old stuff. they're worth a 2nd look though.

jedihdm> they're there. just double checked the site and everything is in working order. give it another shot, if u like.

korri> damn right it's exciting! more vids of your man, keanu. how can u, above all others, not like that.

u guys gotta admit though. "future" is the best one.

Future is tight but I think The End is the best one of the bunch....why not post a poll to find out nazca? BTW thanks for the link big grin

I think Enemy is the best, because its when Neo finds the truth of his enemy. I think it's great!!!

NP Nazca. If I were in your shoes I would have done the samething. big grin

As soon as the links went up, I grabbed them like I was stealing candy from a baby! stick out tongue

laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud I did the same damn thing ROFLMAO

can you guys tell me were i can find all these things like "future" and "Enemy" in the website?

well, it used to be right here, but the text says
"Warner Brothers contacted our compilation so that we withdrew the spots that we propose you since 24 hours. " Do not know Us exactly which is the destination of these pictures, they were in line for tests" Marc Firebrand Warner Bros inc."
So, they are no longer available for download.

big grin LoL, i love computer translator programs, they always suck stick out tongue should've let the merovingian translate it smile

now that ive seen a good screenshot of this now
it looks like people

i only have a bad quality subbed 'power' spot!
any1 no wer i can get the better one, cus other was just black?

burlyman> you got a private msg.

Yeah, i didn't trust my French skills to try and translate this accurately, i guess i might've done better...

Pretty funny though, cause that was fast, less than twenty four hours...What, do they have people continually scouring the web for illegal materiel that shouldn't be released yet?

well they probably love these forums big grin
and there have been so many threads about the new spots

wow, well in that case "if you're listening out there I Do Not Have Any TV Spots. Nope, none here. No need to search my computer."


HAHAHA laughing

angel ...Nope, me either. no

The Omega
If anyone DID NOT manage to download those TV-spot trailers, would they NOT please mail me! smile

Damn that sucks, I watched them but didn't download that I'm home it's gone sad sad sad sad

VenomVA> try and see if they've been saved temporarily (defaults in cermDocuments and Settings\\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files).

on my pc it saves them in 'my music' folder

I was at the library when I viewed them and their pc's delete after rebooting. Now I'm home on my laptop and went to the site and they are gone sad sad

The Omega
My computer didn't even save the &%!&wink!! trailers anywhere. And before I could get a hold of someone I know who could get them downloaded...
They'll pop up again somewhere. They better! big grin

I pray they do Omega wink big grin

If you used Real Player to view the trailers, the actual files may be in your " My music" folder (if you have one) on the "C" drive.

As for the page with the Movie links, it should be back up soon.

holy snap! crap, those dudes at warner bros. must have dudes wanderin the net lookin for this stuff. i didn't download 'em either, figurin they'd never find a french site. damn, wb sentinels.

urot> I want a sig like did you do it?

The Omega
Urot> I checked "My Music." It was empty.
I ran through all Temporary Internet Files. Empty.
Why, oh why, is it, that when I actually DO want the net to stick odd things on my comp, it simply refuses to do so??
(50 days! No, wait, it's past midnight in Europe. 49 days. 49 DAYS.)

Omega> Lets see. Try this. Click on your start button. Then go up to my Documents. See if they are there.

If not, just click on the search button and look for these files.


If they are on your p.c. they should pop up.


VenomVA> Click on the "profile" icon at the top of the screen. Then click on "Edit Profile".

Once you have done that scroll down until you see your "Signature" box.

Use this code.

Make sure you remove all of the spaces.

In the middle of the two is where you will place the URL of your pic or animated gif. Then hit the save button at the bottom of the screen.


Remember to remove all of the spaces so all of the code is connected.

*The sig I gave you in your private mail is way better than this pic.*

oh so thats how to use gifs!! big grin
it always said it was too big when i tried to upload it sad
but thanks even tho it wasnt meant 4 me!

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