From the new trailers...

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Something interesting. look at this pic. its of sentinels going in zion, but they look graphical. its not like the real world, but maybe a simulation or something of the sort. check it out

ugh how do u add images

*anime style fall onto the floor*

when uve typed ur message in the box below
click 'preview & spellcheck'
and then on the more advanced page where it says 'attach file:' click browse smile

Or you could just use the code and type this:

Just remove all of the spaces.

Make sure you put the Url in the middle of the two center brackets.

This is what the pic looks like:

I hope that helps. smile

The Omega
Icon> I bet it's this picture, right?
The leaked shots were obviously not done yet. This looks like a rough animation sketch.

yes, this is the CG shot of Sentinels moving through (zion, sewers, etc). It has not been hardcoated, nor have they added the shell, which has the colors, textures, etc. This IS WHY WB is so upset...

ah. i see

This is a rough compilation of the Bane to fiery Smith to Smith clips. I now understand what y'all are saying, that maybe they threw the fiery Smith and Smith parts together, but, have a look...

Of course, maybe the code of Smith doesn't need to move its lips for Bane and/or Smith to speak...

The Omega

Omega> I agree. I don't think those particular shots are supposed to be one scene. It does look like they come from two different (maybe three different) scenes. Oh and what I got out of what bane uttered was "look past the flesh, see your enemy." My friend thought he heard the best flesh too, if it's any consolation. I Think I heard it right, but maybe you guys have it correct and I don't. Anyways, that's what I thought.

yeah, i thought of that after i created the movie, but i thought i should share anyway. and Bane says "Look past the flesh to see your enemy"

i have listened to it Many times, and im pretty sure he says look past the flesh, seeing as how the scene melds with the fiery Smith...

actually he says 'look past the flesh AND see your enemy' stick out tongue but you were close enough.

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