No Helo chase Try Hovercraft

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Put the hovercraft in the helos place and you get what you see in the trailers.

i have a picture of them filming it how do you post pics?
its the helo chase

ohhhh exciting post post post!! big grin

Press post reply at the top or end of the page. Then the last option attach file as a browse button. Just look for the pic and post it smile

How much you want to bet theres no helo chase

i heard on one site it would be an amazing helicopter chase
and on another a minute climax in the real world

Could be both.
My guess is that the 14-17 minutes will probably be two fights going on at the same time. One in Zion. (Sentinals vs. Humans) One topside Neo vs. Smith and perhaps a few other characters thrown in.

wen i sed 14 or 17 one of them was for the freeway chase cant remember which

The Omega
The climax of Revolutions will be an amazing all-out battle lasting 17 minutes, and costing 2 million dollars pr. minute...

When the guy said that he ment its like a helo chase but with the hovercraft racing over the burned surface. Everybody took it at word and think its a helo. Why would a helo be in the real world?? Or why in the matrix when he can fly.

... you kind of derailed a train there hoot

who said neo would piolet the heli?

Omega> where did you hear about this 17 minute fight. Well, nm, lemme rephrase that. We all know there IS going to be a fight. How did you hear that it is going to be 17 minutes long? And have you heard about how long some of the other action scenes will be?

Please tell me why someone would need to use a helicopter to get shots of something which isn't real travelling through something else which isn't real.

By that I mean, Hovercraft in the Real World Tunnels. Why would they need a camera to do that - they use a thing called computer generation smile

Now if they were filming something in the real world (our world) then that would make some sense. That way they keep all the buildings they have captured. Otherwise they will have to remove errrr everything for a trip through the "real world".


the way they do it, is they create the frame, and then add pictures over the frame, so it looks real. I dont know where they'd get real decayed buildings like we would see in Zion, so they would still have to make it...

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