Original First Script...

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This is very interesting...
now did the W Bros take these things out becuase they decided to change how they wanted to tell the story or did they feel that it told to much to soon???
I guess that is for you to decide for now...
Ok first and maybe the biggest thing...were the 5 ones that Morpheus had found been the ones that the architect was talking about???
And now this spoiler or change in plot on the end scene on the phone...
NEO (V.O.)
Hi. It's me. I know you're
out there. I can feel you
I imagine you can also
feel me.
You won't have to search
for me anymore. I'm done
running. Done hiding.
Whether I'm done fighting,
I suppose, is up to you.
I believe deep down, we
both want this world to
change. I believe that the
Matrix can remain our cage
or it can become our
chrysalis, that's what you
helped me to understand.
That to be free, truly
free, you cannot change
your cage. You have to
change yourself.
When I used to look out at
this world, all I could
see was its edges, its
boundaries, its rules and
controls, its leaders and
laws. But now, I see
another world. A different
world where all things are
possible. A world of hope.
Of peace.
I can't tell you how to
get there, but I know if
you can free your mind,
you'll find the way

Now by this he is stating that he is going to live with the matrix---but he is not going to live with how he is...he chagnes it and sets his own rules..now is this going to be the conlusion for the movie and then the game is based on the path of showing everybody how to free there minds??? Maybe...
I hope it doesnt end like this but nothing i can do about it...you tell me what you think bout this original script...

"you must not try and bend the spoon, for thats impossible. Instead, only try and realize the truth"
"What truth?"
"There is no spoon."
"There is no spoon?"
"Then you will see its not the spoon that bends, its only yourself."

remove "spoon", insert "matrix", and you can understand...



yeah but when i did it how come it came out with " there is no matrix"

because the matrix is not "REAL", it is just a simulation, the simulacra of 20th century Earth. Therefore, there is no matrix means that it is not the reality, and you should not confine yourself to the box it tries to place around you... perhaps if you make 'bend' to 'change', it will be easier to understand, however, it is the same basic truth, whether refering to a spoon (which is part of the matrix) or the actual matrix itself...

This is one major head f**k...

Cool theories, though guys stick out tongue

Thought I was the only one thinking that! laughing out loud

Love all the theories as well big grin

Keep 'em comin!!!!

It's also interesting on the spooning kids timing for both movies where Neo is involved. That nicely gift-wrapped spoon was sure damn ugly in reloaded.

The cool thing is that he saw the spoon IN the matrix, and know he sees it OUT of the Matrix...

I'm done trying to figure this out. Any theory is good and cool but in the end it will be their theory that prevails, maybe it won't even be half as good as the ones people discuss here, maybe it will be so mind blowing people will slap themselves in the head sayng"how didn't I think of that..."

I'll just wait for it to come out... sad

dudes and gales,

In Zion, The Spoon is not that of the matrix, But of the real world. Some may argue that the spoon is all notched because it was bent many times, but that is not it, it is notched because it was made from rough, it was hit (with a hammer i guess) to make it concave so liquids, or the famous Porridge sick Can be placed in it. The only reason it was given to Neo is to say "Hi, I am out, And remeber, The Matrix Isn't real, you can bend the rules" Or just "good luck mate" because He knows the mission up ahead is dangerous.

u can not say that you no that for sure crash---they made that scene seam too important to be there and to be played out the way that they did.

The Omega

Of course, if you believe MWAM, then you realize that the spoon kid is telling Neo there is no Zion...Just Joking, spoonie couldn't know...However, if Michael really is who we think he is, then perhaps he made and brought the spoon himself, to have a reason to stop Bane from stabbing Neo, and to give him that push in the right direction...

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