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Hi all, I have noticed that most of you fine folks already have pasted your theories, and most of you seem to know where each other stand on topics.

Since I'm relatively new here, I figured I'd post a few of my own theories on what I believe is going on in the matrix.

Its pretty long so if no one reads it all I understand, but if you guys (and gals) wanna give me some feedback as to my theories, I'd really appreciate it.

Oh, and please don't call me an idiot if you don't agree sad
If you think my thoughts are too "duh" or too "duhmb" you can just tell me that smile

Version 3 - Exactly what I said smile

Very interesting, although i do not believe everything, very thought out. TO start with, i believe that your definition of the ONE is incorrect for the one reason that Architect says NEO must enter the SOURCE to have his code changed. If the "attribute" that makes Neo the ONE is in the SOURCE already, why must NEO be there for the changing?
Next, I don't think that the machines, per se, choose Morpheus, Trinity, Neo, etc to play the specific parts. Rather, i think it is the inverse, that the peoples destinies were created when they were born, along with thier character, so that they would BECOME the people needed. Also, Trinity did not have an equal in the previous Matrices, because the previous Ones would have chosen Love then, rather than return to the SOURCE.
Next, I actually see Zion as more of a Hell than a Heaven, or at least purgatory-like place. I believe MWAM is true, so i believe Zion is the "waiting-place", waiting for the Anomaly that will set them free. Also, I'm not sure if i believe that the machines did not know about choice before they set out with Version 2.0 or 3.0, depending on whether you believe the (Hell) version was the first of the ONE matrices, or was before the Ones came along.
Next, I think that the One is destined to become the One, but he has to make the choice, as in Christianity. I think he is either created with the anomaly in him, and it doesn't read that line of code until the One decides to become the ONE (as in when Neo died and trinity accepted that Neo was the one), or it is placed by the oracle (cookie) and executed when Neo died and Trinity accepted.

I think you are correct about the Smith/Bane change, who Seraph is, and part of the religion idea, but i think the need for a religion, even if it is the refusal to believe in a religion, is imprinted into Humans, at birth, naturally, and that the Machines took advantage of this, by use of the Oracle and the Prophecy.

Thats my two cents...

Ok, lets say I'm at a network. I have a mainframe machine downstairs, and machine upstairs. I sit down to log to my machine, i enter my username and password, it checks with the mainframe to see if i have access, and if so, what level of access I have.. Administrator, regular user, etc. I write a lot of stuff, do some research, whatever, once I'm done with it, it will remain on my machine unless I upload that data to the mainframe. IMO The machines are constantly revising the process and when its time for a reload, they "download" the information from the One's mind, in order to further refine the environment of the matrix. I believe their eventual goal is to be able to completely account for the unknown variable "choice". Thus, neo's code/access, which makes him a superuser, is mutually exclusive from the fact that he's carrying around data inside his head that needs to be put back into the source before they flush the current system.

Obviously I can't debate you there. Its all opinion and speculation on both our parts smile
However, I can say that you're right that there was no mention of any previous 'loves'. But he also said that each of the previous ones were chosen and had very emotional ties with the people in zion. Thus, why they chose to go back into the source. I'm a big proponent of the "Machines perfecting the matrix through repetition" theory I've come up with. Hence, its possible they created Trinity as a curve ball to further nail down the specifics of how humans make their choices. Truth be known, everything in the universe can be explained mathematically. All one has to do is know all the equations and all the formulas. If the previous 5 "One"s went back into the source, it makes sense to vary your experiment considering you got the exact same outcome. (this is assuming its an obvservation experiment, and not a hypothesizing experiment)

Can't argue here again due to it just being a different belief. I am obviously not a believer in the MWAM theory, although I believe my theory aptly explains Zion's being a waiting-place or a Purgatory as well, in your own ideals. And I would also say, theres a huge difference between knowing about a human condition and understanding the human condition smile

Just because the machines "knew" that humans exhibited free will, doesn't mean they could predict how humans would react when forced to live in either a utopia or a hell.

It "bakes your noodle" huh? I mean what is destiny. What is power? True destiny is a spiritual concept. While the W bros have put a good deal of spiritual symbolism into the film, it strikes me as though they've done a good job of modernizing and technologizing (horrible word) both philosophy and religion. In other words, all things for a reason, all things scientific. In this case, destiny can still exist, but more than likely, destiny is no more than a preset path by those with power, IE: The machines.

Well I'm glad I had some points you met me eye to eye on smile
I think humans have, forever, felt a need not for religion, but for purpose. Purpose is of course a recurring theme in the films, especially the second. People believe in religion not just because we are afraid of dying and being dead, but also because we want to believe we're a part of something more. No one wants to think they are just nothing and no one. I believe the machines want to keep the human population under control and under observation as much as possible, ie: no rogue human camps, no rebels, no people trying to take over the machine world.

Giving the humans a zion to live in, grow in, make relationships in, and something to fight for (neo, or zion, whichever they believe in) is the religion/purpose they need. It also minimizes the chances of humans going outside of zion and causing trouble.

All in all, thanks much for responding! smile


damn nice page!

good theories, especially at the end.

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