Die Hard Trilogy

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What are your thoughts on the series. My favorite in order are:
1) Die Hard: With A Vengence
2) Die Hard
3) Die Hard 2: Die Harder

The scene in 3 when McClaine has to go to Harlem is classic.

Yippee, kai aye *******.

Thomas H
actually its, yippi ka-yey...mother ****her...
here are mine: number 1, number 2, number 3! hehe....

Billy The Kid
Thomas....just the same as mine wink

1.Die Hard
2.Die Hard 2 - Die Harder
3.Die Hard 3 - with a vengence

All three are classics. I like them in chronilogical order.

The first Die Hard is a classic, they don't make movies any better than that.

But both sequels are fabulous.

Billy The Kid
I think there is a major gap of quality between Die Hard and the two others though.


All three are very very good, though.

Ok who luvs theses movies they r pure gold I think well beside all of arnolds action movies that these take the cake for the best action moives. I love the first one the best fo sho then the die hard witha vengence is the second best the the airplane one great movies lets hear some insights on it

I love them, probably among the best mindless action flicks I ever saw

I have them all on VHS, I like the second one the best and then the first and the last one last, altho samuel L jackson's character rocks

I really like em cause, unlike most action movies, Bruce is always FUBAR by the end of the movie

yipie kaiay mother****er!
I really like them all but the first one is the best
Reminded me of the Towering Inferno...anybody remember that one?>

yep smile

and that quote rocks

the playstation video game also kicks ass but u know what i have like playstaion one and nintendo 64 and i find those games a hole lot better then that new shit like i say twisted metal 2 for ps1 is better then ne other game made and mario brothers on regualr nintendo will never be beatin i havent played a video game in over a year but still the old systems r way better

I love Die Hard 1!
It's absolutely one of the greatest action movies in history!

A couple of years back, I actually got to go into the Centry City skyscraper where they filmed itraver

DieHard II and III, I dont really much care for thumb down

my favorite is die hard with a vengeance. the mix of samual and bruce is awesome. i just watched it again a few days ago. i love the first one too. thats my second favorite. the second one is also good, but i dont like it quite as much as the other too. i bought the ultimate collectors edition of the movies on dvd. its really cool. there are tons of special features. i recommend it

i bought the godfather dvd collection that is cool but i really want the die hard one also and freddy kruger series

die hard is the movie that got me into action movies. i saw in when i was around 13 and just loved it. i was looked from then on. i love bruce willis.

i heard a while back that they are making die hard 4 and brittany spears is going to play his daughter.....please someone tell me this isnt true! not brittany spears in die hard!

Rogue Jedi
the die hard movies are great because the hero is not some muscle bound guy who can operate anything.......he could be the guy next door....

yeah even though muscel r my life i think that bruce played it awesome got to luv that movie and as sumone already mentioned at the end of all these moives he is always really messed up

I can't believe that I haven't heard any mentions of this trilogy soon to be quadrilogy. John McClane is a bad ass and I'm glad I'll se him in another Die Hard movie. Which of all three movies do you like best ? I love 'em all but the 1st stands out a little bit. But not by much though

Yippie Kay Yay Mother****er !

Oh Die Hard how we love thee!! These films was gd but the first was of course the best!!
A normal cop getting truly screwed and at christams.
Also why its the best is of course Alan Rickman the best baddie around at the moment.
"Welcome to the party pal!"

To all of those Die Hard fans as myself you should check the Die Hard: Vendetta videogame. It's fun and really feels like a Die Hard movie with villains, crude language, violence and all of the basic ingredients of the movies. The main villain is Piet Gruber, the son of Hans Gruber.

Here's the cover

Don't have the gamecube, and theres no way i be able to get the money for one. Thanks anyway.

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abit overated

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