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Neo gets blinded by an EMP shot.

where did you get this info, and why should we believe you? Most of us, if not all, hate it when people show up out of the blue, even if they have been here before, then give us "spoilers" that are probably untrue, just to make us listen to them and their ideas. We listen to people's ideas, even if they do not put ***spoiler*** as the thread name. We are more willing to listen to people if they say "This is my idea, and it may or may not be right, but this is what i think..." rather than if they say ***spoiler***...

I thought Neo went blind after seeing the oracle getting out of the shower? blink

!!!!!!!!! The 'ORROR!!! The 'ORROR!!!

You probably mean one of those lightning gun things. The emp blasts were something different. That's what they used to disable the sentinels. That gun thing was used for -- well I don't know what. But I don't think you mean the emp on the ship... or did you?

In theory once an EMP blast is let loose it should disable humans as well, since our bodies use electrical impulses to function.

I know the amount of eletrical current flowing through the body is low, but it should still work.

My real question would be if the machines are so intelligent, why didn't they just build a defence against the EMP blasts?

Example they could use a textile like "Shieldron" (It is used to block EMP's in cell phones) to protect their vital components.

its a movie, it was in the script for the humans to have SOMETHING to take out the machines before they were slaughtered

I know vim. It just seems that if it (The Matrix) were really real the machines would be pulling out all the stops if you know what I mean.

They would not let an EMP blast stop them. Look at it this way. What if the humans were able to make it to 01 and set off an EMP in the "Speak" Machine's face? That would not be a good thing...

Also in II Res 1 & 2 the Machines were able to withstand nuclear blasts and heat. I'm sure the humans would have found that (EMP) weakness during the great war.

actually, i believe nuclear explosions create huge electromagnetic pulses by themselves.

Your right rysdigital.

Heres more info about EMP Blasts.


Didnt you guys already discuss the whole blind thing? I mean isnt there a screne grab of him wearing a scarf (?) ?!Covering his eyes?! blink

I don't think it's true...

if it is, wait and see when the movie comes out.

Yeh. I stopped making theories stick out tongue I'll just wait.

Maybe the whole EMP thing is because the machines want humans to be able to fight back, to become "comfortable" in thier war that they dont start thinking something is wrong with the "real world"...

The Omega
Oh, Matrixknower knows because he's "seen" Revolutions, and Matrix 2 and 5 and ... did I leave something out?
It's MasteroftheMatrix in disguise. So...

the matrix has you.

LIAR! I'm freeeeee (fades out)

laughing out loud

The Unknown
Maybe Neo wears the blindfold (though I'm probably wrong because there's dried blood around it) to be able to sense the machines and disable them w/o a visual distraction.

I dont think he gets blinded


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