why does switch wear white?

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why do switch and persephone wear white when everybody else wears black or black-ish clothes?

xxx Clavis

Well she kinda switches clothing smile She is in white in one scene and black in another. But a switch is used for networks in the computer sense. Or a light switch etc :P Ghost does this in Reloaded and ETM.

yeah yeah I know that but why o why is she the one wearing white

Swtch was one sexy Mofo!! I would have jumped her bones if given half the chance! http://www.inverteddungeon.com/Images/Emotes/Complex/buttsex.gif

*** I know... I should be ashamed of myself, but I'M NOT!! ***

Its a shame she died such a senseless death. sad

Answer, because they want to.

not like this, not like this!

she wears white because she is "switching" Understand me now, she switches up from what everyone else is doing. She doesn't do the opposite, but you see how everyone has dark hair, she has blond, everyone wears dark colors, she wears lighter colors... understand. Now why does she switch choose to switch, who the **** knows she's dead and it doesnt matter. As for Persephone...I dunno

The Omega
Maybe the costume designer just thought white would be the BEST colour to go with the actress??

Oooooooh someone said colour!!!! Someone's studied the queens english. Well we don't take kindly to people who study the queens english 'round here stick out tongue

The Omega
Gabe> We? You and... ? big grin


People wear what they feel like wearing.

i say colour every once and a while, just like i say theatre, part of it is because i studied French for four years, though...

And ME! smokin'

maybe persephone, the temptress, wears it cause she looks hottt...

damn thats a nice picture! I swear she didn't look that good in Reloaded

must... resist... urge... to kiss... screen.....fighting...

*stares at picture*
no, i can't...might drool...over...keyboard

How about to set them apart from Trinity. Trinity is in black. Having too many of the women in black tends to make them all look like each other, rather than being distinctive (and hence, more beautiful).

Yeah, Persephone is the Temptress, so she must look different...Switch is already taken (isnt she, Apoc) so she would wear white to show she is no longer "on the market"...i think

grrrr die!!! must kill grrr

i mean she is a very nice person whistle

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