Why do the agents...

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want to kill the keymaker. isnt he needed to keep the system from crashing

It's all apart of the illusion.

Do they really?

the key maker is a program i thought yeah why?

maybe they are appearing to try to kill him, and that will spurn the One and those helping on to go to the source. But Merovingian and his goons are really trying to kill him, because they could probably care less about the system or the humans!

No, i think the Mero is even a pawn, even though he thinks he is free, because everything happens for a reason, if it weren't for Mero, then we wouldn't have had the car chase, bolstering the resolve of the One (if i've come this far, i have to finish it). It is his job to keep the Keymaker, just as it Persephone's job to release him.


The keymaker was a rouge program marked for deletion so that he could not help the rebels use the back doors.

The Omega

His purpose was to get the ONE to the door, so that the prophecy can be continued. In the sense that all rogue programs have fulfilled their purpose, that is wrong, each program has a purpose after they go rogue, if they "choose" to stay, (and by choose i mean if the Matrix needs them to perform other functions). The purpose of the Keymaker is to continue the cycle, and he does this by getting the anomaly to the door. The fact that the Agents were after him shows that the Agents don't know everything about this or previous matrixes, because the purpose of the keymaker would be moot if the Agents were to take him out. ie, the agents are only there to make the job of the rebels harder, so that, not only are they fighting in the "real" world, they are also fighting to survive in the Matrix. the Purpose of the Agents is to make the rebels "comfortable" in thier pursuit, ensuring they do not have too much time to think, to ponder, to analyze. Just because we are "told" the Keymaker is a so-called rogue program, does not mean he is going to be killed before his purpose is complete. Which brings me back to my theory. I think that Zion is a matrix, because everyone has a purpose, and they must fulfill this purpose, according to plan. Which brings up the point of "what about free-will, choice?". Yes, what about them? They are moot, nonexistent. Everymove that is made has been planned out before hand, both in Zion and the Matrix, so much so, that, if Zion weren't a program, it is very much a coincidence that a rusty bolt happened to be on a ship involved in the destruction of electricity, and that said rusty-bolt happened to break the moment needed to force Trinity to enter the Matrix, causing Neo to choose her, over humanity. It has ALL been planned out before, making me wonder how many layers there are. 3, 4, 5? infinite number? How far DOES the rabbit-hole go? Hmmmm...

The Omega

I'm not saying that movies are not made without a purpose, but im saying that, in the Matrix, that characters are shown to have SIGNIFICANTLY COINCIDENTAL events happen, that seem to point to a purpose higher than the Matrix, higher than ZION even, but not because it helps the movie along, although it does...

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Where do I go to see the Revolutions Trailers? Yoda, (JEdiHOM(sp)) please don't get too mad. I am a newb!! ANyway, I would also like to point out that Neo did choose the door to end the World. SO if Zion falls it's Neo's fault smokin'

Jedi, how let down are you going to feel when its not MWAM?? I think that scenario is way too obvious. Everyone (myself included) thought MWAM when leaving the theatre first time around EVEN without fully understanding what happened. The opponents of MWAM in this site have really convinced me.... and I believe the only hole is the explantion for Neo having electric powers in the "real world". One simple explanation not yet known will make it all sensible.

And about the rusty bolt coincedence, youd have to believe that NEO would have STILL had to choose for Trinity because the other choice was the rebuilding of Zion with 26 individuals FROM THE MATRIX, which tells me Trinity would have been killed anyway. He still wouldve chosen to go back to the Matrix AND Trinity.


Alas, I fear that you will be very disappointed tomorrow. sad You are going to learn that causality is not the norm, MWAM does not exist, and that the System, as much of a control as it is, may very well be fighting with itself to eliminate the anomaly before it reaches the Architect. It's never been stated in the matrix that Neo's death would result in a cataclysmic system failure - it's only been assumed.

Assumption is the mother of all mistakes. (I'm not saying Neo's death would effect it either way, but I suspect that it may not. The agents are just a part of the equation trying to balance itself out!)

If you think about it, the Agents along with many other programs are desperately trying to kill Neo. The problem with this is that he CANT be killed. His mind is so strong he's invincible inside the Matrix. He knows the Matrix isnt real, he can control the Matrix, and regardless as to what is done to him, he cant die. You can chop the dude in half and he'd probably have the ability to simply put himself back together because he knows its not real. He doubtlessly knows that within the matrix, his body is represeted by digital code.. His mind wont accept that he can die, therefore he wont.

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Not sure why!JM


What masked man? didn't you see the end? rock rock bunny

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