New screencaps, and new thoughts from the new qt clips.

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Ok, I'm back with some more high rez screencaps and interesting thoughts.

First up, the "streak through the rain, collide, big boom" scenario. We've all seen neo go streaking through the rain and clash with smith.

Heres an interesting thing though.

We don't see the collision from the top down street angle like we think. If you forward frame by frame, you find out that they cut to a whole other scene, and show an explosion THERE.

Notice flying horizontally above an easily distinguished street, along easily distinguished buildings?
Now look at this

Now we see, neo and smith are flying from the top to the bottom now.

And finally, the explosion, from the top-bottom view...

Now, a pic which was posted in low - rez, along with the theory that smith was taking over the oracle in the pic. My detailed image seems to support that theory.

I think the first three pics are the same fight. The second and third shots seem to be a 90 degree rotation of the first. (Camera zooming out and slightly different angle.) This could be for dramatic effect, bullet time or somethign else. My guess is these are all from the same fight.

The Oracle picture - I see the Smiths, and the person in the chair. Certainly it could be the Oracle, but it could also be Seraph or Neo for all we know.

quite right on both comments.

I think the first is from a slight angle change, just thought it was interesting. I like catching stuff like that.

Also, yeah it could be seraph or neo, but they don't appear to be holding them down or restraining them, which, I cannot IMAGINE neo or seraph sitting still with three smiths in the room.

But I do believe its definitely the oracle's kitchen.

I dont think that is from the same shot, b/c the buildings look slightly different, and i do think it is the Oracle...

in another post, Jedi had mentioned that Seraph is out with Trinity at the Hel Club, so that, in a manner of speaking rules out Seraph, and then that leads to further prove that it is the oracle, because her protector is not there...possibly

i was only making a statement, an idea of what logically seems to happen, it COULD be Seraph, but i think that HIGHLY unlikely, as i said before, i think it is Oracle...

eek! wow!!

Yeah Dude

navykidd> yeah I imagine it's the oracle. Probably not seraph.

This may sound strange but I think those first three pictures May actually be from the same scene. If you look at the buildings on the side you can notice some distinguishing features. For example, the floors with the lights on or the "indent" in the walls (the center part of the building is set in a little bit from the sides). Then take a look at the supposed view from underneath. The indent is the same and the lights are the same (well, I should say they are similar). I agree though that the buildings do seem to look different (the color looks a little off) but the other features makes me think they may be the same. Ok ok, so what is going on here? Well maybe (just a hypothesis) the camera in the actual scene will flow from top to bottom (above to underneath) and these clips that we see in the TV spot are just the beginning and end. Well, like I said, maybe. Ok but heres another thing. If you have all the TV spots then I'm sure you've also seen the clip where it shows Neo and Smith rushing towards each other. It's from left to right, and from above. Then it shows the impact shock wave thing, still from above, and still left to right. Ok, an impact shock wave thing IS cool (in fact my mouth dropped when I saw it). So do you think they show two of them, or that it is the same one and the camera swivels as it moves down beneath them? Yeah... I don't know either, but I'm GUESSing the swivel bullet-time camera trick (only because I think that would be cool and I don't imagine there being two concussion shots where the only difference is 90 degrees. Too repetitive if the only thing that's different it 90 degrees. It wouldn't seem so cool. Maybe). What I'm getting at is this: imagine if they Neo did the same totally awesome kick over and over again in the same fight scene. It would wear out and not seem so cool right? (Well maybe not but...) So, it just seems easier to see it being the same scene.... You know what. I've made my point. It's time to shut up now. Let me just say that I Do think I could be wrong, and I am just guessing. Well see in november.

Also, does anyone else notice the people standing in the windows. hmmmm.... Other Smiths perhaps....

whereare the people?
I can see and abandoned train station. With just one drunk. But a city street.

1st shot - Looking from above
2nd shot - Looking from below (Look at all the Smith's in the windows)
3rd shot - same as 2nd.

what if smith has turned everyone in the matrix into him.

What if he banned all of them like the brawl scene in reloaded. smokin'

That is it. I see it perfectly now.

another problem, aren't the smith's upside down.

Same thing I was thinking...Freaky seeing all the Smith's in the windows!
Also, I think it's the Oracle that's in the chair getting taken over by Smith...sad when you think about it. Can't wait til Nov.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Dance

which ones? The ones you see in the buildings? Well not if its a shot looking up like we're guessing. That's another part that seems to make it fit that this is from below and looking up.

But once again, this is just a guess. I'm just pointing out what seems to 'support' my guess.

if you looking down onto the street, the heads should be at the top. That (the buildins) is a view as if you were looking up.

but then there is a street in middle. (In the sky)

Oh, I see what you mean. I don't think that's the street though. I thought it was the sky and the line in the middle is from them flying at each other. But it's hard to see. Maybe I'll take another look....

I see, it is the sky, thats there streaks.

oh ok. Well once again, it's just a theory of mine. Actually, I was just looking at the trailer again, and if you go frame by frame you'll notice something. The view from above shows them hit, then it instantly jumps to the view from below. But they are not hitting. They are still a few yards apart. So I don't see how they could be the same thing if they hit, then an instant later they aren't hitting. Maybe there are two scenes of it. I'm not sure anymore.


Maybe its like in DBZ, how they attack, then move bcak, then Attack, then move of...come on NEO...Spirit bomb...

You know I was actually thinking of that. But I dunno if that's what's going to happen...


It's only September 24th huh. Dang

I would go with the whole matrix camera thing, the camera comes from the top and goes down, passes them but keeps focussed on them, and so ends up looking up. Thats why in the 2nd and 3rd shots the smith heads are all at the bottom rather than the top.

And I would say with a great deal of certainty that it is the Oracle sitting in the chair, since as someone said before, both Seraph and Neo would be kicking the smith's tail ends, and I don't think Neo CAN be taken over by smith (he can fight off the virus) and I can only assume that Seraph can do the Seraph is too cool to die like that stick out tongue

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