Question about the infamous Scriptement going around

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If you dont know about the spoiler scriptement going around, you shouldn't really be here, since i don't want to potentially ruin anything.

In one part of the scriptement, it says:
"Neo is in the matrix at a trainstation, where he meets this crazed bum looking guy who operates the train. the train is controlled through this trainman who is a rogue program trying to avoid the Merovingian. On this train is a program which is the offspring of two other rogue programs."

If you look at the dialogue for the new trailer about to hit, it turns out that yes, the bum controls the train. Not a huge stretch... But, we've seen the pic of neo with Kama, his wife and daughter in the trainstation with "Mobil Ave" in the background.

Isn't this a brand new image? I'd never seen anything with the mother father and daughter before this last batch of images/trailers.

I'm asking because I want the spoiler to not be true, but everything that comes out only serves to prove it more right, and it doesn't seem like very much discredits it.

Please discuss, hopefully without flamage smile

Forgot. I'm not just addicted to this site but all movies. I religiously read and as well. Chud said that the matrix scriptement was the real thing... I dont imagine they'd post that if they weren't fairly sure. They try to avoid disinformation and are a very reputable site.

Not sure which script you are talking about, but someone over at "thelastfreecity" fessed up to creating a script based upon the trailers and other information out on the web. It got picked up and sent around. It also got spliced into two or three other versions.

The whole thing was fake, according to the guy who posted.

could you possibly link me to that tshirt?

Would be much appreciated =)

And I'm referring to the scriptement where trinity dies, the kid becomes the architect and neo isn't the one.

whoopsawhoops found the link myself
here it is

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