The Matrix Revolutions.. my review of an excellent movie

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I saw screening of Revolutions with my Film class today. It is a GREAT finish to a good trilogy. After Reloaded I was worried about this one, but it saves the whole series. The Special effects are great. The best parts are when Smith and Neo fight in the air and then crash to the ground causing major devestation in the city. The machine city and the squid factories looked great especially when the machines drag a blinded Neo through the city to plug him back into the matrix. The fight with Neo and the twins on the train was really spectacular. The dialogue was pretty good and there were several nice lines like the part where Morpheus kills the guy Smith possesed and says "welcome to the real world" or when Smith is threatening Neo and Neo says "It ends tonight!" But all the talk with the homeless guy and the little girl on the train was to long and a little hard to follow. The plot twists are shocking. Like when the kid who saves zion becomes the new architect I flipped out. And when Trinity died flying the spaceship and the machines pull her body off of Neo's I was stunned it happened so fast. The sad part is the death of Neo and Trinity didn't really end the slavery of humankind. I guess that the people of zion that survived are free now but the new architect has to preserve the matrix to save the machines or the machines will wipe out zion. And poor Morpheus is still trying to free minds and save humanity. Based on this ending I expect more matrix movies in the future. And I will be happy to see what else they have up their sleeves.

you're such a putz. you can't even try and spoil a movie from a fake scriptement right.

Unfortunately chummer, the guy who wrote the dolan scriptement which youre talking about came out and said it was all fake. He even listed the trailers and sources he used to make that junk up.

But you knew that. Or didn't you? Before you come and try and spoil a movie for people, you might want to do an up to the minute check on wether or not the spoiler you're trying to use is actually in existence any more.

But thanks for coming. Don't let the door hit you.

Show afilm class, but its a big secret.

He he, what a bad idea. He didn't even mention the helicopter chase.

ok this isnt fake. go ahead think im lieing but you will soon say sorry when november comes

ok we entered a competion to see it and they let us in because alol the competion winners have a little card for them to pass. and our film class has like 6 people in it : jack, jason, mike, jacob, keirin and me

thats because i knew you knew about it so i didnt want to mention it to you again. plus it was ace when smith jumps from his chopper to trinity and neos

happy now

What a pile or crap messed

What kind of toothpaste you use, cause you talkind some serious SHYTE.

Wow, being a moron must not get old huh?

Neo makes a deal with the machines. They aren't trying to free humans from slavery any more, neo is talking 1 on 1 with them.. Have you even seen any of the trailers?

Since logic and common sense seem to be beyond you, go Here:

The spoilers you're quoteing have been debunked by the guy who Wrote them! Come off it. No one believes you because you're too stupid to realize that you're pretending to see a movie whose scriptment was announced to be fake.

This is so stupid, I don't even know how to respond. Most people realize that the helicopter chase was meant to be hovercraft chase. We see some of the clips in the trailers. And there wouldn't be a helicopter chase in the matrix, neo and smith can both freaking fly. It would be idiotic.

a contest and six of one class get in. That is so stupid. I can see warner bros now. Lets spend well over a 100,000,000 on this movie and a lil more on security, but lets give scipts out around the world and have contest for film class. We know that pimple faced geeks really can keep secrets. Not like computer nerd. Wake UP.

some people are born stupid, and others work hard to achieve it. Happy Dance

sad no no no

hmm... *sniffs* smells like bullshit.

Hey hold up I never realized the helicopter chase was gonna be a hovercraft chase goddamnit! They said helicopters, and I'm expecting to see helicopters Nagshnabbit! Irregardless of my intelligence!!!

i cant believe he thinks we're stupid enough to believe a word he says. i feel insulted. sad

Ok, gabriel, you can keep believing in the helicopters and I wont be rude to ya!


Yeah, this is insulting...

General Kaliero
Do you really think us THIS dense? Come on... :rollseyes:

*blushes* awww shux thanks, but damn I really was pumped for a huge fat ass helicopter chase. I don't wanna see some silly digital animated hovercraft chase. Oh well

Well, we will all soon find out who is full of you know what.

Agreed, and I'm sure theres a lot of it going around, stupid friendless teenagers! Got no better thing to do than to spread rumors and discuss movies that arent out..stick out tongue

I have a question..did you watch this on a dvd,,movie projector or what? I know for a fact that a lot of bootlegs come from film classes and I also am sure WB knows this.. I guarantee they wouldnt have some contest for 6 !! 6 people to watch it. And let me was a dvd that only the teacher could touch and he had a MPAA security guard watching him while he handled it?

This synopsis is so lame it isn't even funny.

Why would the WB be previewing this to anyone?
It has a built in audience. It doesn't need to generate any pre-release hype. They don't need to find out which ending works for the audience. Etc.

Other than a showing for critics, or maybe one of those gala openings to impress people, this movie is staying in the can until the premiere.

Additionally, if there are leaked copies, true copies, they show up on the streets of NY. I live in NY and have not seen any Matrix Revolutions DVDs be offered by the street vendors. If it was out there, believe me, these guys would have it.

it is going to be a HELICOPTER chase a low alltitude one at that. Or Joel Silver lied to us on ET or Access hollywood dont remember not even sure if it was joel silver but know it was him or wachoskis.

He has described exactly what 'Libertas' and 'Dolan' said in their fake scriptments. They even admitted it over at the Zion Switchboard - everything else that is said is what we already know just from the trailers.

You are such a lame ass..I would definitely remove your soul from your body if I got the chance. evil face

lets refrain from removing souls from bodies, can we? Just b/c he is either retarded, and thinks he HAS seen the movie, or he is lying, doesn't mean we should seperate the ethereal from the physical...


It doesn't?? Dang *places "soul scepter" back in box*

HAHAHA...*thinking* well, no, no soul-removing!! Whatsoever!!!!

The Omega

Yeah wow you've really seen it? Have you seen Star Wars 12 aswell? Shit man you're well cool. I wish I was you in your crappy film class. So tell me, what exactly happens in Matrix 5? Do they suddenly realise that it's just a film of construction workers rebuilding the real world? Is the term Wake Up used when Joe Schlub who works for CAT falls asleep on the job? You are indeed one of the stupidest people I have met... I'll wait till November to be 'sorry' but I doubt you'll be able to come back here and hold your head high. Did you think you could trick us or did you just read the spoiler and think you had some sort of upper hand on us? I think you should be banned for being such a penis.

masterofmatrix> if u r making this up i will never forgive u sad

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