why the script is a fake

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Since a lot of people seem to think the script that 'leaked onto the net' is real, here's my take on it.

The normal text is the script, the bold are my comments and objections. here we go.

Neo is in the real world or so he thinks dreaming of three lines in the desert of the real. when he awakes...

the three lines thing seems to convince everybody it's real, cuz there was no trailer of leak on the internet yet that showed these lines. however, see my post in the It's up! topic for a possible explanation

Neo is in the matrix at a trainstation, where he meets this crazed bum looking guy who operates the train. the train is controlled through this trainman who is a rogue program trying to avoid the Merovingian.

since we see the trainguy smack neo around, it's safe to assume he's not 'avoiding the merovingian', more likely one of his helpers. ALSO, neo wakes up with the girl standing next to him.

On this train is a program which is the offspring of two other rogue prgrams.

sidenote: this script was appararently based on another, which stated one of the parents of the program child was Persephone, which has been disproved cuz of the newly released Mobil Ave pic (with the child and parents)

Trinity and Morpheus get aboard the Hammer and go looking for the Logos and niobe's crew. When they find the Logos Niobe explains that Neo is trapped outside of his body and is now in the matrix. They power up the logos and return to zion to discuss the new plan with the council. At which point bane wakes up and after killing the medic sneaks aboard the Logos. Both ships head to broadcast depth to see the Oracle the logos has trinity morpheus and neo's body.

The oracle explains that Neo is being held in the matrix by the merovingian and is now operating somewhat like a rogue program roaming free in the matrix but cannot escape. She tells them that to free neo they must find the Merovingian at the hell club. Seraph who guards that which matters most (the future not the oracle) leads Morph and trin to the hell club.

At the same time Neo learns more about the nature of the matrix from the trainman, the matrix is deteriorating and there are glitches happening all over, and more about his nature and the nature of other rogue programs from the programs themselves. The programs are basically three factions those that work for the system, those that are free from the system but have given up hope that there is such a thing as free will so have thrown in their lot with the merovingian and enjoy the pleasures of the matrix, and those that are working to free themselves and everyone else from the system.

Morph trin and seraph fight their way to the Merovingian and Persephone, ghost and niobe fight their way to neo. They find neo and explain what is happening. Meanwhile Morph and trin make it to Persephone. Seraph gets killed along the way saving them both but they get persephone to turn and help kill the merovingian before he blows up the whole place..

we see neo and trinity hugging in mobil ave, so the fact the ghost and niobe fight their way to neo is unlikely. seraph DOES NOT get killed on the way to persephone, the newest trailers show seraph standing alongside trinity (you can tell clearly on the overhead 'gun floating' shot).

Ghost and niobe get an exit and neo flys to see the Oracle at her apartment. She explains that at this point smith has taken over much of the matrix and the darkness will spread consuming them all. If the matrix ends, the machines end and so do the humans. She explains his earlier vision of three lines and says to follow them to get to 01he must help to save the matrix and to do so he must go to the machine capital. She explains it must end tonight, or all will be lost.

Smith takes over the the trainman and the prodidgy of the rogue programs. Discovers the whereabouts of the Oracle.

Morph and trin jack out as bane/smith attack the crew with the plasma gun. Link gets overcome and bane attacks Neo while he is still jacked in. Morph kills bane as Neo jacks out and realizes he is blind due to the attack. Morph, link, niobe and ghost board the hammer and head back to zion after getting an emergency call. Trin and Neo head towards 01 in the logos.

the new trailer shows neo and bane fighting with the EMP gun (which possibly blinds neo). neo is NOT blindfolded in this shot, so 'bane attacks neo while he is still jacked in and get blinded' is bullshit.

Neo explains to Trin that he finally understands what needs to be done and tells her about the three lines hes dreamed about. Trinity discovers the power transmission lines and they follow them. Neo battles the sentinels along the way with his mind.

Smith enters the oracles apartment and takes her over at which point he apparently becomes aware of the Oracles plan for bringing about a truce.

The hammer returns to Zion just in time to meet the threat of the sentinels approaching the gate. The kid is fighting them off in what appears to be the last of the APU's(mecha). The hammer fires its EMP and the newest sentinel threat seems to be abated.

last of the APU's? muhaha, you can see there are TONS of those in the new trailer and pics. when i say tons, i mean tons stick out tongue

The council meets and everyone explains what is happening with neo and 01. Hammans and the commander agree that the only hope now is to believe Morph was right about the prophesy. the Mjolnir returns and they all board it in a last ditch effort to hold off the sentinels till Neo reaches 01.

the mjolnir IS the hammer, how can it return twice when it hasnt LEFT after the first time it returned. talk about fake script GOOF.

Meanwhile Neo and trin are constantly being attacked by sentinels as they appraoch the machine city. finally they are overcome by some huge machines and the logos crashes. The sentinels scan the wreckage and find Trin dead and Neo severly injured. The sentinels drag neos body to a kind of huge mainfram and jack him into it.

neo doesnt seem severely injured (besides being blind(fold)ed). it's safe to say they didnt crash, since neo has a confident talk with the speak machine.

At the same time the mjolnir is fighting off the sentinels still attacking zion, but they are now all over the ship and hamman and the commander are killed by the sentinels defending the kid. Morph comforts Niobe and they kiss.

Neo has a long dialogue with the machine intelligence in a place which is obviously not real. The machines explain that he was unexpected but not unaccounted for. He says he can destroy smith if they will let the human minds still jacked in continue to exist and call off the destruction of zion. The machine tries to argue at which point other machine voices pop in and explain the stagnency of living this way. They agree to Neo's offer and they jack him into the matrix.

neo speaks with the machine in 01, ie in the real world.

Morph is about to fire the EMP onboard the mjolnir when link sees that Neo is IN the matrix Morph holds off and the sentinel cease their attack. Morph looks at the screen and says "oh trinity......Neo...he fights for us...all of us".

this is just too sad, like morpheus is gonna say 'oh trinity'. stick out tongue this by itself disproves the script.

Neo faces down smith in the raining streets. they fight and talk and Smith explains his feeling of freedom and about death. Neo wins at first but is eventually overcome by Smith. Smith does to Neo what Neo did to smith in the first movie taking him over. At which point the machines unplug Neo destroying smith and all of his clones as well.

The kid collapses in the mjolnir, and the matrix code changes suddenly. Morph checks the kids vitals and he is dead. In the architects room you see the architect being taken over like an agent taking over a human who is plugged in. Suddenly the kid sits there looking bewildered then determined.

A teeming city is seen humans running all over doing their business. Morpheus and niobe walk the streets together. Morpheus says "she prophesied that i would find the one" Niobe says "you did indirectly" Morpheus smiles and says "Neo found...helped him find himself...It's not over yet" she responds "let them dream Morpheus" to which he replies "sometimes all we have is dreams...Faith" she kisses him "faith or truth its all the same". He says "I dreamed I was a man...is it evolution or revolution?"

Zoom towards the machine intelligence and then inside then down some wires then to a smiling kid and finally down a street in the matrix to Morpheus and Niobe and behind them an agent. " I see them now. I will maintain contact....."

furthermore, a lot of important scenes have been left out, while seemingly small things (that were in the trailer) are in.

conclusion: it's just scenes from old trailers and tiny pieces of leaked info put together into a very imaginative hoax.

The Omega
Ahhhh! Not that again smile
The author of said script has publicly admitted he wrote the forgery based on pictures and trailers.

someone said it was he who wrote the fake script.

could be just some other guy. was it ever confirmed that the one who posted that 'admission' did actually write the script?

i dont know why you would say you wrote the script if you didn't, that would just bring down your credibility, while idiots *cough cough* would keep reading it and believing it...

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