Neo is not being plugged into matrix by trinity, but by machines after he makes deal.

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Hey folks, back one again with some snazzy screencaps of the new trailer.

The main thing I want to point out is that its not trinity plugging neo into the matrix as was originally thought. If you look, you see that its a robotic arm tentacle with a spike unlike one we've ever seen before that goes into his head.

Images below

Another interesting thing is this. Based on the trailer's we've been led to believe that trinity is flying neo to 01 to have the talk with the machines. One interesting thing however is that when we see trinity flying for neo, his eyes are quite bloody and he looks mangled and beat up. This makes us believe it must have taken place almost instantly after the attack in which neo is blinded. IE, early to middle of the movie.

Notice the blood:

However, when he's having the conversation with the machine, he is only blindfolded. No blood, no bang ups. Which makes us think at least a small amount of time has passed.

Morpheus also says "neo is doing what he believes he must". I dont know but something about the way he says this makes me think neo went alone to 01.

Food for thought smile

makes did Trinity fly him back from Zero-One?

There is also a second scene where it appears Neo is being unjacked from the Matrix by Trinity. (Looks like it is onboard a ship.) There could be several trips into the Matrix.

As for the blood, maybe Neo cleans himself up a little bit. Or, once blindfolded, he jacks in (via the Speak Machine) and fights Smith. Smith gives him the old Three Stooges double poke in the eye (Yuck, yuck, yuck) which causes his real eyes to bleed.

Then again, maybe the Kool-Aid guy comes busting through the wall (He's the Source) and spills a little fruit punch on Neo.

laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing

Maybe the blood happens AFTER then machine deal???? Its possible. Because We also se him TAKE OFF the scarf thingy in the ship, and no blood??!!?!?!!

ok, so let me get this straight, i think its neo doing his mind stuff, jacking himself into the matrix, its looks like he is on a ship, not responding to the speak machine, two different scenes, any ideas?

I don't see any reason to think he's on the ship. The background doesn't look like the ship. The scene doesn't seem to suggest he's on a ship. So what makes you think it is? I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong, I just haven't noticed what you have. What I Have seen is him talking to the Speak machine, and then he's being plugged in. I personally think it's either the machine, or neo doing it with his mind. But I don't see reason to believe he's on the ship.

One thing is, if you recall, neo is standing up talking to the machine when he delivers his "The program smith has grown beyond your control. YOu cannot stop him, but I can" speech. Standing, in front of the machine.

The machine voice overs "And if you fail"

Neo responds, "I wont"

BUT... Neo is in the chair when he says "I wont"

Just like with the question trinity asks "Tell me we'll make it" and he responds "we'll make it", it cuts away, and he voice overs "we have to"
This is another sense of clever editing. THEY ARE NOT connected scenes. So you have to throw away whatever these trailers are leading you to believe. IMO They are edited cleverly with quick cuts to totally throw us off the path. The order in the trailers are all screwed up and clips do not occur at all in the order in which we watch them.

miggfl, Are you sure. The chairs all had headrests. You can't see any part of the chair. I noticed what you are saying though. He definitely is leaned back, but like I said, you can't see the chair. And I think you're right about them editing scenes to make them seem like they go together. Happens all the time. But like I said, where is the headrest. Is it possible that something else is happening....

This one is quite a mistery. Personally, I think he is talking to the machine. I think he is still there in front of it. And I think either the machine or Neo makes the jack fly into his head (but I think it's the machine). But once again, this is all only what I Think. Lemme know if I've missed some other piece of evidence. Let's keep brainstorming over this stuff happy

It's a machine that jacks him in - who cares what machine.

Hes not in a chair, it looks like he is either levitating himself, or part of the coil is holding him up, and he is showing his trust by not fighting it, by putting his arms out, like, i come in peace, and all that...

Yeah, there's definetly no chair there, and when he's talking to Trinity, and he says "We have to make it" and "we have to", one time he's blindfolded, the other time he isn't, which gives proof to the clever editing theory by miggfl....

yeah... I definitely believe they use a lot of clever editing. *Good call miggfl* You can just look at the trailers for Reloaded again and see how some of the scenes were made to look like they were related when they really weren't. But, I Think this isn't exactly one of those times.

Man I'm gonna hate it. I can't see the movie until Saturday (nov 8th), so I'm gonna have to avoid this site from the 5th until then. Arrghh. I'm gonna be so behind.....

And btw, I happen to agree with jedi as to what must be happening in that scene.

So...Now Im getting the confused impression that Neo is a machine himself, doing deals with them and all. That, or he is a super program merely playing by the rules so he doesnt become a Smith. After all, it is quite possible for programs to get into the real world. We all know that Smith did it. We were shown in Reloaded. So why cant Neo? And what difference does it make if Neo is being plugged in by machine? It may just be a normal program of the 20th century, with out the ability to change its programming. Who knows? The future is clouded unto November.....

ok, as for the SMith getting into the real world...its the same thing as remotely accessing your computer, its the same thing, but its not right in front of you. neo is not a program, a machine, rather, he realizes that "theonly way to get is together", just as the Oracle and Hamann both said...

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