what the unplugged humans would call home?

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behind the fetus fields, are those the famous towers as in 'slimy rebirth' scene where the humans are kept

i believe that is 01, the machine city...

it looks too small, compared to in SR

but think about how FAR we are...its REALLY far away, and plus, wouldn't the pod things be in the ground, or all the same size? kinda like ip addresses, but physically manifested, rather than just virtual. I mean, if the Neb retrieved Neo, then it has to be under the ground, b/c i hardly think that Morpheus would risk going above ground to get Neo, even if he thought he were the one...

Red Texas
wow, that's a great pic, dude

Dude you got a point, but the towers are ABOVE ground, I beleive that you don't see all of Neo's slid when he gets -- flushed. So he Might of Ended up below ground.

I don't think its 01 I think the far back is just fields of adult humans pluged in and at the bottum of the picture the small towers where the humans are grown and the machines that harvest them. Also thats probably where those 3 huge lines go.

if everyone is freed, how will they be fead? Where will they live? and wok?

Red Texas
They'll die, most of them - that's my guess....

sorta a "starting over" thing...

For the longest time I wouldn't believe it, and then I saw the fields with my own eyes.

the area were they picked neo up might have been underground, or away from the towers

i just realised in the title of this thread i put UNPLUGGED, well i ment PLUGGED IN - UN FREED..

Hmm... Now that I think about it, that might not be 01. It was bigger in Second Ren (good catch Burly). Or actually I should say this: If that is 01 then it's not all of it. This just seems to be their "power station." So either this is a series of pod towers and that's all there is too it. Or it's the power section of 01.

erm any thoughts...

maybe thats just a corner, or an offshoot; we cant see all of it, there are clouds in the way...and im not sure why the ship would have to go the fields, if it weren't for whats on the other side of the fields...

I think once Neo stops the Smith virus, the humans and machines will have to work together to rebuild the earth.

As Red Texas has stated if all of the humans were to be woken up (at the same time) they all would die. Plus the manchines would not have enough power to live on. So all intelligent life on earth would come to an end.

Both parties will not let that happen.

Forget what the arc said. I still say he's bluffing.

Red Texas
My prediction is that all of the hooked up humans die, along with their macine masters, and the people of zion repopulate te world...

The Omega

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