The Matrix HaS YoU

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I must get in

wtf is that?

Its the Autobots Matrix of leadership silly.
*** Till All Are One! ***

It is indeed. Created from the Matrix itself smile


uhhh. I must be stupid lol. That didn't explain anything to me really. :P

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership was an object which held the combined knowledge and wisdom of the past Autobot leaders who possessed it. Unicron claimed it was the one thing in the universe that could stop him. In 2005, the Matrix was drained of its contents while fighting the hate plague.

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership.(Part 1)

Comic History (US):

The Creation Matrix was formed by Primus following a battle with his nemesis, the dark god Unicron, that left him imprisoned him in an asteroid (later reformed into Cybertron). The Creation Matrix contained Primus's essence, and was found to be able to bring life to the lifeless. It was also said to be capable of destroying Unicron.

Sometime prior to his arriving on Earth, Optimus Prime was given the Creation Matix. When Shockwave appeared on Earth, he and the Decepticon took over the Ark, deactivating all the Autobots except Ratchet (who was not there at the time) and Optimus Prime (whose head was needed active so they could use the Creation Matrix). In this way, Shockwave planned to use Prime to create the Constructicons. After programming 6 microprocessors, Buster Witwicky arrived at the Ark with Ratchet.

Buster went in to say goodbye to the Autobots forever, but instead saw what had happened. Optimus told Buster to take the wires connected to the Autobot leader's head and press them against his own The result was an immense electrical shock. Buster came to a short while after and Ratchet drove him home. Buster realized that he now possessed the ability to both mentally manipulate metal and to understand even complex electromechanical devices. What neither he nor the Decepticons knew was that Optimus Prime had transfered the Creation Matrix program into Buster. Shockwave took Optimus's head to G.B. Blackrock's Aerospace plant#1 in Portland Origon, to build the bodies for the Constructicons. When Shockwave found out that Prime didn't have the Creation Matrix program he tried to destroy him, but the Autobots saved him and hegot the Creation Matrix program back from Buster.

Optimus next used the Creation Matrix to give life to the Aerialbots, but when they almost killed a human, he had wiped out thier programs and reinstilled life into them via the Matrix. Unknown to Optimus, Bombshell had planted a cerebro-shell in him, allowing Megatron to tap into the Creation Matrix, giving life to the Stunticons while Optimus was recreating the Aerialbots.

Following the battle in the video game "Multi-World" with Megatron, Optimus Prime's dead body was shot out into space, with the Creation Matrix inside of him (At this point, unknown to the Autobots, the Creation Matrix was a physical object). Years passed and the Creation Matrix crashed moon called VsQs in a far off solar system. There, it was exposed to hatred, death and chaos.

When the Pretenders Grimlock, Bumblebee, Jazz, Bludgeon, Stranglehold, and Octopunch battled in the center of Cybertron, they awoke Primus, thus alerting Unicron to Primus's location. The Autobots went searching for the Creation Matrix, splitting up into four teams. One team (Hosehead, Siren and Nightbeat) went to the planet PzZazz and came up blank; to make things worse, they got the attention of the Decepticon Thunderwing, who captured them. The Second team (Backstreet, Override, and Dogfight) went to the planet Cheyne and came up with nothing as well. At this point,

Thunderwing learned of the Autobots' quest and sought to get the Matrix for himself. Thunderwing battled the third Autobot team on the planet Gottlieb, and ended up learning of the Matrix's true location on VsQs. Upon arriving there, he met Grimlock, Jazz, Bumblebee and a creature mutated by the Creation Matrix. Thunderwing got the Matrix and went to the Ark, managing to enter unopposed by using Grimlock's shuttle.

The Autobots battled Thunderwing, but he was too powerful, being able to tap directly into the power of the Matrix. In the meanwhile, Nightbeat, Hosehead and Siren had hidden aboard Thunderwing's ship and Nightbeat managed to enter Grimlock's shuttle

unseen. Surprising Thunderwing, he was able to harpoon the mad Decepticon and attach him to Grimlock's shuttle, which was ejected into space and detonated.

When Unicron attacked Cybertron, Thunderwing (repaired and revived by the Matrix) appeared and fought Unicron. Optimus Prime obtained the Matrix from him, went inside Unicron, and opened Matrix. This destroyed both the dark god and Optimus Prime.

Looking for a way to repair the damage to the planet Cybertron (a result of the Unicron War), Hi-Q and the Neoknights searched Cybertron for the Last Autobot. Upon being located, the Last Autobot recreated Optimus Prime (combining him with Hi-Q permanently). Somehow, the Creation Matrix was also recreated inside of his new body.

Years later, a new threat appeared in the form of the so-called Cybertronians. In a battle with Megatron, the Creation Matrix was ripped out of Optimus Prime's chest cavity and placed aboard the Decepticon Warworld. Starscream, working with the Cybertronians, stole it and used it to merge himself with Warworld. Battling Megatron and Optimus Prime, Starscream came to realize that the Creation Matrix was in fact recreating him into a force of good, and he returned it to Optimus Prime. The Swarm came to Earth and Optimus Prime was devoured by it; as it touched the Creation Matrix, the Swarm was converted to the cause of good and repaired Optimus Prime. It is unknown if the Creation Matrix was also recreated in its entirety.

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership.(Part 2)

Cartoon History (US):

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership was introduced in Transformers: the Movie as an object that is passed from one Autobot leader to the next. When Optimus Prime found himself on the edge of death due to a battle with Megatron, he passed the Matrix to Ultra Magnus. Soon after, Megatron was transformed into Galvatron by Unicron, who commanded that he destroy the Matrix, said to be the only thing that could stand in his way. He eventually chased Ultra Magnus down on Junkion, where the Autobot leader attempted to open the Matrix. Failing, he was blasted apart by the Sweeps. Galvatron then took possession of the Matrix, but instead of eliminating the Matrix, he kept it and attempted to use it against Unicron. Unfortunately for him, the Matrix refused to open and Unicron swallowed him (with the Matrix) as punishment.
The Autobots soon allied themselves with the Junkions, who rebuilt Ultra Magnus and joined the Autobots in their battle against Unicron. During the fight, Hot Rod ended up inside of Unicron, and took control of the Matrix from Galvatron. Without being opened, the Matrix changed Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime, who was then able to open the Matrix. The energies released destroyed Unicron.

Several months later, Rodimus was nearly killed by Decepticons, and found himself temporarily entering the Matrix. There, he discovered the identity of their new foes: the Quintessons. Later, puzzled by the Quintessons' interest in the Transformers, he intentionally brought himself into a near-death state in order to visit the Matrix. This time, he was made aware of the origin of the Transformers. Rodimus returned to life unharmed.

Some time after, Rodimus was attacked by Stunticons, and the Matrix was taken from him. When Galvatron was unable to open the Matrix, he gave it to Scourge, who also tried to use it. Surprisingly, the Matrix accepted him as a host, though it twisted his physical form as a result. The Matrix was eventually recovered by Rodimus.

Optimus Prime was brought to a semblance of life temporarily by the Quintessons, to lead the Autobots into a trap. Rodimus, eager to give leadership back to Optimus, surrendered the Matrix to him quickly. After discovering the Quintesson trick, Hot Rod fought Optimus for the Matrix and lost. However, Prime rebelled against the Quintesson programming and willingly surrendered the Matrix. He then sacrificed his own life to help the Autobots escape the trap.

Human scientists later found Prime's body floating in space and retrieved it. When one of them, Jessica Morgan, was injured during an Autobot-Decepticon battle, her father blamed the Autobots and tried to infect them with the newly-discovered Hate Plague spores. To combat the rapidly-spreading and out of control plague, a Quintesson agreed to revive Optimus Prime so he could fight the infected Rodimus Prime and take from him the Matrix. The plan worked, and Optimus opened the Matrix. The released energies cured the Hate Plague, but depleted the Matrix of the wisdom and knowledge it had contained.

I know the w.bros admit to being geeks, but the tranformer connection is pushing it. They are about my age. although i9 love the original tranformers, they are too far out for most of us old guys now.

Bet you they love it and there is a connection smile

Error error does not compute.

No connection huh??

Doesnt that sound familiar?

When it comes to the W.Bros there is always a connection.

It is time to kick Decepican............

WHY A Transofrmer Connection??????

We all have to remember that the W.Bros draws from many sources.

I would not discount the connection since Transformers was one of the biggest 80s Anime hit worldwide.

Imo the W.Bros could not pass on the chance to use some of the ideas from that show.

That show was awesome for its time.

Hell its still better than some of the crap that is out today.

yeah, i agree...too bad, too...

Indeed - it still is amazing.

Yeah, it is.

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