Make your own revolutions ending

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I want to see what people could come up with for a revolutions ending that you would be satasfied with. anything goes!!!! smile

Neo wakes up in his apartment. Much like when he did after the part in the first Matrix after having his mouth closed up. It was all a dream. That would really suck... but for some reason i think it would be interesting.

After Neo puts an end to Smith, and saves humanity, we cut scene to a hospital bed, someone is hooked up with wires, and life sustaining tubes to machines of all sorts.

Around ther bed, is a wman, and her husband, also a doctor, dressed in white robes.

Doctor: You See Mrs. Anderson, Even After Thomas's car accident, he still is able to experiance the full range of activites, and more with this simulator, even if he is paralized and can hardly breath. He is oblivous to this world, and goes about all perfectly within his.

Mr. Anderson: What is my son doing right now?

Doctor: He is now saving the world, much like superman, from Machines that enslave humans into an irialistc prison, much like this.

someone named Angel is introduced

Angel kills Trinity and...well....whistle

KORRI> I know your sad that Keanu might not make movies anymore, and that NEO might be dead, but, please try not to take your frustration out on Trin...PLEASE???


wow crash had a pretty mind blowing ending there!

what are you talking about. you saying you wouldnt like to see a great catfight like that? Matrix style too! Tell you the truth, I'm starting to like Korri's ending

I think to destroy the Smith virus, he has to make it touch the source. But he also does it too, which in turn resets the matrix, and destroys the Smithees.

the whole "angel" thing has been done before...and lets not try and kill trin, if she dies, she dies, but not by our hands...

??? blink

ow right I'd be satisfied with an ending like this> Neo fights agent smith, he kills him and then the virus is pretty much out... he tries to set a pact with machines>>>> he wants harmony<<<<< I think this would happen anyway as the oracle keeps on giving hints... And then when everything is set and the machines agree he wants the matrix destroyed (and it happens) the sky is cleared and the machines live in peace with human kind and trie to make the best of it with everyone tryin to build up the world again and then god steps in the picture and says at the very end: WANT A BANANA???? Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

uh huh

Same as spydar smile

wouldnt be really happy bout that, but interesting smile

not forgetting the child is important

ok i have decided make the ending a happy one

where Trin and Neo live happily ever after, have LOTS of kids, and Morpheus makes bread, while being god-poppa to kids...with Niobe...

In reovlutions, we learn more of some really mind blowing stuff (even more confusing and with more possabilities than neo stopping sentitels) and then Neo visits the architect, and he says "Neo, should I expain all of the confusing stuff from the film?" and Neo says "Yes" then the architect goes "Well..." - and then it cuts out.

Then we get the W bros laughing at us, saying they'll never tell us, until they get $10bil from the film....

(That's my theory anyway, the W bros just wanna get real rich by getting money from our confused minds)

And yes, i have watched revos and that IS how it ends, no bull....

The WARNER bros. wanna get rich, but the WACHOWSKI bros. are not interested...I REPEAT, FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, THE WACHOWSKIS ARE NOT IN THIS FOR THE MONEY!!! THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE 1) for them selves, 2) for the fans and perhaps a very, very distant 100) for the money...

obviously that dont happen, cos the W bros would be killed....
just relax, and just pretend u never read this.

what about in the end Neo is part of the matrix...he's a renegade program that propogates and controls it, but cannot leave. Perhaps in the real world he's like 80 years old and bed ridden, thus being blind folded the whole time and hooked into the matrix. it would suck but its kinda interesting. lol, i dont care if you say it sucks...its just an idea. hehe

So Trinity dies by your hands?


i think that neo will kill smith and then it cuts to trinity looking sorrowfully down at the dead neo, an extension to the scene from M1

remenber, when he dies in M1

I am personally into the really sad ending.....Neo and smith fight, but somehow trin gets jacked in and she is messed the hell up by smith...killed...neo gets mad. he is also killed.....and then it cuts to the fight in zion. It turns out much like the 2nd renaissance and everyone is being poked and prodded and having limbs ripped off.....cut to the architect ....."only human"

thats not a happy ending miffed

and smith should turn good...then make lots of cookies for everyone smile

SOunds pretty happy to me...

no no how about trinity falls in love with JediHDM

and Neo falls for Korri...

thats the best ending ever!!!

Because of Agent Smith and Neo's "connection" the power of "the One" was transferred to Agent Smith. Therefore, Agent Smith is now "the One"

smithy kills both neo and trin...... then finds the architects chair..... kills him and rules the matrix!..... damn im evil.

Picture the scene - it's the end of the superbrawl, and Neo lies defeated at Smith's feet. The following dialogue then occurs:

Smith: You've fought well, young Anderson. But now it is time for you to accept your destiny. Morpheus never told you the truth.

Neo: He told me enough!

Smith: Even the details of your father's demise?

Neo: He told me you killed him!

Smith: No, Neo, I am your father!

Neo: No, that's impossible!

Smith: Search your feelings you know it to be true! It is inevitable!

Neo: NOOOOO!!!

Thus paving the way for The Matrix Retributions. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

ha laughter contagous hahahahahahahah

lol good ending... lol ....... very funny

MC Mike
laughing out loud

laughing out loudlaughinglaughing out loud

Neo will meet himself as the ultimate architect...sitting at the computer at the opening of movie one.

There is nothing good in war,except its ending. Abraham Lincoln

n thats y revolutions will end

im scared to read this.. people that read/post spoilers are gonna post the ending of them here and they may be right!! no no

thanx angel

I think because smith has a copy of "the one" code in him neo kicks him through the door that leads to the source thus destroying smith and reloading the matrix.

neo kicks smiths ass and den sum girl gets introduced trinity dies and den da new girl bcomes neo's girlfreind and dey fu## and den dey make babies evil face

My ending would go Neo looks defeated and then Smith says "and ur girl is gunna hav a lot of fun with the new Mr. Anderson". After this, Neo goes on a rampage and rips smith into pieces, and at the same time, Trinity has a heart attack cus her guy is da bomb. After Neo jacks out of the matrix, he sees that Trinity has collapsed, and he says "u know, ur way to much a lesbian for me anyway. Im going to do wut ive wanted to do for a long time, and get with Korri, cus shes the "ONE" for me.

MC Mike
Korri will like that! smile

lol, hmm, maybe that will make up for me not using her sig
*Knowing that it was to big anyway*

The Unknown
The door to the Source is 1. Deactivated, and 2. It was blown up when Neo left through it.

I think Zion will be destroyed and the Matrix is somehow rebooted, because Matrix Online takes place after Revolutions, and since your character asks the Oracle if you're the One, Neo must not be there.

i do smile

lol, thought so wink

the matrix crashes, everyone dies and the machines rule the earth!! big grin

smith becomes the ruler of the matrix and bane/smith becomes the ruler of zion/machines otherwise... the real world..

no no no best ending ever! neo beats smith and is standing on a pile of desimated bodies and he thows his hands up in the air and yells "dude!" we then see keanu wake up and turn to bill and say "dude i had the most bodasious dream *plays air guitar*" que ratm and credits. TOTAL CHAOS WILL FOLLOW!


lol heyy... dont hate on bill and ted.. they rule all....

Captain REX
Nah, here's the best ending! Straight from the Rex's Fake Scripts that resides in my mind! big grin

now, that is a friggin endinglaughing out loud

Neo wakes up and realizes it was all a dream, he then commits suicide because of how stupid he is potrayed in the film/dream.

Captain REX
Thank you, thank you... big grin

Or what if it was all a training program on the Neb? eek!

and it all starts from the beginning he gets on the ship and there's Tank saying, man, u Fu**ed up from the very beginning. What a waste of a 6 month training program, idiot

The Unknown
Here are two endings that I've read elsewhere:

1. Neo dies against Smith and wakes up in his room; the Matrix is all a dream. Agent Smith of the FBI breaks into his apartment and arrests him for computer hacking.
2. Neo is a machine and the trilogy is just like Matriculated where the humans convince the machines to help them by putting the machines into a human-made Matrix.

whoa dude... i lov e those endings.

I think it should end in a rather Wizard of Oz type way. Mr. Anderson wakes up in a rehab clinic for chronic Mescaline users (Causes graphic hallucinations). As he wakes up and pulls an IV out of his arm (reminiscent of movie one). A doctor and his assistant come over and the doctor looks like Morpheous, he says "welcome to the real world"(the assistant resembles Persephone). Neo tries to talk to the doctor but is too weak. Mr Anderson asks where Trinity is, what happened to Zion, where he is. But the doctor doesn't answer, he instead changes Mr. Anderson's IV bag and reinserts the IV needle back into his arm. Neo sleeps again because of the anesthetics. Mr. Anderson wakes hours later at night and sits up abruptly. he feels along his arms for plugs and then at the back of his head (there are none). He has to use the bathroom so he gets up and supports himself on the portable IV pole. As he walks along the isle he looks at the other patients sleeping in their beds. The people in the beds include Trinity, Smith, Kid, Niobe, the Twins, the Merovingian, and the key maker (all of them looking rather shabby with different haircuts and such, but still recognisable). Neo makes it to the bathroom and is staring at the cracked mirror when suddenly the crack melds together as it did in Matrix 1.
The End

big grin

this'd be kickass, a lil weird tho and DONE so many times, but I'd know SO MANY PPL who'd be so damn pissed it'd be hilarious to see

also a nice one, bit like the others, again this has been done a thousand times, so it would be kinda disapointing
but all and all it'd be hilarious to see ppl their response

all good.. but where does smith.bane and them taking over the matrix and the "real world" fit in... IT HAS GOTTA HAPPEN THEIS WAY!!!!! miffed:

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