Do you agree?

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Do you agree Most Actors/Actress who has a music career suck at acting especially J.Lo & Hilary Duff

yes, i also think that most of them wouldnt have any career at all were it not for their looks.

lil bitchiness
No one mentioned Madonna.....i dont thik she shouldnt act ever again!

did J.Lo started acting first or singing first?
i think we can add britney spear to the list.

i happen 2 think Madonna is multi talented, but as for the rest, well.......

All I know is that she was a dancer for Janet Jackson and then did Selene...sang in it herself. Her acting carrer took off and know she sings.

horribly...i might add. where would she be without that....booty?

Dancing for Janet Jackson?!blink

probably not even that. that booty probably landed her that role

madonna is nohting she's a crazy araogant bit*ch she says and i quote " well dont let your children do what i do" so what you just want us to make you richer by buying all your clothes and music bullshit. the only real singer to actor movie actrsess that has pulled off a a great career is cher. She stays true to her image and message and never forgets where she came from. all these singer/ actresess today are all just tools for MTV, everyone in hollywood in some way or another has sold there soul to mtv its all just BULLSHIT thats what i have to say about that im just alittle bit passionate about these araogant ass stars who think there Fu*cking everything when there nothing at all. thats my two cents and a nickle on this subject. sorry if i offended anyone just speaking my mind


I think Cher isnt a bad actress to be honest, she made a few good ones, Mask Etc.

yeah i was trying to support that thought , cher is a great singer and actress

What about Barbara Streisand. She can act ok...but her singing sucks like a toothless alligator...

no i see her as another " i think im gods gift" but thats just me

lil bitchiness

Madonna is arrogant....and she spends all this time getting people to believe how great she is, that she has hreself started to believe it...a lot!
She is nothing special.....not for me anyway...

Am I the only the that thinks J-Lo isn't all bad?

I mean, she isn't great, but I don't think she's bad. And she makes some damn fine movies, like The Cell and Out of Site.

I don't think she can sing though.

i know that jlo was an actress before a singer. i have a little more respect for her because she made her way to the top by acting first. i dont think she is all that bad of an actress but i havent really liked any of her movies i have seen. i really dont like her music though. its just not my kind of music. i think she might have some talent, but its just not my style

Barbara Streisand have a great voice. i don't know about her acting or her personality but she can sing.

Both Cher and Streisand have good voices, very different but good. And they are good actresses.
Streisand just has or had the type of fans that believe she's a Godess thats why most think she's snob.

J-Lo started out as a Fly Girl on "In Living Color", then got into acting, then singing. Personally I prefer it when she lays off the hip hop and sticks with the Latin side of music.

In my opinion Madonna is great, she can think whatever the hell she wants as long as she keeps putting out the good music. She's like a chameleon ; always changing with the times. She knows what she wants and does whatever she can to get there. She lives the american dream, and if thats forgetting 'where you came from' then you might as well go live in a third world country and eat bugs off a leaf. Thats just my opinion though. :P

dont forget: the people (we) are what makes or breaks the music stars/actors/actresses, so they obviously got there due to popularity.

Madonna did some bad movie her worst was her last one. But she didn't suck in that movie it was just horribly done movie by ger stupid husband. J Lo didn,t suck but now does. HEr best movies are Anaconda and Selena. Barbra Steisand does't suck in any way i just don't like her. I did lover her movie the way we were ans as for her singing, she does have a lot of fans (mostly old people) Britney doesn't suck as a actress. I think she did a good job on her VERY first movie. Her music i love. Ilove pop music and that's why i love britney. Cher is probably the best someone said that Cher stays true to her image I agree on that one. She is just always herself. i didnt see all her movie but she's allright.
these are just my thoughts

I think Madonna is a great business women. Dont like her music thou..nor her movies. Except Evita. I think she was ok in that.

buffymitch> Didnt like Anaconda...the snakes are to fake. And a great actor like Eric Stoltz deserved more than to be passed out the entire movie.The only thing I like about that movie is Jon Voight...he's great!

madona's music is decent. cant think of any movies in particular that i like of hers.....well...a leage of there own, but she wasnt the main star in that one.

i agree i hate them

Oh yeh forgot about that 1. Thats a funny movie and she's ok in it.

yeah, lucky for her that was made before her looks hit the wall and she fell off the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down. she used to be damn hot.

Haha well said man.
She cant really act either, neither can J-Lo.
And dont even get me started with Britanny Spears.

Well we only talked about women.
What about men?
Will Smith is ok. Not great but not terrible.
Same goes for L.L. Cool J. is ok.
I think there was another 1 but I cant remember blink

o kiMMii o
ahha how funy, J-Lo x husband i think chris? that bald guy was 1 of the dancers for Michael Jackson on the HIStory concerts...
neways i agree.....

I ablsoulty love Will Smith....he is v funny and i love his music. Come on who didnt like Nod ya head!! or Men in Black two great i got his last album and all them lovely.

Yes. She is terrible!

DMX ican't believe someone even thought of putting him in romeo must die

DMX should eat a bullet.

lil bitchiness
J-Lo's got to die!

also in Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 the Grave

Britney Spears can't sing or act.

Cher is a OK actress and a OK singer - I got you babe?

Barbara Streisand can act and at one time could sing - it is said she has perfect pitch but you couldn't prove it by me.

Russell Crowe can act (IMO) he is the best actor out there, but the mans singing stinks.

Keanue Reeves - um is a good actor in certain roles, and he's been in a band forever, but the band doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.

Gwyneth Paltrow - very good actress and good singer ( I have her sound track to Duets)

Madonna - does porn pretty good and sings fair, excells in ego and AC/DC relationships.

Will Smith - under rated in both music and acting

Eminem - did great on his first outting as a actor and as a rapper he's hot.

Mirah Carrey - first outting flopped but she can sing.

Beyonce Knowels - can sing and can act - get it Foxy Cleopatra!

lil bitchiness
What about James Marsders or that his name? Spike from Buffy...he plays a guitar well..and that British accent was well done...i didnt even know he wasnt english! So...hes doing a good job! big grin

Also you forgot about Kelly Rowland.....shes stars in Freddy VS Jason
although i haven't seen it yet


Sting, David Bowie (sp), L.L. Cool J., Ice-T, Ice Cube, Snoop Doggy dog, Dr.Dre...there are so many.
I'm not sayin these are good or bad.
Oh Hugh Jackman did a play where he sings, they say he's very good.

lil bitchiness
hugh Jackman! big grin I think wolverine was the only decent character!

David Bowie is cool i recon in both singing and acting....

well thers one musican thats great at acting and thats Bon Jovismile

well thers one musican thats great at acting and thats Bon Jovi

this just in, christina aguleria is to star as eminem's **** girl friend in 8 mile 2:return of the crap. im reliably informed that brittney was offered it but turned it down as most of the scenes show her with her panties round her ankles, sucking on a crackpipe, which is straight up christina's street, romantic comedy apparently.....

ya hugh jackman is great! thumb up

lil bitchiness
big grin hugh jackman

Ahahahahahaaa...8 mile 2....they just had to ruin the movie...oh god!! Indeed, the return of the CRAP!

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