Star Wars or Terminator?

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Is the Matrix closest to Star Wars or Terminator?

In Star Wars we also have "The One" (Anakin Skywalker) with special abilities and a prophecy that he will "bring balance". (The Jedi thinks it means he will defeat the Dark side once and for all.)

In Terminator we also have the same story of machines with artificial Intelligence, waging war against the human race. Another dark and clouded future where it's cold and dirty and humans fight desperately for survival.

So please vote guys and girls. Are The Matrix closer to Star Wars (Neo, and all about The One) or closer to Terminator? (war against the machines)

It's closer to Lain.

Lain??? confused

It's closer to more programs, cartoons, books, historic events/places/time than you and we will ever know. See that room the Architect is sitting in, well watch Transformers: The Movie and wait till it shows a shot of the interior of Unicron.

Coincidence? Nah....

I think the films you mentioned have their own merits, Matrix just standard apart in so many ways.

yeah you can tell the directors grew up in the same era as myself...watching HeMan, Tranformers, M.A.S.K., GI Joe, Silverhawks, Starcom, Heathcliff, Looney Tunes, Super Friends, Justice League, Space Ghost, lol

I love all this stuff.

Yeah once you mentioned something about unicron it hit me...its a lot like that.

I've really got to rent that movie

its corny and has a horrible but very memorable soundtrack.. otherwise if you're a Transformer fan you'll like it.

especially the part (I wont give it away) when Starscream becomes the leader of the decepticons and confronts Megatron.

id say Termenator

Id say, both...because it is the one, fighting is not closer, it is the same...

hmmm ya have a point

ya, with star wars, by episode 4, luke is more like the one, and in Matrix you know only One one, except when the architects says that there has been five more other Ones, but yeah its more like terminator and fighting machines

Has anyone here seen Lain? It's this japanese cyberpunk miniseries. You all should check it out if you get a chance. The WB's said that it was one of their influences for THE MATRIX. And with that I must go now.

well maybe m1 is star wars and m3 terminator, m2 a mix of both

SpikeSpiegel>Yes you must rent that Movie.

Dryden> That was one of my fav parts. The other was when Megatron meet Unicron. evil face
"Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Sifer heres the comparision between the Arc's room and Unicron's command center.

Unicron's Command Center.

The Arc's Room.

i just thought of something, the story in the terminator is machines taking over earth.... but what is the story of the matrix..... machines taking over the earth! that would be cool if they tied the two movies together, it could work!

except for the fact the humans win in the end...

Chosen one! The One! Jedi mind tricks! Superpowers! Star Wars!!!!!!!!!

Urot: Similar is it not smile

i would say it's closer to terminator by far

I just love how these threads get buried so fast.

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