Release Dates for ROTK

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ROTK opens in Aus December 26 (Boxing Day!!) but tickets for the first session needs to be purchased in advanced.

When is it coming out for people not in Aus?

I know NZ release date is Dec 18!! And for the US Dec 17.

well luckily for the US you can actually catch it on the 16th. the are going to do a midnight showing but the midnight showings i have seen ussually start at like 11:00.

Here (Austria, not Australia) it starts Dec 16th short before midnight

in Trinidad its opening on Christmas DAy.............wahooooo i cant think of a better thing to do on christmas morning than watch ROTK

Exa - Is that approximately the same time as the NZ/US national release dates?

Dunno but I think so confused

Usually we're quite late with the cinema release dates, but fortunately not with lotr smile

I can understand why they would want it released on Boxing Day, but it is frustrating when you come online and everyone's already seen it ninja

El Toro De Brah
ye hyper, when u said u need 2 purchase tickets in advance fo da 1st screening, i went to both FOTR and TTT 1st screenings without payin in advance. dere wuz a huge line n all but dey still had sum tickets. i live in bris..

cool I can't wait to see it!!! lol....

do u know about Toronto?


wat about toronto?

wht about toronto? frm toronto..rotk comes out december 17th in canada

I don't like lining up but Boxing day first session in Syd is almost always sold out by the time you get there. I bought about 10 tickets in advance, and boy am I glad I did.

We were there only half an hour early and there was a huge s-shaped line from one end to the other. The three biggest cinemas were used and the first two were sold out!! That was for TTT last year.

I guess it depends which cinema you go to. For mine, you definitely need to buy it in advance. Otherwise you need to wait two or three sessions before you can finally watch it.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.