Will the matrix Bluescreen?

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when people are freed...if they are...you think the Matrix will blue screen and have a fatal exemption error and have to reboot? lol

just a weird theory.

I am just wondering what you guys think will happen after the machines and humans make a pact...

what will happen to the matrix?

Will it still be used?

Will it be updated as far as time?

Will they use it for criminals?

let me know what you guys think.

I think there must be just an error signal, maybe the same as the one you see at the end of M1 when Neo messes up the system.

I really think the matrix revolutions is not the end of the franchise, money always has a bad way of making people do what they do not want to do.

tis true....it happened with Batman and Superman...those were both scarred for life with the last movies in the series. *cough* star wars...

I hope they dont ruin X men either, cause that series coud go forever also.

From someone who reads comics I was not impressed with alot of comics characters moving to the big screen.

'the story the Wachowskis wanted to tell ends with Revolutions'

Warner Bros cant make any more Matrix movies without the Wachowski Bros right?

i will have to agree with you icansee...i think it goes back to the perception you get from reading about a character...and then it being portrayed not only by someone that doesnt look like the comic...but also the cinematography used to portray him. it never matches your perception...or most times the comic.

Superman series was extremely cheesy and I never like Christopher Reeves as superman...but owell.

I actually likes the first batman...but the rest seemed cheesy.

so far the matrix has done everything right, and has made "comic" type characters in the revers order we usually see.

Thes characters will probably live on in comics for awhile and make a great series...but I think if they do become comics I will agree with burlyman, since you wouldnt want to start the comics at the end of the story...smile

yes, they will continue the comics, and no, they cannot continue the Matrix without the WBs, its blasphemy and illegal...

Kids kids... the matrix is not ended. Not the franchise, the Big Mind Prison that those binary ****ers keep "us" in. If you read up about the video game, it takes place IN the matrix, AFTER the story of revolutions. smile This I am glad about. I think if they made a cartoon or something of it it would be totally lame. But an online video game could rock, depending if they put enough time in to it. And they dont half-ass it of course.

yeah, if its NOTHING like ETM, then im in...if its the same, count me out...you guys needta find a new captain, if thats what it is...

I concur pirate

i dont have enough memory for matrix online for win. does anyone know if it will be avaible for ps2


Unfortunately, it's only planned to be a PC game, and if it were for PS2 you'd still probably have to pay.. sorry sad
What would happen if the Matrix actually went down? All the world's people would experience a blackout, if not dying, what would they all think of that?

I mentioned that before. If the matrix were to actually crash, all people still connected to it would instantly die, just as the architect informed neo.

I dont' see Neo or the machines allowing this to happen, for numerous reasons.

Just restating what you said.... hey I like those Cactaurs in your sig! big grin

lol, just had a coworker come up to me and tell me what those were the same time I read your reply! too funny. I had no idea what those were...lol

Even if Neo frees everybody from the matrix where is Zion going to rehabilitate billions of people?

they wont free them all, they cant free them all, at least not yet...

If the matrix crashed, then you would have one big liquid feast on your hands, and unfortunately nobody to feed it too...except the energiser bunnies, but they much prefer bioelectricity/fusion energy....<-insert theory: the humans are rules by machines which produce batteries for energiser bunnie overlords!

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